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ABC channels have gone

By ex-vectis - 28 May 2009 33

Last night i noticed the ABC DVB-T channels had disapeared. 

And they have still gone. 

Anyone know whats going on?

[ED – looking fine here. Suggest you check your antenna and then re-tune the box.]

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
ABC channels have gone
ex-vectis 8:02 pm 28 May 09

Thanks gooterz, but (fingers crossed) all is working aok at the mo (it has been relatively glitch-free for nearly a year, hence my conclusion jumping that it wasn’t the machine. I’ve also got a Compro (E900) – while i love the pic and the speed etc, the Compro s/w is pants (and remote s/w is b****y awful! 1-4% CPU when not doing anything! Thats just negligent that is….) Shame, ifCompro sorted their s/w then they’d have a real world beater tunercard i reckon.

Yeah, i use Vista Media Center – its not great (typical MS ‘almost’ there software but has the ‘BETA’ feel to it) but with a tech-illiterate other half (it is the TV) i dont want to faf with 3rd party s/w.. The ‘TV’ also acts as webserver, shareaza host, squeezebox server etc etc…. (the nas is not MS, that is ‘FreeNAS’ – i didnt want to get into bed with MS lock stock and two smokin barrels!).

harley 7:52 pm 28 May 09

Glad you’ve sold your problem, but for what it’s worth, the ABC channel transmits at 200kw, where the commercials all run around the 60kw mark.

With a direct line of sight from Curtin to Black Mountain, I couldn’t get the ABC to lock when tuning. My set top box showed the strength bar way over the 90% green line, right into the red. It took a $10 attenuator to drop the signal to an appropriate level. With that in place, there was no problem syncing the ABC, and the other channels didn’t suffer from it…

gooterz 7:49 pm 28 May 09

I’ve got the compro T750 both analog and digital incaseone doesnt work. I’m getting all the channels now too.

You can normally use media portal for most tuners if you dont like media centre. Plus you dont have to save the files in the windows format.

If you want i can post the Codes and PID’s for tuggerangong?

ex-vectis 7:39 pm 28 May 09

Hahahah! That is the sort of put down i use! 🙂

But Microsoft products are always so reliable I just thought it couldn’t be that… lol

I’d still love to know what happened tho. I’m wondering if some update mucked with the settings or if the epg service minced something.

gooterz, what tuner u using?

Spectra 7:19 pm 28 May 09

Well, it looks like it was me! Or at least the Windows Media Center…

So…you were using a bit of windows software, had a problem, and your first thought was that it must be an external fault?
You must be new at this.

sexynotsmart 7:09 pm 28 May 09

+1 for dropouts in Tuggeranong.

It may happen during the day, but I don’t have the tv on then. I barely make it home in time to lust after Sarah Groen or Virginia Hausseger.

seekay 7:06 pm 28 May 09

The ABC-HD service is a joy. It gives you the Sydney news, not that disconcertingly weird weatherman with the sequoia trunk on his lapel.

gooterz 7:00 pm 28 May 09

I can’t get Win to tune mostly because its not quite on the right frequency( according to my tuner. its about 500 hz on what the frequncy shouldbe.. hence when my tuner scans the correct location it stuffs up ocassionally.. However most STB’s have more advanced hardware due to size so they pick up the channel better even if off channel a little bit

Some of the tuners allow you to set the channels manually which you can adjust for the offset. you can even just put in what the channels are even if they wont scan

damo1 6:49 pm 28 May 09

its either aliens or reptoids

bigred 6:37 pm 28 May 09

thought about those ex-vectis, but also happens when none of those are present or even when nobody is home. DO you really think it could be aliens?

ex-vectis 6:34 pm 28 May 09

Well, it looks like it was me! Or at least the Windows Media Center….

All ABC channels dissapeared (ABC1, ABC2 and ABC-HD etc) and doing a ‘Scan’ didnt find them. I phoned the ABC Transmitter fault folk in Sydeny who said ‘everything was fine’.

So i checked the aerial, leads etc but they were all ok too.

In a last-ditch attempt i deleted everything and did a scan-from-scratch – hey presto, ABC stuff back!!!

Have no idea what happened nor why only ABC channels were affected. But all is back again. Very odd – and probably not a Transmitter fault at all.

To those having ‘issues’ as well, sorry guys not entirley sure what is going on. Bigred, have you checked for aliens? That would really freak me out! However, check to make sure you havent got a laptop IRon or your mobile maybe????

bigred 6:24 pm 28 May 09

My TV keeps turning on by itself, changing to SBS or turning off. Suspect my neighbours remote control is controlling my TV. Any ideas?

Artisan 6:19 pm 28 May 09

It’s not a hardware issue with ABC, at least not in Tuggeranong. ABC and SBS have been going off the air for 30-50mins quite regularly over the last month, normally after 9pm. Quite annoying.

clw49 6:14 pm 28 May 09

PLeased to see this happens to someone else – I have a good ABC picture during the day but at night get “no signal”.

damien haas 5:55 pm 28 May 09

If you have a Topfield, can i suggest periodically ‘refreshing’ the factory default settings. Mine seems to become forgetful and lose track of things its been doing week in week out, then it cant retrieve TV guide data, then it forgets that channels exist. i now do a restore factory default each 6 weeks or so.

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