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A bike rack / free ride scam?

By johnboy 18 November 2008 35

In the recent discussion about bike racks on buses Miz outlined an interesting scam surrounding the current system of free bus rides for people using the bike racks on the front of ACTION buses.

    I’ve heard of people getting a free ride by walking their dusty, spiderwebby (ie obviously unused and probably unride-able) bike to the bus stop and using it to get a free bus ride. This from a bus driver. And why wouldn’t you?

    All in all, it seems fairly pointless to give bikers a free ride.

Flying Doormat then explained the economics of making this effort:

    Some people are just tightarses – thats why they would get their shitty bikes and walk down to save a few dollars. Oh but if such a tightarse was to take the bus to work for say 200 work days a year at $6.00 a day(return trip) that would equate to $1200 to spend on something else. This is why they should have to pay the same as anyone else who uses the bus service.

Any thoughts on how this could be policed?

UPDATED: Caf makes a compelling argument that the maximum saving should be calculated in monthly bus passes and would be $984.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
A bike rack / free ride scam?
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caf 10:14 am 19 Nov 08

Taking out the $168 / term cost for the school bus travel isn’t going to change your economics though, is it? The school passes are already cheap, it’s the adult fare that causes your problem.

I reckon you’re at definitely at the cheaper end of car travel though, what with 6 L/100km (extraordinarily low for city driving), short distance and free parking. Parking at $5/day adds up to $300 over a term.

Very Busy 10:05 am 19 Nov 08

Caf re: #27 3 children at $56 each over four school terms per year = $672.00.

$56 per 3 children plus 3 monthly adult tickets for the parent comes to $414 over a school term if we use ACTION. In our small car at 37km round trip (working in Woden) using 6 litres/100km = about $160 per school term (even less now that fuel is cheaper). We don’t pay for parking but you’d get alot of parking for the difference of $254.00

caf 9:23 am 19 Nov 08

No, you’re wrong.

The absolute most that travel on an ACTION bus can cost you is $984 a year, so that’s the upper bound on the saving you can make by travelling free. The maximum cost you could choose to pay is irrevelant – no one has to pay more than $984/year, so that is all that unlimited free travel is worth.

Jonny534 8:19 am 19 Nov 08

Very Busy said :

If Stanhope is serious about getting more cars off the road he would go back to free school services. Especially now that so many kids schools are no longer within walking/riding distance due to closures.

Actually kids who were the victim’s of closures get free term tickets.

Xbikee 10:56 pm 18 Nov 08

Caf you r wrong … it IS $6 a day maximum cost when you pay cash. You chose the saving one to make your point.

bd84 10:17 pm 18 Nov 08

pretty much no way of “policing” it, other than removing the right of free travel for cyclists or giving all users free use.

cranky 5:53 pm 18 Nov 08

So a healthy proportion reckon a few free riders is not a prob, and good on ’em.

Bit diferent attitude to those who can’t afford/avoid purchasing a driver’s license.

miz 5:40 pm 18 Nov 08

Not unless you have several chill’un . . .

caf 3:34 pm 18 Nov 08

Mind you a school term ticket is only 56 bucks, that doesn’t sound like a particularly onerous impost to me.

johnboy 3:32 pm 18 Nov 08

IIRC free school buses were a Carnell piece of middle class welfare with private school kids on average travelling much further.

It was canned to please the comrades of the education unions when the Stanhope junta swept to power.

caf 3:28 pm 18 Nov 08

Yeah there wasn’t free bus travel up until at least 1998. And Stanhope was elected in 2001, if it ever happened it would have had to be sometime in that window.

sepi 3:12 pm 18 Nov 08

I never got free bus travel as a student either.
I thought that was a NSW thing.

tylersmayhem 1:49 pm 18 Nov 08

Remember the good old days before Stanhope – School bus services were free.

Hmmm, I never remember getting free bus tickets as a kid. Did things change for a period after 1994 where tickets were free for students?

fozzy 1:45 pm 18 Nov 08

I think those saying there are cheapskates gaming the system, are shortsighted. These type of policies are about changing habits – getting people in the long run to ride buses/use pushbikes. I’m happy to let some people game the system if it means a lot more are using bikes/buses. These are the sort of decisions that need to be left in place for 10 years or more (at least the lifespan of a car purchase cycle) and only then reviewed and revisited. Until then, any change on the current system is too soon.

I will however add my weight to the tweak that you have to have a helmet.

Holierthanthou 1:31 pm 18 Nov 08

You must have shaved legs or no fre ride. That will dort out the serious riders.

Frankly, I believe this to be a beat up by disgruntled drivers, many of whom have expressed disapproval of the racks.

I’m pretty sure any cheats wil soon tire of lugging several kilos of scrap ron around all day

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