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By tom_woodward - 26 July 2006 54

Dearest Citizens of the World,

I direct this to those who reside in Canberra. I am selling my ep, 32.20 blues, for twelve dollars. It has six very well performed, well recorded, ghost-like renditions of my originals, and one Robert Johnson.

The musicians on the album include Aaron Peacey, Simon Connolly (Hedys Lament) and Andrew Dalziell (Henchmen).

My proposal is if anybody wants to buy it, I will personally drive it to your house. It’s kind of like “ORDER A PIZZA”, except it’s “ORDER A TOM WOODWARD CD”.

SO if you’re interested, please write to me at with a suitable time for you, and I will get in my shabby old holden and deliver it to you, either at home or work, or wherever you want to be found. It’s tastier than pizza and it makes nice noises.

You can read Johnboy’s review of it here.

Tom Woodward

[ED – For those considering if they’d like Tom in their house here’s his picture from his latest cover art (James Nichols in the background costs significantly more)]

Tom Woodward, .32-20 Blues, cover-art

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54 Responses to
bonfire 5:33 pm 27 Jul 06

whenever i think of ‘ballad of john henry’ i think of my stanley steamer.

do engines get rewarded for their means? whats a substitute for pork and beans ?

(coal i think, mr cash)

bonfire 5:31 pm 27 Jul 06

i think local minstrel advertising his tunes is not the same as ‘toaster – owned by one softhead – for sale cheap’.

that you cant differentiate speaks volumes.

Absent Diane 5:19 pm 27 Jul 06

I think this is completely different

Special G 5:06 pm 27 Jul 06

AD yes it is, although articles such as reviews that looked all too much like the proprietor reviewing their own shop took alot of critisism previously to the point that any review was accompanied by the line – this is not an ad.

Tom – No I wasn’t selling the toaster through RA – I would put it in all classifieds or the like if I was wishing to sell it. But if that is the direction the site is taking I well get a photo of said toaster and put it on the front page. I have a motorbike to sell as well if interested.

Absent Diane 4:58 pm 27 Jul 06

Special G – isn’t it up to the owners of the site to decide what gets published?

tom_woodward 4:46 pm 27 Jul 06

Are you really selling the toaster? Are you comparing my album to a toaster? I’m confused. But then again, I am a dumb hippy who rides a recumbent bicycle, so I ought to be confused.

Special G 4:42 pm 27 Jul 06

Why is this on RA. This is straight up advertising and selling something. I thought this was a community discussion forum to discuss news items and the like as opposed to some bloke selling his stuff..

Did he pay for the advertising space. Is this a new direction RA is taking.

I have a toaster that I no longer want, going cheap $20. Cooks toast, muffins, and other bread like products, no other features really.


Thumper 12:49 pm 27 Jul 06


I’ll grab one. I just sent an email.


bonfire 12:47 pm 27 Jul 06

recumbent bikes are not jokes they are dangerous

tom_woodward 12:30 pm 27 Jul 06

Anyway, does anybody want to buy one, or is it too entertaining making really funny jokes about bicycles?

tom_woodward 12:20 pm 27 Jul 06

“I will get in my shabby old holden and deliver it to you” –

unless they’re making recumbent bikes called “holden’s” these days, I don’t think i will be riding.

Thumper 10:32 am 27 Jul 06

Or bonfire’s Stanley Steamer?

Ari 9:54 am 27 Jul 06

Or borrow Thumper’s tank?

Danman 9:49 am 27 Jul 06

Or maybe a pocket bike ?

bonfire 9:43 am 27 Jul 06

will you ‘drive’ or pedal on a recumbent bike ?

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