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johnboy 6 December 2006 14

The ABC has a snippet on a dud batch of milk contaminated with E.coli, probably not fatal but it will make you unwell.

Turning to the Daily Telegraph we learn more:

National Foods Limited yesterday recalled 14 of its most popular brands in NSW and the ACT, including Pura whole milk, Pura Light Start and Woolworths and Homebrand whole milk which were manufactured on November 24 and have a best-used-before date of December 13.

So, possibly not best before 13 December after all. I always did think it was best to stick to good old Canberra Milk.

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14 Responses to About the milk
sheer sheer 3:29 pm 08 Dec 06

Yep, WMC it’s pretty common. My pop works at Pauls in Brissie, who provide the milk for all the supermarkets under their own labels. It’s all exactly the same, just with a different price tag slapped on the front. “We’re through the looking glass here people”

johnboy johnboy 2:37 pm 08 Dec 06

One would imagine so WMC.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 2:16 pm 08 Dec 06

Does this mean that Pura, Woolies and Homebrand are the same milk in different packages and at drastically different prices?

Thumper Thumper 4:28 pm 06 Dec 06

Damn, I just got the song Tobacco Road in my head…

el el 4:25 pm 06 Dec 06

Hot Stinky Overflowing Effluent Pond Road perhaps?

Or am I the only one that noticed it last week?

Danman Danman 3:26 pm 06 Dec 06

Not dairy or flat road ?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:22 pm 06 Dec 06

Canturf Lawn Rd?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:27 pm 06 Dec 06

it isn’t that flat.. so maybe road will just do??

Danman Danman 2:11 pm 06 Dec 06

So dairy flat road should be renamed flat road.

seepi seepi 1:55 pm 06 Dec 06

Canberra Milk is not from Canberra anymore – nmo more cows in Fyshwick – turf makes more money.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:30 pm 06 Dec 06

nope thumper… I would go with the milk.

Thumper Thumper 1:16 pm 06 Dec 06

That must be why I felt sick Sunday morning!

Or it could have been the copious amounts of beer, followed by absinthe, and finally scotch on saturday night…

toastie toastie 1:12 pm 06 Dec 06

sue, swaggie! do it for the nation.

Swaggie Swaggie 11:53 am 06 Dec 06

This possibly explains why my wife spent the best part of the night throwing up and I’ve spent an hour or so on the Porcelain Throne this morning. I look in the fridge to find a Woolies “best before Dec 13th” 2 litre pack standing there!

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