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Trimming down the bride…

By cranky - 20 July 2008 107

I need some advice.

A niece is counting down to her marriage ceremony (6 months).

Problem: Unfortunately, there is no other discription than that the lass is obese.

Probably inclined to help herself, but no real improvement from current efforts.

Parents, though concerned and applying pressure, have little effect.

Can any of the wonderous readership of this site point to a plan of action with the resources available in Canberra?

Sorry to offend if this seems outside the role of the RA, but where else can you call on a pretty vast source of knowledge.

What’s Your opinion?

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107 Responses to
Trimming down the bride…
sepi 8:55 pm 20 Jul 08

Take her wedding dress shopping and take some photos – might spur her into action.

But seriously – losing weight is really hard for some people – it may well just not happen for her.

Mr must love her the way she is.

And whatever you do – on the day tell her she looks gorgeous!

Mælinar - *spoiler 8:55 pm 20 Jul 08

You have 6 months – for that there are only two solutions.

1. Lipo.
2. Boot Camp.

Or as Nyssa says, cover it with sailcloth.

nyssa76 8:41 pm 20 Jul 08

You can order plus size dresses from Sydney and I think there’s one in Fyshwick.

Speak to the ladies in Autograph (plus size clothing store) – they might know who else to speak to.

Footloose 8:36 pm 20 Jul 08

‘Weight loss is easy – fill up on vegetables, walk at least an hour a day, and ignore fad diets, infomercial training systems and flash gyms.’

Hmmm. Yes, for some people, it is easy but for a lot of chunky monkeys it’s not. It’s hard to get motivated when your overweight. My suggestion is to get professional help. Somewhere like Sure Slim or Weight Watches so she doesnt have to do it on her own. I have friends who’ve had great success with these programs.

As for the dress, if you want a dressmaker your going to need to get moving on it quickly. You have lots of fittings, so she can get it altered easily if/when she does lose the weight. Most good dressmakers would be booked already for a wedding in six months but you could try your luck. Chris Stott is excellent but very busy.

Failing the above two suggestions, Stewart Barlens does wedding event hire. Perhaps a nice white marquee with a big bow?

Ruby Wednesday 8:35 pm 20 Jul 08

Real answer: As Mrs Berlina suggests, a dressmaker. And also invest in some good foundation garments.

Smartarse answer: Just get even fatter bridesmaids.

bigred 8:34 pm 20 Jul 08

and what is wrong with an ample woman? Have been known to like something to hang onto from time to time.

politikos 8:28 pm 20 Jul 08

Mrs Berlina is right – a dressmaker is the way to go, whatever the shape. Always more flattering to have something made to fit. As for losing weight, cut out carbs and walk/exercise lots.

notdingers 8:27 pm 20 Jul 08

Hahaha Whatsup, great minds 😉

notdingers 8:27 pm 20 Jul 08

Is the bride or family willing to spend some money to get this done?

If so finding a good personal trainer, either an independent or one connected to a gym, would be a good start. They keep you on track and are pretty knowledgeable about nutrition as well as exercise. Best of all they bully you into actually getting something done 😉

6 months should be plenty of time to make a big difference, if she is commited to it.

I know a couple of good ones I could put you onto, email the RA admin and get them to forward your email address through to me if you are interested.

Whatsup 8:25 pm 20 Jul 08

If the bride honestly wants to loose some weight for her big day and has a enough in the budget a personal trainer might be a worthwhile option. Some trainers advise not only on exercise but also nutrition.

A good dressmaker should be able to suggest designs that flatter any figure.

Hope this helps.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:01 pm 20 Jul 08

Weight loss is easy – fill up on vegetables, walk at least an hour a day, and ignore fad diets, infomercial training systems and flash gyms.

As for the wedding dress, the easiest thing there would be to get fitted up and then try to find a dress style that isn’t ‘fitted’. (Mrs Berlina suggests using a dressmaker to make it specifically for the bride’s shape.)

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:00 pm 20 Jul 08

Are you asking for pointers on weight loss resources in Canberra, or on wedding dress resources, or both?

cranky 6:51 pm 20 Jul 08


Points taken.

We are attempting to assist with a wedding dress, which we are probably more capable of than others.

There is an awareness by the bride that this would be simpler if size was not such a problem.

Please accept this request for advice as genuine, and any assistance greatly appreciated. I do not need a blast on political correctness.

Bells 6:49 pm 20 Jul 08

What Ruby said. If she is not seeking help then it’s fairly rude to be seeking it on her behalf. Fat people can get married too, you know.

Ruby Wednesday 6:41 pm 20 Jul 08

Bloody hell. It’s not the ‘outside the role of RA’ that is offensive, it’s the fact that you are asking for help on how to tell an adult woman, in conjunction with her parents, what she should be doing for her wedding day.

I’d suggest you mind your own business. If she’s old enough to be getting married, she’s old enough to decide whether or not she wants to slim down for the day and to ask for help/suggestions if she needs it. Trust me, she knows she’s fat. If she wants to change it, that’s for her to initiate. If she doesn’t, it’s her wedding.

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