says the Government's new fire and emergency services levy must be spent on firefighting efforts."> says the Government's new fire and emergency services levy must be spent on firefighting efforts."> says the Government's new fire and emergency services levy must be spent on firefighting efforts."> A what levy? | The RiotACT Skip to content Skip to main navigation


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A what levy?

By LG 12 September 2006 19

The ACT Opposition has made some sense by saying that the newly imposed ‘fire and emergency services levy’ should be spent on fire and emergency services.

Apparantly the Government says there is nothing wrong with putting the proceeds of its $84 levy into general revenue.

They should have called it a ‘general revenue levy’. At the very least they should appear to do the ‘right thing’ – put the new levy towards fire & emergency services and then take away other money currently spent on the sly…

Blatant money grab…

What’s Your opinion?

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A what levy?
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Thumper 1:38 pm 14 Sep 06

I believe the government spun the dead kangaroos on the side of the road issue into, ‘they are left there as a reminder that Kangaroos inhabit the area’

Fuck me….

This government really has no fucking idea. When will people wake up to this fact?

seepi 1:04 pm 14 Sep 06

The ACT govt are now doing this so much that everyone is starting to notice though. IN letters to the paper today someone who complained about lack of parking at Kippax was told that is evidence of a vibrant community. I think pollyanna has got a job as stanhope’s pr.

Chris S 11:29 am 14 Sep 06

It’s this thing called lack of “truthiness” – Bush lacks it in a big way (as did Blair and Howard over Iraq, and Howard over children overboard). It’s where people must now examine every statement made by every politician (whatever the flavour) to see what the reality really is.

There is no longer any concept of actually telling people the way it really is – Peter Beatty seems to sometimes gets close, but now the bureaucrats are doing the same thing.

Every department now has a media unit, whose entire job seems to be to hide the reality behind all this flim-flam.

Thumper 8:40 am 14 Sep 06


I was just reporting exactly what I heard.

I actually don’t believe a word of it. I think what you’ll find is that the ES levy will go towards ES and the previous $20M that was allocated for ES will now go elsewhere, ie consolidated revenue for use wherever.

ES certainly won’t be getting any extra money.

Corbell is not lying about the levy, but is also not telling the whole truth.

Which is par for course.

Chris S 8:20 am 14 Sep 06

Thumper, even if the money does go to to the ES as Corbell says (and there is certainly a lot of confusion about that), it will eventually just replace ongoing funding anyway. Within a couple of years, the ES will not even be aware, in a financial sense, that the levy even exists – it will all be on paper (including our rates notices of course).

Every govt does this to some extent, but Stanhope up is up there with the “best” of them.

As you say, it’s not a good way to run the Territory (let alone any enterprise).

vg 7:22 pm 13 Sep 06

Well do the right thing next ACT election and vote them out. They are so inept that words escape me.

Actually inept is too polite. They have been proven to be liars. Anyone is better than this pack of clowns…anyone

VYBerlinaV8 10:36 am 13 Sep 06

That said the Commonwealth seems to have more money than it knows what to do with perhaps they could give some to the states to improve the health system or something.

The Commonwealth gives the states and territories all the GST revenue, specifically for things like health. If the states can’t manage it, maybe it should all be brought under the Commonwealth umbrella. Same goes for edumacation.

Thumper 9:20 am 13 Sep 06

Interestingly, Corbell was on the radio this morning saying that it IS in fact an Emergency Services levy and that the money WILL go to ES functions, not general revenue.

Policy on the run is not a good way to run a Territory.

Chris S 9:01 am 13 Sep 06

I’ve just come to this thread, so back-tracking a bit.

caf, the problem with this levy, and likewise with the Hospital pay parking, is that it is all smoke and mirrors. In both cases, the government has said that the money will be used for a specific purpose. The trouble is that there is no transparency and accountability for the process being used. The ACT Treasury boffins have deliberately designed things that way.

What will happen is that both Ministers, as seepi has said above, will line up for photo opportunities over the next few months showing how the ES/parking levy/fees have been spent as they said.

Then over the next year or so, the ES/Hospital budgets will quietly be eroded away so that the amount of money raised is offset by some “efficiency” savings.

So, we are fleeced even more, comprehensively lied to by the relevanet Ministers and their minders, and the ES/Hospital budgets return to where they were before, and Treasury has a bit more money to play with to curry favour with their political masters next time a pet project comes along.

And we all live happily ever after…

Tempestas 9:20 pm 12 Sep 06

It certainly smacks of whoops when we said it was a levy it was really just revenue raising that wasn’t rates.

That said the Commonwealth seems to have more money than it knows what to do with perhaps they could give some to the states to improve the health system or something.

I know lets make the ACT entirely userpays – I wonder what the rates on the lodge would be, great central location, if it was bulldozed you could build heaps of apartments, close to embassies and in the upmarket Forrest/Deakin Yarralumla area – its a huge block looking at allhomes. Reckon the new rates should be about $1.5M a year, now if we can the embassies and Govt Depts to cough up…

che 2:16 pm 12 Sep 06

so what they are actually doing is backfilling the coffers because they could not come up with a workable budget, or they could not stick to the one they had, and so they need everyone to bail them out for their poor financial management?

ummm, I’ve overspent my budget too, can everyone please pay me $2 to fill the coffers back up


James-T-Kirk 12:20 pm 12 Sep 06

It seems simple to me. Simply under pay the invoice to the tune of the levy you don’t want to pay, and include a polite letter saying why you dont want to pay it.

Yes, you will eventually have to pay it, but you should have extracted more than the value of the levy in extra administrative processing that the government has to do, that it will even things out.

At least that way, even the levy won’t make it into general revenue.

Or am I being juvenile? I can’t tell, it’s what I do best.

VYBerlinaV8 12:13 pm 12 Sep 06

Further evidence of poor financial planning and management.

caf 11:48 am 12 Sep 06

This looks like a bit of a non-issue. We’ve been spending $20million/year more than we used to on ES, the levy raises $20million/year, seems fair to me.

simto 11:00 am 12 Sep 06

We’re his boss. That’s why they call him “chief minister”.

Although the rest of his party can, if they want, toss him out. So that’s your other option, if you hate him that much. Although then you’d have to think of another labour personage you’d rather have succeed him…

seepi 10:34 am 12 Sep 06

Why not spend at least some of it on a nice tangible truck they can brag about at have photos with etc. Stanhope’s pr adviser must be tearing their hair out.
I think Stanhope has got into some wierd mindset where he thinks he is doing what needs to be done, rather than pandering to public opinion or something. I think he needs a realty check.
dumb question – who is stanhope’s boss – or is he the top of the tree?

Big Al 10:23 am 12 Sep 06

Given that the Government says it’s been spending $20-odd million a year on emergency services since 2003 the imposition of a levy at this point does suggest that perhaps the cookie jar is looking a bit empty …

Consolidated revenue is as good a place as any for the money to end up – its how the expenditure gets reported in next years budget that will be interesting.

LG 10:22 am 12 Sep 06

It was probably – the ACT spends X% more (per capita?) on emergency services than the national average.

We’ll all sleep better at night now knowing that spending on fire & emergency services in the BUSH capital is in line with national averages…

Thumper 10:10 am 12 Sep 06

Nothing surprises me about this government anymore.

Their total and inept financial mismanagement just becomes more and more apparent with the passing of each day.

Can anyone remember Stanhope’s justification for the ‘Fire and Emergency Services’ levy?

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