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Grocery pricing in the ACT on the new Government site.

By astrojax - 6 August 2008 27

Woolies seem to pip Coles in dairy, but otherwise Coles in the ACT conforms with the national trend.

That said, there are Aldi stores in canberra, so why not reflect them in the list?  What do canberrans reckon about this grocery-watch thing? 

And why isn’t high school maths good enough to let people work out the best price of two competing items??

[ED – sure, compare the price for 6x800ml or 4x1100ml? want a calculator]?

UPDATED: The Chief Minister has used this occasion to pledge support for competition.

Apparently this will mean another supermarket in both Kingston and Dickson (and then I will never again set foot in that stinking Woolies)

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Grocery pricing in the ACT on the new Government site.
Mælinar - *spoiler 8:32 am 07 Aug 08

So how is this any different to the Stock Exchange top 100 quotes that get trotted out every night on the news chaps ?

I doubt anybody gives a flying about the figure, all they want to know is what their shares are doing, yet every night on the news out it comes.

What it is, in effect is a 5 second executive view of the Stock Exchange. Enough time to precisely say either ‘it went up’, or ‘it went down’.

Requiring the Government to tell you how much watties spaghetti with sausages is before you hit the supermarket aisle is so retarded a concept I’ll pause now to allow a few punters to gracefully step back from the fray before I attack.

Thumper 8:21 am 07 Aug 08

What an unbelievable waste of time and money. Besides the fact that it makes not one iota to price differences anywhere.

It’s out of date, does not take into consideration specials, and cannot influence anyone to do anything to their prices.

And the consumer continues to get screwed by the duopoly of Woolworths and Coles.

Makes the Hollowmen look like a documentary.

johnboy 11:42 pm 06 Aug 08

I never said you couldn’t choose to care about it.

caf 11:18 pm 06 Aug 08

Independents don’t get to screw their suppliers the way the big guys do.

Not that consumers should care about that.

Well, one of the reason I shop at the local independent is that I don’t agree with the way the Colesworths screw their suppliers, and don’t want to be a party to it.

ant 10:53 pm 06 Aug 08

futto said :

I’m starting to fear this governments solution to everything is a webpage.

… after it’s been fed through the compulsory ISP-level net-nanny….

bubzie 10:50 pm 06 Aug 08

wow, what a waste of time, and money..

bd84 10:25 pm 06 Aug 08

Hey look.. A complete utter wast of time and money of a website, as was krudd’s superficial “enquiry into grocery prices” which was an attempt the lure the gullible people into voting for him.

The website is rediculous, it supposedly shows an average price of a similar basket of goods and basics that you have no idea what the goods are. How they actually calculate the cost would be at best a poor estimate. For a start the areas are crazy, while Canberra would work out roughly suitable for an area you look ar the surrounding area it covers everywhere from Young to Queanbeyan and down to Eden and the Victorian border. How reliable would a measure of prices in Young, Queanbeyan and Eden be? and this “average” would also be interesting, over how many stores per retailer are they averaged? and the comparability in the quality and brands of the items selected.

Again the ACCC doesn’t know their own legislation and the scope of other retailers in the market. It’s a bit like Mr Supabarn’s story in the paper the other week where he drew a little map to show competition in the Canberra market, conviently for his point he left off all the Aldi stores and all other small supermarkets.

Anyway from every area I clicked in each state the only difference was about $2 and it looked like Woolworths were just as cheap as Coles in a lot of “markets” and almost always cheaper in the basic goods, unless you count Aldi to sacrifice all selection and quality. It’s not going to change a thing and the market will continue along in the same way.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:55 pm 06 Aug 08

Independents don’t get to screw their suppliers the way the big guys do.

Big chains buy lots more than independents, and expect discounts (which is why they are often cheaper than independents). The free market at work, and the consumer wins.

Mathman 8:37 pm 06 Aug 08

If you want some interesting comparisons – compare the ACT with South Eastern NSW. Woolworths is pretty much the same, Coles is 2% dearer in the ACT, and the independents are a 4.5% dearer in the ACT.

I really don’t get the point of the GroceryChoice site. The survey areas are much too large to be able to do comparison shopping – so what if groceries are (not suprisingly) more expensive in Tasmania, its not like Tasmanians can choose to go shopping elsewhere. Too be really useful it needs to be suburb by suburb – then you would see the effect of competition.

The other thing it shows is that prices around each state are reasonably consistent and that Aldi is the cheapest, followed by Coles/Woolies with the independents being the most expensive. Did we really need a government website to tell us that?

BigDave 8:37 pm 06 Aug 08

I think this website is just another example of the KRudd government not keeping it’s election promises.

johnboy 8:22 pm 06 Aug 08

Independents don’t get to screw their suppliers the way the big guys do.

Not that consumers should care about that.

In general the independents offer convenience.

Deano 8:19 pm 06 Aug 08

So the independents are actually a lot dearer. Aren’t they supposed to be the grocery shopper’s saviour by competing with lower prices? No wonder the independents want to exclude Coles and Woolies from getting sites – they don’t want to deal with competition.

futto 6:15 pm 06 Aug 08

I’m starting to fear this governments solution to everything is a webpage.

Jonathon Reynolds 6:09 pm 06 Aug 08

I challenge anyone next time they are out shopping shopping to work out what the cheapest way to buy Vegemite is without a calculator handy. There is a plethora of jars (and a tube) all with odd sizes that it comes in.

There is often a ploy by supermarkets to make the bigger/larger packages of goods actually more expensive than the smaller packs. This plays on the psychology that bulk packaging should nominally reflect better value for money.

We need legislated unit pricing.

caf 5:34 pm 06 Aug 08

Aldi is reflected in the list. See this note:

Note 3: The Basic Staples basket includes staple grocery products purchased by Australian households. Where applicable, this is the only basket that has an ALDI supermarket price.

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