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ABC channels have gone

By ex-vectis 28 May 2009 33

Last night i noticed the ABC DVB-T channels had disapeared. 

And they have still gone. 

Anyone know whats going on?

[ED – looking fine here. Suggest you check your antenna and then re-tune the box.]

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33 Responses to
ABC channels have gone
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ex-vectis 6:02 pm 11 Jun 09

Damit rjj001!!!! You are bang on the button mate! Go and find a a ‘smug mode’ hat and put it on for a while; i am currently toasting you with cold tinny.

I sooo didnt want it to be that simple but that was it ‘EnableBloodyAutoOffset’.

I put that in, restarted the box clicked on ABC1 and hey-presto ABC is back!!

I’d written a small app that talked to the tuner using the low-level BDA interface and had noticed that ABC (205625Khz) was a little lower signal quality than the rest – so had thought that maybe Media Center had a signal quality threshold that was too high. But no, it looks like I’d been getting bleed-thru from (9A to 9).

So anyway, thanks rjj001 you got a geezer in Isaacs singing yer praise 🙂

rjj001 2:52 pm 11 Jun 09

I posted a a possible solution a couple of hours ago but is still”awaiting moderation” I guess they don’t like the posted links.

If you take a look at the xpmediacenter forum under vista media center there aare a couple of threads which may be of use to you. Inserting EnableAutoOffset value 1 into the registry seems to solve the problem if you have the right TV card. Unfortunately I don’t, my registry is completley different.

yeahright 2:32 pm 11 Jun 09

I had the same problem at around the same time. I have Vista Media Center and IceTV. I think it has something to do with Windows but I have no idea what. An update maybe? Anyway, I fixed it by deleting all of my channels and then re-adding them. Also had to do a bit of fiddling around in the registry to get IceTV guide back. Rescanning channels should do the trick for you though.

ex-vectis 2:27 pm 11 Jun 09

Well, after nearly two weeks of trying I have got… nowhere!

I borrowed a high-gain aerial from a mate and got a signal strenth/quality monitor going on the PC. All channels OK (including ABC ones), but still no picture!

The signal quality of ABC is quite poor, but then so is SC10 – yet SC10 channels play absolutely fine.

It is quite bizzarre, up until 27/18th May all was well and then suddenly no ABC channels. Kinda running out of ideas now….

Andrew1 2:09 pm 06 Jun 09

Exactly the same problem – Turner area. No ABC channels on WMC after 27/28 of May. Today I’ve connected my old TEAC SD set top box to the television (normally I watch TV through Transact), tuned up and presto – all ABC channels are back. Then I’ve dragged my PC next to the same antenna outlet I used with my TEAC, connected everything , re-tuned WMC and – no ABC channels at all. In summary – for the same antenna – SD STB – ABC appear, WMC + HD TV card – ABC disappear. So the problem is SD works / HD doesn’t or SD / HD works – WMC doesn’t. If you find anything please post to this forum, I will do the same. Cheers Andrew

ex-vectis 12:42 pm 05 Jun 09

Well, its a nice way to spend a day of…. 🙂

Been Googling this like mad and have not found a solution. Yet.

On 27/28th May something changed. Before 28th May all was well, then ABC channels all died and cant be found again. So, if i can find out what changed then i might be nearer to fixing it. I have tried re-building the box and tried a different aerial but all come up with the same; no ABC channels.

In my Google searches, i see that ABC has been a bit of a DVB-T dog for years with folk often having issues. Most of which seems the addiction ABC have for using side-bands rather than actual channels

I did try forcing the frequency by use of the DigitalTVAutoTune key in the Registry but not sure if Media Center was using it and it still found all the other channels whereas I had only put the single Mux (205.625Mhz – 205625000Hz) in the registry….?

Looking both ideas (How DO you tell Media Center what frequencies to use for DVB-T channels? IE. Manual tuning!) and if anyone else has this issue. Any Vista Media Center users in Woden area using Black Mountain transmitter (ABC’s on 205MHz so says Media Center).


ex-vectis 10:11 am 05 Jun 09

Sorry rjj, been out the territory…

And STILL no ABC channels. No ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 or HD – it is just bizzarre.

I tried deleting ALL channels, removing the epgstream guide, re-installing the (Compro e900f) tuner card, using a different (borrowed) high-gain arial; but all no go. All the other channels are OK, it is just ABC ones that are duff.

Looking at the direction of the roof arial it is the Telstra Tower we are using (Isaacs and Farrer ridges would prob get in the way).

When using Analogue tuning, i get ABC but there is some degree of Ghosting (But no ghosting on non-ABC channels).

Something must have happened last week; either with a Microsoft update or with the transmitted signal. ABC in Sydney assure me their has been no change or issues reported from their ACT transmitters, but clearly _something_ has happened. I’m just a bit purplexed at the mo.

Interesting you say about the ABC frequency. Do you know how to force Media Centre to use a specific frequency? I’ll start doing a search..

rjj001 11:25 am 01 Jun 09

ex-vectis said :

Well, it looks like it was me! Or at least the Windows Media Center….

In a last-ditch attempt i deleted everything and did a scan-from-scratch – hey presto, ABC stuff back!!!


Hi Ex-Vectis, I’ve been having the same problem since Thursday. Seems to be a few of us in Canberra appearing on the web today with the same issues of ABC vanishing from media center. Which files did you delete? Do not want to mess up my system by deleting the wrong things. I’m sure it s the problem with ABC being 205.625 MHz, rather than 205.5. Which tower are you recieving ABC, Telstra?

taco 6:15 pm 29 May 09

justbands said :

+ 1 for MythTV. Free, easy (wih a bit of effort) & all runs on our old PC that was way too slow for windoze.

I tried MythTV once but didn’t like it because it’s designed to run the PC as a set-top box.

I watch all my free to air TV on Ubuntu with Kaffeine.
The TV is setup on the TV-OUT of the video card so we can browse the net and stuff on the main monitor while video is playing on the TV,, and I’ve got two xorg.conf files that I switch between when I want to use the projector instead of the TV

The other plus with Ubuntu/Linux is that the drivers for my TV-tuner card and my IR dongle are automatically installed, and the PC handles the workload much better under Linux too.

More on topic – My reception for certain channels can be extremely flakey some days – we get a fairly weak signal at the best of times, and all it takes is a little interference to take a channel down.
As a result, most of our TV watching now is done from ABC iView (quota free from iinet) – no reception issues there 🙂

Grrrr 1:54 pm 29 May 09

bigred said :

My TV keeps turning on by itself, changing to SBS or turning off. Suspect my neighbours remote control is controlling my TV. Any ideas?

TV remotes work on infrared light – they don’t go through walls. There’s at least 3 explanations:

1) Your remote is sending the “on/off” and “sbs” codes without you pressing the button sometimes: Hide the remote somewhere lightproof.
2) Something else is sending the codes (EG flickering fluoro light, as above, your neighbours sneaking up to your window): Tape over the TV’s IR receiver to stop it receiving signal. Test that it’s well taped over by putting the remote up close and pressing it.
3) Your TV has an internal fault and thinks it’s receiving those codes when it’s not.

justbands 9:36 am 29 May 09

+ 1 for MythTV. Free, easy (wih a bit of effort) & all runs on our old PC that was way too slow for windoze.

peterh 9:30 am 29 May 09

astrojax said :

ahh, the wonderful world of digital signals for everything.

do we think these ‘glitches’ will be mere nostalgia in a decade or so; or will this kind of interference persist and become part of the joy of watching teev/listening to abc breakfast/keeping logged on to the ‘net/etc…?

wait till you see the microwave interfering with the pc on the other side of the wall. V Funny. Techs don’t think so tho. flickering screen – intermittent fault.

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