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A Review of Sorts – Firestone Italian Restaurant

By Danman 7 August 2008 56

[ED – Firestone responded to this post with one of their own.]

This is a review of sorts, but more a record of my experiences I have had with Firestone Italian restaurant.

I have decided to post this story because, I believe that I should advise people of my experiences in the hope that they can learn from them.

I have attached below transcripts of y emails to this restaurant in the hope that they would have addressed my issues, however, having given them ample time, I have not heard a thing. I am hoping posting this has 2 results.
1) That you learn from my wife and I’s experience and
2) Hoping that I force Firestones hand in providing me with a reasonable response.

Anyhow, below is the 2 emails I sent Firestone, with the pictures I attached to the emails.

From: Daniel B
Sent: Friday, 11 July 2008 11:35 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern.

My wife and I wish to transmit an experience we had at your restaurant on the night of the 8th July 2008 (Tuesday).

We recently got your pamphlet in the mail and decided that we should try your restaurant out.

We rang up at approximately 6pm and ordered for take away.

We ordered 1 serve of meatballs and spaghetti, a serve of the tomato and goats cheese gnocchi, a side of greens and a dessert pizza, the white chocolate and strawberry one.

We were advised that our order will be ready in 15 minutes (It was early into service) so we proceeded from home to pick up the food.

We arrived and got our order, costing us $50.60, and my wife and I noted that because we paid more than $50 we got the complimentary serve of meat balls.

On arrival home, having been smelling the dessert pizza all the way home, we were keen to open the box and have a peek inside.

I have taken a photo of what was inside the pizza box and attached it for your perusal.

Dessert Pizza

As you can clearly see in the photograph there was only 4 strawberries and 4 marshmallows and scant white chocolate and even 2 pieces of pizza with scant topping on them

With having seen the dessert pizza, we decided to inspect the rest of our meal.

Attached is another picture of what is described on your pamphlet menu as mixed greens tossed in butter.

Upon recollection, this side cost approximately $9.

Not only was the container barely 1/3rd full, the vegetables were cooked to a mushy consistency and were swimming in butter.

My wife and I agreed that this was not what we would have called good value for money.

Our mains were unfortunately quite disappointing as well.

My wife had the spaghetti and meatballs and said that the meatballs tasted ìfunnyî, I tasted one and it did have a metallic coppery taste to it. What this taste was I can not explain, however she decided not to finish her meal and as a result it went in the bin with the complimentary meat balls.

Having paid $13.90 for what your menu describes as Gnocchi with light Napoli sauce and crumbled goats cheese, I was disappointed to see that a frozen type of gnocchi was used. Additionally it was cooked to the point of having the consistency of play dough. The light Napoli sauce was barely even a sauce.

When I make a Napoli sauce, I use plenty of garlic, onions, diced tomato and fresh basil, brown sugar and a touch of balsamic vinegar. We would have expected nothing less at an Italian pizza restaurant.

Instead the sauce was the consistence of a runny tomato paste and was quite un-appetizing.

A well established competitor of yours sells their pasta dishes for between $12.90 and $14.90 and my wife and I have rarely been disappointed with the quality of their food.

In all, $50.60 is not much to lose on a dinner, but that does not mean my wife and I expect to be served up sub standard food.

When you are trying to establish yourself as a reputable business less than 100m from a well established pizza pasta restaurant, I guess it is important to get the perspective of the paying customer ñ regardless of positive or negative.

In any case, we are not seeking any type of hand out or freebie, however, what I would like is confirmation that the correct person did read this email and that it will be addressed accordingly.

Not wishing to hide behind the guise of internet anonymity, I will provide you with my full contact details should you wish to discuss this further with me.

I hope for both of our benefits that you can move to remedy and assure me that should we provide you with further business, our next transaction in your restaurant is both a pleasant and rewarding one for both all involved, and in turn, providing you with repeat custom.



After waiting 10 days I sent the follow up email below

To whom it may concern,

I addressed this email to your establishment 10 days ago.

I just wanted to make sure that you did in fact receive it, or not.

If you had received it, can you please acknowledge that you have, if this is the first time receiving it, I look forward to your reply


Discuss – do you think i was too heavy handed, was I entitled to a reply? have I gone too far ?

Hopefully this will (As riotact has in the past) force their hand into a structured reply where I have had no luck myself.


What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
A Review of Sorts – Firestone Italian Restaurant
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H1NG0 4:26 pm 23 Apr 09

Has anyone tried the new itialian place in gungahlin? I’d like to know what it is like.

trevar 3:53 pm 23 Apr 09

I have to agree with those who have praised your email. Very constructive.

I have had a lot of experiences of businesses never responding to emails. More often than not it’s an info@ or office@ kind of address, and my guess is that no one checks it. The person who set it up may have moved on, or there might not be anyone who thinks it’s their job. And it seems more common where their core business isn’t office-based, like a restaurant.

At any rate, it’s not your problem. You’ve done more for them than they’ve done for you. And I’m grateful for the warning about Firestone.

Clown Killer 3:39 pm 18 Mar 09

I realise that Skid.

Skidbladnir 3:31 pm 18 Mar 09

CK: Hint: Filipinas are different to filipinos.

jakez 3:26 pm 18 Mar 09

Clown Killer said :

Too much information jakez. Seriously.

Careful CK, lest you awaken my desire to show you what too much information really would be.

Clown Killer 3:22 pm 18 Mar 09

Too much information jakez. Seriously.

jakez 3:19 pm 18 Mar 09

Mr Evil said :

Beserk Keyboard Warrior said :

Sad to see that people still patronise Zeffers. Some people obviously like the taste of sweat.

Yeah, but it’s underpaid, exploited Philippinos sweat: that stuff doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

Well to be perfectly honest, everytime I’ve tasted a filipinas sweat, it has been a very enjoyable experience.

AngryHenry 2:46 pm 18 Mar 09

I always find confronting someone face-to-face in those kinds of situations gets a better result (especially if they are trying to ignore you). Wether it be an apology at the absolute minimum or some kind of credit/refund, I usually manage to weasel some kind of a result out of the person/business who wronged me.

Danman 1:57 pm 18 Mar 09

Bizarre, I posted their response to this thread up here but now it is gone.
Ill have to fish it out at home and repost 🙂

Mr Evil 1:55 pm 08 Aug 08

Beserk Keyboard Warrior said :

Sad to see that people still patronise Zeffers. Some people obviously like the taste of sweat.

Yeah, but it’s underpaid, exploited Philippinos sweat: that stuff doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

Tooks 9:45 am 08 Aug 08

Ingeegoodbee said :

Danman, in my book whether its a letter, an e-mail or a quiet word with the manager – from their point of view, your just another a-hole with a sob story. the moment they realise they’ve lost their tip/repeat custom their eyes glaze over. A good spray never hurt any one but the gormless prick on the recieving end … Look at it as a community service. It’s character building for them and a nice release for you. You wont get you’r $50 back but at least you’ll have had your say.

But the “gormless prick” is probably some kid who had nothing to do with the bad experience you received in the first place. But if it makes you feel better…

Beserk Keyboard Warrior 9:41 am 08 Aug 08

Haha yeah Ingee abused some poor sod at the Grail over the phone rather than confronting them face to face when he had the chance. Some would say that is a little gutless. Then he omitted certain details of the incident in his RiotAct rant to make his sob story believable. When the manager of the Grail unexpectedly responded with a more accurate version of events he was left with his tail between his legs (note- not a personal attack – merely stating the facts).

Thumper 9:37 am 08 Aug 08

I originally thought it was a mould pizza.

But then I actually read the thread.

mdme workalot 9:25 am 08 Aug 08

Ingee – aren’t you the one who got flamed on here a few months back about giving someone a spray over the phone? And didn’t the establishment in question post a reply on here with a perfectly reasonable response to your complaint? And didn’t you end up getting thoroughly embarrassed by the whole experience? Shame, thought you might have learnt something….

Well done Danman, great post. I think giving them a chance to respond in the public forum is a great idea, and it’s a shame they have not yet taken the opportunity.

Gungahlin Al 9:21 am 08 Aug 08

The contraction of you are is you’re. Your is a possessive.
If *you’re* going to abuse each other, at least make sure *your* abuse uses gooder grammar.

Danman 8:15 am 08 Aug 08

Ingee, in my book whether its a letter, an e-mail or a post on RiotACT – from my point of view, your just another a-hole with a track history of bollocks postings (Note no personal attack). The moment I realise you’re posting to RiotACT my eyes glaze over.

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