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A walk through the new Belconnen Skatepark

By johnboy 26 May 2011 28

Youtube brings us a walk around the new Belconnen Skatepark which is nearing completion (promised in the next couple of months).

Built with stimulus money it will be the biggest skatepark in Australia and a watch of the video certainly impresses with the scale of the works.

Film & edit: Rob Crawford
Photo: David Pang
Thanks:, Luke Brown, Canberra Skateboarding Association, Convic, Conrete Skateparks

belconnen skate park

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28 Responses to
A walk through the new Belconnen Skatepark
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rockatansky 6:01 pm 03 Sep 11

NIce video english rob.

Keijidosha 11:21 am 30 Jun 11

I noticed this morning that official signage has been affixed to a retaining wall on site. It reads: “Belco Skate Park” – apparently getting approval for “Belco Sk8 Prk – 2617 rprznt” was a bit of a stretch?

Given this casual approach, surely a rebranding of the southside facility as “Tuggers Skate Park” is appropriate?

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Captain RAAF said :

Say what you like about how safe skate parks are but I’ll put a carton of crownies up if we don’t get at least a couple of incidents at the Belco one that get a mention here in the next 12 months.

I reckon we will read of assaults/rapes/sexual misconduct/bastradisation in the ADF first.

p1 11:22 am 27 May 11

Some quick googling has lead me to believe that assaults, robberies and the like occur less at the Belcompton skate board riding facility then they do at other places and times, such as Summernats, Charnwood, Catholic Churches or the Monaro Highway.

Which fits with my memories of it in the mid-nineties when I attended Canberra High and Lake Ginninderra College.

I can’t see why anyone would suspect upgrading it would increase crime rates? That seems counter intuitive? Except possibly in the case of graffitti, since there will be lots of nice clean cement just screaming for some really lame tags no one can read.

eh_steve 11:02 am 27 May 11

Captain RAAF said :

LSWCHP said :

Say what you like about how safe skate parks are but I’ll put a carton of crownies up if we don’t get at least a couple of incidents at the Belco one that get a mention here in the next 12 months.

Does this mean it shouldn’t be built? How many incidents have occured around the dimly lit lake, or at the lighthouse bar, around the uni accomodation, between the lighthouse bar and UC?

I don’t think this is going to make good kids turn bad. As someone who spent much of my teenage years on a skateboard in Belconnen I can tell you most of the negative characters had nothing to do with the skaters, it had more to do with the bum-bag wearing fully-sick dudes wearing Kappa pants coming down from the mall.

Believe it or not, most people who go to the skatepark go to skate.

Pommy bastard said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Interesting that you look forward to stories about stabbings and rape.

“I look forward to”, is a well known colloquialism or cliché, expressing, with a touch of irony or ennui, an expectation of something adverse happening in the event described or referred to.

Just so you don’t get caught out, embarrassingly, again.

Yes, I am aware of that *sigh*

Holierthanthou 10:04 am 27 May 11

Fastest kid she aint!

Ha, Little Miss HolierThanThou is! Thing is she doesn’t need to be seeing as she is dead hard, not that any would dare try anything such is her fearsome rep. And she used to win kid pageants and she can carve gnarly skateboard things.

Then she takes after her progenitors. And the number of of weet-bix she has for breakfast!

Captain RAAF 9:43 am 27 May 11

BenMac said :

Captain RAAF said :

My 13 yo daughter tells me it’s ok to walk 3 km from school in the dark, sorry love, aint gonna happen. I could do it when I was that age because I was the fastest kid in a 10 mile radius.

and what would you have done RAAF if your parents had said “sorry love, aint gonna happen”.

Maybe she is the fastest kid in a 10km radius, but because she’s a girl, you’re not interested.

Fastest kid she aint! So it’s a no brainer.

As for my parents, they knew enough not to worry about me. I have a 15 yo son and the same rules apply to him, couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, has too much of his mother in him…..might be a good thing.

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