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Home loans made clear


By tom_woodward 26 July 2006 54

Dearest Citizens of the World,

I direct this to those who reside in Canberra. I am selling my ep, 32.20 blues, for twelve dollars. It has six very well performed, well recorded, ghost-like renditions of my originals, and one Robert Johnson.

The musicians on the album include Aaron Peacey, Simon Connolly (Hedys Lament) and Andrew Dalziell (Henchmen).

My proposal is if anybody wants to buy it, I will personally drive it to your house. It’s kind of like “ORDER A PIZZA”, except it’s “ORDER A TOM WOODWARD CD”.

SO if you’re interested, please write to me at with a suitable time for you, and I will get in my shabby old holden and deliver it to you, either at home or work, or wherever you want to be found. It’s tastier than pizza and it makes nice noises.

You can read Johnboy’s review of it here.

Tom Woodward

[ED – For those considering if they’d like Tom in their house here’s his picture from his latest cover art (James Nichols in the background costs significantly more)]

Tom Woodward, .32-20 Blues, cover-art

What’s Your opinion?

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johnboy 8:42 am 30 Jul 06

On that topic also I can be a fuckwit for hours yet

Your stamina in this area is a thing to behold, a subject of discussion and admiration for the ages.

tom_woodward 6:44 pm 29 Jul 06

Yes, I’m actually in the process of getting a website happening. It should be up in a few weeks. I’ll let u know when it’s running.

Special G 6:00 pm 29 Jul 06

Heres one for you Tom. Last poll said there were RA readers around the world. Why not post them a copy as well. Then set up your own website where people can sample your music and then online order a copy.

Special G 5:58 pm 29 Jul 06

Coming from you Big Al its a bit rich given some of the bullshit you have come up with in the recent past. This is a discussion forum – MY COMMENT – is that this type of thing has been shot down in the past and now its fine.

Then I made some sarcastic remark about toasters and other crap – if you didn’t pick that as such you need to go back to primary school.

If being a bored bystander is what makes you an idiot then fine – I’ll take that mantle and so can almost everyone who posts here. If we weren’t bystanders with an opinion we would simply sit back in the shadows and not comment.

JB if your cranky call me. If you want to call me a fuckwit on site fine. You must be a bit hormonal at the moment. If you want to read back I have been called a softhead and an idiot in this thread and I started out with a legitimate question and a bit of a jib on the side. I thought you would be able to come up with something a bit more creative than that.

On that topic also I can be a fuckwit for hours yet, just don’t expect a regular comment because unlike some on the site who can sit around and comment all day while listening to music, I actually have to work, while at work, and comment when I am bored in my own time.

Big Al 5:07 pm 29 Jul 06

Special G, might be water of a ducks back, but a duck is still a duck, and whinging about what might or might not be appropriate for RA when you’re simply another bored bystander still makes you an idiot.

johnboy 12:04 pm 29 Jul 06

Jazz when you and Special G are sick of making fuckwits of yourselves please let us now?

And why don’t you start making a real contribution around here before lecturing me on editorial standards.

I *asked* to have the piece submitted here, if you’ve got a problem with that I suggest you discuss it with me off-site.

tom_woodward 11:38 am 29 Jul 06

Though your average house costs $300 000 and my average CD costs $12. Suppose it is similar though.

tom_woodward 11:37 am 29 Jul 06

Yes. It’s exactly like real estate.

Jazz 11:22 am 29 Jul 06

ahh, interesting statement you make tom. you mean selling music is a lot like selling real estate. no security, no set income until, like music, you sell something.

tom_woodward 10:51 am 29 Jul 06

Oh, BTW, I can’t remember once complaining about CD sales. I was simply pointing out that there is no security. No set income. My CD sales are doing quite fine.

tom_woodward 10:49 am 29 Jul 06

Yes, there are many of ways of doing it. Problem is, most musicians think they have to fellate record executives, australian idol judges or play covers in some beer soaked shithole. Me on the other hand, am doing am something about my situation. TAKING CONTROL of the reins as such. So by telling the truth about my situation, as in comparing mine to your sister’s real estate job, is not really whinging. It would be whinging if i was sitting on my arse not doing anything about it.

Special G 5:27 am 29 Jul 06

Water off a ducks back Big Al. If you note my original comment was that RA does not normally allow this type of thing. Which was backed up by Jazz and explained by JB why he posted it. Fair enough its their site.
As for Tom – there are plenty of ways to promote yourself, I would expect you to try them all to make yourself successful.

Poor form whinging about your lack of CD sales and income. There are plenty of musicos that have made a buck from their profession.

Big Al 6:42 pm 28 Jul 06

Love the Record. Been playing it on my PC all afternoon at work.

Thumper 6:27 pm 28 Jul 06


I note that you didn’t brave the fat terrier….

My son loves the CD.

Maybe we can get my band and yours together sometime, even though we sound nothing like each other.

In fact, we should try and get Sanji as well.


I need to go and have a few more beers


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