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666 takes the crown

By johnboy - 5 April 2007 17

CityNews is reporting that the ABC’s 2CN has grabbed the number one spot in the radio ratings with an 18.5% market share.

Ross Solly and James O’Loghlin are creditted with winning their morning and evening slots to drive the overall win.

No word yet from local radio aficionado Samuel Gordon Stewart who is none too keen on the ABC’s format.

UPDATED: Apologies, SGS was all over this last week.

“Canberra’s first radio ratings have been released for the year, and I can only say that I’m shocked. The radio station for people without ears has won the ratings (666 ABC Canberra), with 18.5% of the audience…

2CC lost a little bit of ground, 8.9% from 9.3%, which is interesting considering that the programming is an awful lot better than on 666.

If only we silly people would see the error of our ways!

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
666 takes the crown
Hasdrubahl 9:07 pm 05 Apr 07

They’re all pretty crap really. Pale imitations of the major metro stations – and they’re bad enough…

Cameron 4:26 pm 05 Apr 07

I have no doubt there is. I guess I’m not a radio person and thus couldn’t care less which station is rating higher and why that might be.

Having said that, as a business owner who has used radio advertising before, I hope they all rate poorly so they drop their advertising rates 😀

johnboy 4:18 pm 05 Apr 07

It’s the town we’re in Cameron, and don’t think there’s not a big pile of cash up for grabs.

Cameron 4:12 pm 05 Apr 07

Canberra radio ratings. Talk about your multi-million dollar battle for the love and adoration of millions of fans.


Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:44 pm 05 Apr 07

The sample group has though.

johnboy 3:05 pm 05 Apr 07

The trouble there, SGS, is the methodology hasn’t changed from the last survey.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:03 pm 05 Apr 07

In response to Captain America, yes but not to the exclusion of all others, which is probably one of our big differences.

On the subject of the radio ratings, I think one of my contributors, Tim, made quite a bit of sense on the matter.

Perhaps those who listen to ABC are those with more patience, and hence would be able to fill out a 15 page radio survey? And those who listen to the commercial stations would get bored and turn them off if there was a lack of music for 3 minutes?

johnboy 2:57 pm 05 Apr 07

Oh c’mon, there are two sorts of windows users,

Those forced to use it, and the stupid ones.

BT 2:55 pm 05 Apr 07

Wow, an an attitude likes yours must mean your an arrogant windows user!

See.. I can make stupid assumptions too

Captain America 2:29 pm 05 Apr 07

Why am I not suprised to find out that someone with an attitude like SGS is a Linux user?

Growling Ferret 2:07 pm 05 Apr 07

I’ll think you will find our mildly retarded friend SGS has given his two cents worth on the radio ratings – filed under (and I kid you not) “So less people have ears? – Canberra Radio ratings #1 for 2007”

Sam – people may not have ears, but they sure have brains and independant thought processes…

barking toad 1:43 pm 05 Apr 07


Eric – a classic

Moom’s black pudding – even the white bits were black

Such a boring tit that moom and da spoke french so they didn’t have to talk to him. Then they ran away from him.

Our samuel to a tee.

Thumper 1:07 pm 05 Apr 07

Aye, and Howard molsen bought t new shovel…

seepi 1:03 pm 05 Apr 07

Ross Solly is a bit of a dill though.
I used to like mornings when it was Chris Uhlman and David Kilby.

Maelinar 12:42 pm 05 Apr 07

JB, if you ever, ever make any money from this site, please consider charitably donating towards SGS psychological therapy.

Boy you can go to town on some of the stuff he comes up with. Real Eric Olthwaite stuff…

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