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ABC1 weather reports – what’s going on?

By Wellington Sludge - 28 July 2009 27

Has anyone else noticed that the ABC1 news presenters are desperately trying to cover up the (quite obvious) fact that Mark Carmody’s weather reports are either pre-recorded, or delivered in another studio?

Tonight, after Virginia’s introduction of “foggy weather” was followed by Mark immediately mentioning the “foggy weather”, VH thanked him after the report for his confirmation of the “foggy weather”. Hmmm, we’re not stupid, we don’t need you to try and mislead us.

(And, for that matter, why has he been moved? He was off air for a week or two because of “technical developments”. Is there some new technology available, or have Virginia and the weekend guy (Craig?) finally had it with pretending to like him?)

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27 Responses to
ABC1 weather reports – what’s going on?
flynnite 2:45 pm 28 Jul 09

Mark Carmody is great.

I enjoyed his gardening radio program on 666 and now like watching the weather done his way and the same way lots of Aussies would do it as well.

Why do we always think a cheap knock off POM or Yank is the way to go.

I am pleased to see an Aussie accent and sense of humour.

Bet his ratings are good as well. 🙂

I also bet ladies and are lining up to give him flowers for his weather segment, just ask your mum.

Ceej1973 2:19 pm 28 Jul 09

My theory is that he is RAS-ing in from home, and has his living room set up like a studio. Thats why he hasnt mentioned the ” cold rides” into work of late.

paperboy 1:42 pm 28 Jul 09

Mr Evil said :

I quite like Mr Carmody – at least he doesn’t look like an failed accountant reading the weather.

Still, it’s a pity he’s not as hot as Sara Groen! 🙂

From what I’ve read, I don’t think Sara would be interested in a MR evil.

antycbr 1:15 pm 28 Jul 09

Peewee Slasher said :

If VH ever uses the laptop on her desk during the news, I’ll be surprised.

I also find it fascinating that the laptop is locked to the desk with a Kensington Lock – surely the laptop is one of the cheapest items you could possibly steal in a fully equipped, High Definition broadcast studio?

AngryHenry 12:32 pm 28 Jul 09

Wellington Sludge…

My recommendation is that you score a life.

Peewee Slasher 12:30 pm 28 Jul 09

If VH ever uses the laptop on her desk during the news, I’ll be surprised.

b2 12:29 pm 28 Jul 09

the new canberra studio is automated, much like other news rooms around the country. I hope that Mark does return to the studio though, his comments to Virginia are fantastic.

SheepGroper 12:27 pm 28 Jul 09

punkarella said :

I think he is just a tad eccentric however.

You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

Mr Evil 12:25 pm 28 Jul 09

I quite like Mr Carmody – at least he doesn’t look like an failed accountant reading the weather.

Still, it’s a pity he’s not as hot as Sara Groen! 🙂

ant 12:11 pm 28 Jul 09

It’s obvious that Virginia likes him quite a lot. The previous guy was almost frozen to death by her icy thank you, but she interacts with Carmody and tries to make jokes (she’s not very good at jokes). You’ll often hear him yelp with laughter to encourage her though.

I’m a Carmody fan, for sure. Although my eyes must be going, I thought he was wearing a Daphne last night, but it wasn’t. Appreciate his gardening info too, and funny little stories.

punkarella 11:42 am 28 Jul 09

I think MC grows on you. I didn’t get him at first, but he is quite the character. I think he is just a tad eccentric however. Still…everyone can get the weather on the BOM site, not everyone can get gardening tips!

Holden Caulfield 11:37 am 28 Jul 09

So there!

Loose Brown 11:35 am 28 Jul 09

Gee wow Sludge – you should be a private investigator.

Except for the fact that Virginia was explaining for weeks that Mark would no longer be sharing the same studio after the introduction of new technology.

But good one – let’s now have a discussion about what a tosser Mark is – well done. You are as transparent as a pane of glass.

And for the record Mark is a total legend and Virginia and Craig both like him.


baldilocks 11:33 am 28 Jul 09

There was a news item about 10 days ago to the effect that the studio in Canberra is being substantially upgraded, and for a period VH is having to do her bit from a Sydney studio, and MC is elsehere in a different studio – perhaps in Canberra. Also the news and the weather segments are having to be done in different times frames. Hence the disjointed appearance of current news/weather broadcasts.

lizw 11:31 am 28 Jul 09

A number of weeks ago Virginia announced that for the next few months they would be in different studios while equipment is being upgraded in the studio they were broadcasting from. So, they have been quite open with what’s going on. For the record, my family like watching Mark’s weather reports, and his gardening tips.

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