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By 123qwe - 19 November 2008 32

It is interesting the things that happen here in Canbra. For such a small population we certainly do have our fair share of drama in the suburbs.

ABC reports a conspiracy to murder. It was alleged that 5 males planned to murder a 17 year old last night in Tuggeranong.

From what I have read in the past, the police and DPP do not jazz up their cases as they tend to only look at fitting charges that will get up in court. So the conspiracy theory must be close to the mark.


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32 Responses to
FC 11:28 am 20 Nov 08

That is really scary for kids of such a young age to be involved in something this huge.
so sad and f8cked up.

dexi 11:04 am 20 Nov 08

You can treat heavymetalfever with a huge dose of country music, injected through a record player needle. I hear “Ache Breaky Heart” does the job.

Jim Jones 9:54 am 20 Nov 08

Mr Evil said :

New AC/DC album launched in October and 5 teenagers try and kill another teenager in Tuggeranong in November. Is there a link????????

… and hayfever has been really bad this year.

What if the combination of the new AC/DC album with the hayfever somehow turned into a form of heavymetalfever and transformed them into violent killers?

Skidbladnir 9:46 am 20 Nov 08

Just as a stickybeak, but no legal expert…

This is an alleged conspiracy of five, where the older three walk away with criminal records and public naming, but do the younger unnamed two of similar age get their records sealed?

Due to the “crossing of the age barrier” on the conspiracy, do full details get made public as to who planned to do what, who actually did what, etc?

Mr Evil 9:43 am 20 Nov 08

New AC/DC album launched in October and 5 teenagers try and kill another teenager in Tuggeranong in November. Is there a link????????

audacity of hope 9:32 am 20 Nov 08

two are younger than 18, 3 older

tylersmayhem 9:23 am 20 Nov 08

At least they are over 18 – now hopefully off to the “big house” for them instead of summer camp.

audacity of hope 9:22 am 20 Nov 08

The CT says this is upgraded to attempted murder and the accused have been refused bail. Can anyone shed any more light on this? Why were they going after this kid? What is the background?

Granny 12:44 am 20 Nov 08

In fact I think it was five on one, bloodnut!

bloodnut 12:12 am 20 Nov 08

three on one and they couldn’t get the job done. hmmm – what’s that phrase the kids use. epic fail.

Special G 7:59 pm 19 Nov 08

Whatever happened to hanging out at the park drinking with your mates and hitting on chicks.

Conspiracy charges are not easily laid and don’t occur often.

Bungle 7:49 pm 19 Nov 08

Where’s Curtain??

Holden Caulfield 7:34 pm 19 Nov 08

Their parents must be so proud.

Thumper 6:46 pm 19 Nov 08

Agreed dexi…

dexi 6:40 pm 19 Nov 08

This story looks really disturbing. This isn’t Drama, more crime/action movie. Something has gone wrong here.

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