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2012 ACT Election: October Revolution? [With poll]

By PantsMan 26 March 2012 31

Given the total routing of state Labor governments recently seen in NSW, and most recently, in Queensland, will there be a sellout of baseball bats in the lead-up to the October 2012 ACT Election?

Me thinks yes. 

Annihilating Labor governments increasingly appears to be a national pastime, with each state or territory competing to outdo one-another in the sheer brutality that might be inflicted.  And ACT Labor has the same malaise of service deliver failure, infrastructure failure, cost of living failure, governance failure, budgetary and economic failure etcetera that has beset other state Labor governments; with the only mitigating factor appearing to be the ACT’s leftist latte-set tendencies.

So I ask –

In October (choose two):

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31 Responses to
2012 ACT Election: October Revolution? [With poll]
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BrassRazoo 2:02 pm 29 Mar 12

The OP may have got it partly right. Recent electoral results are good news for the Left and those who see the need for an expansion rather than a contraction of the role of government. Apart from the significant ‘It’s Time’ factor (even Honest John’s mob wasn’t around for that long), major issues nominated by NSW and now Queensland voters were unwanted privatisations and insufficient investment in public infrastructure. So now we have the delicious situation where the ALP Right has been punished for their flirtations with discredited conservative economics and incoming populist Conservative administrations have been hobbled by voter expectations of huge investments in public infrastructure and services (another reason we need a decent MRR Tax) and voters’ distaste for further sell-offs of public assets. Like it or not, we are all socialists now.

housebound 9:59 am 28 Mar 12

PoQ said :

You may recall John Howard’s warning about voting for the Sainted Kevin – “…you’ll have wall-to-wall Labour Governments! It’ll be a conspiracy! Dogs and Cats, living together! Etc!” (that quote may not be 100% correct).

It’s probably one reason the states stayed Labor for as long as they did – to prevent wall-to-wall Liberal. Australian voters seem to like balancing the power out in this way, and the states started falling away from labor like dominoes once Howard was removed. It suggests that we collectively value the states for their balancing role against a centralising Federal government more than we realise.

If Abbot were to be elected next year, it would create an interesting situation of Australia being almost wall-to-wall Liberal, but with state Labor parties still unpopular from being left in power too long. It will be a good test of the wall-to-wall theory. And the SA and Tas elections will be worth watching in that context.

PoQ 8:05 am 28 Mar 12

You may recall John Howard’s warning about voting for the Sainted Kevin – “…you’ll have wall-to-wall Labour Governments! It’ll be a conspiracy! Dogs and Cats, living together! Etc!” (that quote may not be 100% correct).

Ignoring the Constitutional legalese, the states act as a brake on the excesses of the Feds, and the Feds run interference on the states. So if we end up with “wall-to-wall” state liberal governments, then keeping the ALP in power on the hill would block the conspiracy.

Of course, I’d like to see even more ratbag independents in The Reps, if for no other reason to annoy the bejesus out of Abbott.

I-filed 7:13 pm 26 Mar 12

madamcholet said :

Certainly crossed my mind and I must admit I did look at the OP’s posting record – it does seem politically focussed and perhaps with a bit of a bias towards the Libs!

Disaffected Labor voters (like me) can be easily confused with Liberal staffers/supporters.

staminaman62 6:56 pm 26 Mar 12

nobody said :

The Abolish Self Government Coalition deregistered themselves in 1995, just get over it already.

Agree 100 percent.

Bramina 6:52 pm 26 Mar 12

I can’t see Labor getting a drubbing here. Queensland Labor had a perfect storm going against them.

They had run up a massive state debt and sold off state assets underhandedly. Last election they were already on the nose, but were saved by a weak opposition.

This time their campaign strategy was completely wrong – an appalling negative mud slinging campaign against Campbell Newman. This failed because a) most people were sick of Labor and had no empathy for them, b) Campbell Newman is highly successful and popular, c) the claims were essentially baseless, and d) the LNP ran a positive campaign.

The whole Rudd-Gillard thing wasn’t much help.

And in the last week they completely capitulated and made a pathetic plea for mercy.

I’m sure there is plenty that I have missed.

No matter what you think, ACT Labor just isn’t going to stuff things up that badly.

cranky 6:29 pm 26 Mar 12


I read your post.

And my blood ran cold.

nobody 5:57 pm 26 Mar 12

The Abolish Self Government Coalition deregistered themselves in 1995, just get over it already.

nobody 5:50 pm 26 Mar 12

harvyk1 said :

We need a good real third option… I have little confidence in either party doing good (and that’s at both a state and federal level). To be honest I’m thinking of drawing a picture of a donkey on the ballot paper and placing that in the box, as I don’t like what labor is up to right now, and I can’t bring myself to vote libs.

Well, apart from the obvious third option (the Greens with 15% of the vote) in 2008 there were also several other options, including the Motorist Party, Community Alliance, Liberal Democrats, and a few Independents. It will be interesting to see which prospectives we get this time.

damien haas 5:34 pm 26 Mar 12

Primal said :

So who is the ACT’s answer to Bob Katter?

John Hargreaves

Holden Caulfield 5:15 pm 26 Mar 12

madamcholet said :

It’s disappointing that the highest vote (so far) is for voting the same way you always have – not because that obviously means that Labor will be back in (with or without the Greens), but because I believe it’s a decision that should be made each and every time based on how it’s been going and what policies you prefer and especially given that political parties becoming more middle of the road as opposed to more left or right of the divide, (give or take a few extremists).

I hate it when you hear “I’ve always voted (insert party name), my parents always voted for (insert party name) – it’s in the family”. Such a cop out.

I think it’s more of a cop out to vote with your hip pocket. It results in lazy policy designed to be popular in three year cycles.

I’d like to think people changed their vote with their eye on the bigger picture and the greater good of the country/electorate in mind (which you may well do), but I’m too cynical to believe most people even give a second’s thought of putting country/electorate before self.

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