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Ovals and the Alexander Maconochie Centre

By jaq - 27 October 2008 155

I felt saddened by the adverse reaction to the new gaol having an oval.

What a shame that some people still think the best way to rehabilitate someone is through deprivation, humiliation and devaluation.

Exercise is one of the best ways to balance a person’s emotions, science now tells us this..

So maybe if the new gaol does concentrate on what the latest scientific evidence is telling us in relation to emotions and behaviour, our society and our prison system will benefit.

What’s Your opinion?

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155 Responses to
Ovals and the Alexander Maconochie Centre
nyssa76 9:54 am 28 Oct 08

Jim, when kids don’t have an oval to play on but prisoners do, it’s kinda hard to swallow.

When they have ready access to a pool during a water shortage, it’s kinda hard to swallow.

Where is the deterrent to future criminal activity?

The gaol paid for by their victims and the rest of society who can and do adhere to the law. Why should they be treated ‘special’ because they broke the law?

I guess it must be because they had a bad home life….(mantra of the bleeding heart), well so did others in society and they’ve never broken the law.

This need to reward prisoners is ridiculous. No one forced them to commit a crime. They made a choice knowing the consequences of their actions beforehand.

Enough pandering to the criminal element, especially when other members of society are missing out on tbe ‘basics’.

Spideydog 9:51 am 28 Oct 08

pptvb said :

Thank You Jaq for actually spelling GAOL correctly!
I’m so sick of our print media “americanising” the english language.
Spleen vented.

I actually prefer “Jail” as opposed to “Gaol” …..

tylersmayhem 9:50 am 28 Oct 08

Put them to work I say.

I back this idea 100%. I agree that physical activity is some of the best therapy there is. Put a shovel or a pick in their hands and get them out building the duplication of the GDE. I’m serious!

Meanwhile, us law abiding citizens pay many a tax dollar to provide these sweethearts with better facilities than ANY government school and I’d dare to say, ANY private schools too. Where is my government provided basketball court, indoor swimming pool and TV room? Where is my government funded 3 meals a day?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking the government to give me these facilities – I’m just asking them not to provide CRIMINALS with these facilities out of my hard earned tax money.

Let them have the oval though – most local suburbs have one provided for free. I’ll meet the naysayer’s halfway.

Jim Jones 9:18 am 28 Oct 08

Why the freakin’ hell do people think that prison is for punishment? It’s supposed to be for rehabilitation. Time and time again it’s been demonstrated that punishment is not an effective deterrent for criminal behaviour and that a punitive system of justice drastically increases rates of recidivism.

But oh no, all anyone here seems to care about is having their ‘rage’ justified and bleating on about how prisoners have all got it easy.

It’s gotta be trolling. No-one is really that stupid … surely.

AG Canberra 9:17 am 28 Oct 08

If we have available water for a gaol sportsground – we have enough water to maintain the ones in the community. Maybe the kids at Chisholm Primary can go to the gaol and play sports each lunchtime – because they don’t have any maintained sports ground at their school…..

pptvb 9:15 am 28 Oct 08

Thank You Jaq for actually spelling GAOL correctly!
I’m so sick of our print media “americanising” the english language.
Spleen vented.

Swaggie 8:41 am 28 Oct 08

Blondey – why can’t people exercise before they commit the crime given it’s so wonderful for the human spirit? They didn’t want to and I doubt they will while in prison.

harvyk1 8:34 am 28 Oct 08

OK, they get a swimming pool, TV, hot meals and an oval. We’ll I get all these, but I also have the freedom to travel where I like, meet with friends when I like, go to parties, go to pubs \ clubs, sleep in, eat what I want, work in the job that I want, and most of all live life without having to look over my shoulder 24 x 7 just in case.

The “perks” offered to the prisoners is nothing compared to what they are losing. The novelty of a swimming pool, TV and an oval will wear off very quickly. Shear boredom will set in very quickly, and unlike you or I who can say, screw this, I’m bored, I’m going home, these guys don’t have a choice.

utah 8:16 am 28 Oct 08

What a shame that some people still think the best way to rehabilitate someone is through deprivation, humiliation and devaluation.
No, some of us think that the best way to punish people for committing crimes is to punish them. I’m unconvinced that putting people in a more luxurious environment than they came from counts as punishment, or as a deterrent to committing further crimes, no matter how many voluntary laps of the oval they do.

Still, call my bluff. If the 5-year recidivism rate is lower than other Aussie prisons, I’ll admit I’m wrong. Actually, let’s have the minister stake a year’s wages that the prison works better than less well-appointed facilities.

random 7:54 am 28 Oct 08

Where’s the part that is meant to make people want to stay out???

This article says:

Throughout 1995 and 1996, I surveyed 300 male prisoners aged 18 to 25 in New South Wales prisons. Seventy seven (26 per cent) of those surveyed stated that they had been sexually assaulted in prison at some time. Fifty per cent stated that they had been assaulted other than sexually. A greater percentage stated that they had been threatened with sexual or other assault.

bugmenot 6:11 am 28 Oct 08

Whilst I can see that rehabilitation is a better solution for getting these people back into society in a meaningful/productive way… The prison system is there as a means of punishment and removal from “normal” life.

From everything that I have read and heard about the prison, it doesn’t sound too bad. Televisions, swimming pools, playing fields, meals provided for you. Where’s the part that is meant to make people want to stay out???

GottaLoveCanberra 12:35 am 28 Oct 08

While I’ve never been broken into myself, I can only imagine the rage I’d feel if I had to pay (through taxes) to rehabilitate someone who stole something that I had earned through my own hard work.

Put them to work I say.

Aeek 11:54 pm 27 Oct 08

Aren’t team sports supposed to teach working together, playing within the rules.
So they get to have fun, just makes it easier to suck them in.

pure_blonde 11:53 pm 27 Oct 08

I agree with jaq, there is far to much emphasis on locking people up in this day and age and not enough on why they are there in the first place.

And exercise is a great way to keep people focused and sane!

Full credit to the Government (well former Government) anyway for doing their best to make this prison one that attempts to rehabilitate some of the prisoners.

I know some of the people don’t want to be rehabilitated.. but jail should not be a way of getting rid of some troubled people from society and then hope when they are released in a few years time they won’t do it again. We have to try and break the cycle.

Morgan 11:39 pm 27 Oct 08

Well I have a couple of ovals all within walking distance so why not the prisoners?

Seriously, anything we can do to stop them finishing their sentence and coming and breaking into my house, I am willing to try. In the end don’t we want as many ex prisoners as possible to be employed in gainful employment post-sentence?

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