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Abject failure of justice and rehabilitation.

By johnboy - 30 October 2008 58

The Canberra Times has the sorry story of alleged arsonist Rodney Farraway.

Rodney was bailed on condition he attend the Canberra Recovery Centre drug-and-alcohol clinic. Only when he got kicked out of it for allegedly smuggling in his own hooch no-one picked up the ball.

    “Farraway, 31, was thrown out of the clinic last Monday night after allegedly being caught with alcohol on the premises.

    He was found by police two days later walking the streets of Ngunnawal, within a kilometre of his alleged victim’s home.

    Farraway, who must stay at least 500m from the woman, was allegedly drunk at the time of his arrest and claimed he was on his way to a friend’s house where he was staying.

    Justice Higgins released Farraway on bail again yesterday after observing that the decision to throw him out of the Canberra Recovery Centre last week had been ”harsh”.”

Farraway’s lawyer has promised to put him on a bus to Sydney in the hope he’ll turn up at rehab centre there.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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58 Responses to
Abject failure of justice and rehabilitation.
sepi 1:34 pm 30 Oct 08

Or – if judges are so desperate to offer rehabilitation to offenders, then we need a version of rehab especially created for these type of offenders.

As things stand, it is very scary for housewife alcoholics, young women, professionals etc to try to get into rehab, as it is filled with crooks and nutbags who don’t even want to be there, but there is nowhere else for them.

tylersmayhem 1:29 pm 30 Oct 08

As previously posted, I CAN’T believe people like this get bailed. Please also see my comments (slightly off topic) about the Holiday Camp, and young people getting a skewed idea of what prison is.

Samantha, thank you for your post. If only judges looked further into the disturbing behaviors of these individual’s, rather than just the charge in question – surely they could justify harsher penalties.

ant 1:29 pm 30 Oct 08

Ye gods. This is incredible. Why is this person out in society, doing these things?

sepi 1:15 pm 30 Oct 08

It doesn’t make any sense to ‘sentence’ someone to a rehab facility that is not locked up.

Rehab only works if people are desperate to quit their addictions. No way it will work to send someone there instead of gaol, if they know they can leave whenever they want.

there needs to be a middle phase of a Locked Rehab, where they can dry out, and then if they complete that and say they are genuinely keen to go to a non-locked rehab they can try.

Sending him to the fyshwick rehab would have also meant they turned away someone who probably was ready to give quitting a decent go.

AG Canberra 1:14 pm 30 Oct 08

there you go….

samantha630z92220867 1:09 pm 30 Oct 08

i am samantha taylor rodney farraway’s sister.Rodney has been using rehab and councilliors making up story’s of bad family upbring and child abuse which is all aload of rubbish for the past 10years and still the courts believe and give him bail.Rodney has assualted his step daughter whom i have custody off he did this in 1999, then awaiting sentencing he returned to Griffith nsw which was a breach of bail conditions and assualted our father in march 2001 which left him with a fractured right temprel lobe fracture to the base of his skull and bleeding of the brain our father was in hospital for a few months and then in a brain injury clinic learning how to do every day things again like a baby our dad went from a self employed house painter to a disabled pensioner over nigh and for both these offences rodney got 4 months in junne jail.also he set our chooks on fire drowned my sister;s dog assualted and harrassed our grandmother and grandfather threatening to burn there house down with them in it and still another state another judge all give him the better deal while his victom’s get the sentence.Rodney has threated myself on several occasions and has also said he loves jail free food roof over his head and can still get his drugs i do believe he will kill someone to get life as jail is the only lifestyle he enjoys and the courts are going to allow him to harm someone as they keep letting him out on bail. rodney had a great upbring and he has CHOSE this way of life himself so plase justice higgins have compassion for his victoms NOT him he does not deserve it.

tylersmayhem 12:52 pm 30 Oct 08

Oh good greif…all of this is well beyond the point. This f**ker should be incarcerated. Any threats to ones life should carry a sentence. I can’t believe they bailed this guy!

stray 12:44 pm 30 Oct 08

what’s with his lawyer saying he’d put him on a bus to sydney and *hopes* he gets to rehab…thats the bit that concerns me…

you guys were joking about sending our problems to the queanbeyan police to deal with, is this a similar approach? 😉

Loose Brown 12:05 pm 30 Oct 08

Shuttup you Pommy Bastard!!

(I have nothing against your comment – I agree – I just had to say that however)

poptop 11:59 am 30 Oct 08

Practically every refuge has a “no substances” rule.

Justice Higgins appears to have no insight into how running one of these places would be like if the clients could bring in their drug of choice. Shambolic wouldn’t come close.

Pommy bastard 11:52 am 30 Oct 08

Throwing him out wasonot, I believe, harsh. Taking booze in there not only shows little or no insight, and no commitment to change, but it also threatens the chances of recovery of others there.

Rules should be lines in the sand in such places, with concequences for stepping over them.

Granny 11:46 am 30 Oct 08

And ply him with booze.

Mr Evil 11:36 am 30 Oct 08

barking toad said :

Sadly terry can’t be sacked.

Until he reaches the compulsory retirement age or gets hit by a bus we’re stuck with the fool.

Police must have sore foreheads from the bricks.

Maybe we should pitch in to buy Higgins a pushbike for Christmas, and then encourage him to take a ride upto Red Hill lookout on a hot day?

peterh 11:09 am 30 Oct 08

the canberra recovery centre has rules about bringing in substances… do it, get caught and you are out on your ear.

how is that harsh?

Maybe he should consider the other patients trying to shake the clutches of booze and drugs, how is it fair to expect they should have to tolerate that kind of behaviour from others?

barking toad 11:00 am 30 Oct 08

Sadly terry can’t be sacked.

Until he reaches the compulsory retirement age or gets hit by a bus we’re stuck with the fool.

Police must have sore foreheads from the bricks.

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