A day of dog walks in time lapse

Ben_Dover 23 June 2013 10

All in four minutes!

Here’s my first go at a time lapse, inspired by, but nowhere near as professional as, the recent time lapse of Canberra hosted here

All shot here in sunny Canberra, at my favourite dog walking spots, dogs appear briefly at some points.

You may want to turn your speakers off as I’ve added some bloody awful music to it

Feedback and advice, critique and criticism all welcomed.

(But be gentle with me please 🙂 )


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10 Responses to A day of dog walks in time lapse
Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 12:44 pm 27 Jun 13


Second construction of it, having heeded the advice given here and elsewhere.


Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 9:44 am 26 Jun 13

Tomoz on my day off, will be deleting the transitions, using more of the images shot, speeding it up x 2 or x4, and composing new music, then sending to yootoob, will link here.

Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 11:29 am 24 Jun 13

Yep, I think the consensus has been reached.

Happily, I remembered this am that I have a Canon 450 D which I haven’t used since I bought the 5D mkIII. I’ll use that now for time lapse, so as to not knacker my 5D.

Will shoot a few more over the coming month, and link here.

I’m still going to inflict my bloody awful music on you though. (Next time it’ll be a more ambient piece I’ve been working on.)

mossrocket mossrocket 10:50 am 24 Jun 13

It looks like you’ve got all the feedback you need to make your next timelapse great…
Transition – no more zoom – urgh…
Music – i took your advice 20 seconds in and pressed mute 🙂
Framerate – more photos and more FPS. your video would probably look good a 4x the speed.

Lovely shots – next time take more!!

Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 10:05 am 24 Jun 13


bundah bundah 8:41 am 24 Jun 13

Not a bad effort first time around but as for that bloody awful music 🙂

Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 7:47 am 24 Jun 13

Many thanks for the constructive comments guys!!

Diggety Diggety 3:49 pm 23 Jun 13

Very cool, Mr Dover. Very cool.

Russ Russ 2:46 pm 23 Jun 13

Great work – a couple of hopefully constructive comments – time lapse looks best when run at 25fps or thereabouts. The downside is that you have to collect *heaps* of frames, but it looks much better than the slow frame rate you used. Also, never repeat a shot, and unless you’re a broadcast design genius, no transition is better than a well-timed cut or dissolve (although if you use those, you should try and ensure the motion of the next shot – clouds etc. – is in roughly the same direction).

All that said, lovely shots – just need to spend a lot more time collecting frames.

Zan Zan 2:06 pm 23 Jun 13

I enjoyed your pics, it looks as cold as today.

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