ACT Govt issues warning about a dodgy tradesman

jennybel75 9 January 2008 55

Just found this report on Yahoo news about Simon Corbell making a public statement to people to avoid using this fencing business (Premier Fencing) run by a Mr Wayne Kelly. A fairly unusual step for the govt to take, although I do seem to recall a similar warning about another tradie a couple of years ago.

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55 Responses to ACT Govt issues warning about a dodgy tradesman
cmacra28 cmacra28 10:18 am 10 Feb 11

Wayne is still in business and trading as ACT Gutters a& Fencing ABN 46 874 061 901. I wish I had found this earlier – its not for lack of trying. I recently had work done and I obviously had more skills and knowledge of the task than he or his workers. Their lack of the right tools for the job was also an issue. At least had the bulk of the job done but needed to make my own corrections. I paid but withheld a couple of hundred dollars until the job was completed and sent an sms to hopefully remind him it was outstanding. Numerous calls unanswered and no mail address. I’m going to need another contractor to replace the wrong skylights in a patio, which Wayne had promised to supply.

If you have a current agreement, don’t take your eyes off them. The workers mean well but Wayne’s project management and close enough is good enough attitude prevails.

Diggle Diggle 6:31 pm 28 Feb 10

Actually, I only found this thread because I was delivered (Charnwood Area) multiple copies of a pamphlet for Premier Fencing (and a number of other businesses) and wanted to let them know I wasn’t happy about it….

Truelocal lists Premier Fencing’s address as
Narrabundah, ACT, 2604

And googling the phone number on the brochure finds links to a sale on Trading Post for a boat in Bateman’s Bay….

Jungle Jim Jungle Jim 9:12 am 02 Feb 10

It seems Mr Kelly is back. He’s just recently done a mail drop in Wanniassa – surprisingly still trading under Premier Fencing. Probably a good time to let the uninitiated know about his past.

minime2 minime2 4:50 am 18 Feb 08

door to door again … the failed telemarketers from Bombay are doing the northside rounds “not selling” kid sponsorships. He rattled on for a couple ofminutes in god-only-knows what language. But he understood “no”. Maybe I should have asked him to paint the house number …. but I do like the semi-naked bimbos flogging Putus (that was funny in my head).

david_h david_h 6:54 pm 17 Jan 08

A current affair would have a field day with this bloke

david_h david_h 6:53 pm 17 Jan 08

Haha nice one Evil

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:52 am 17 Jan 08

Yes Thumper, it’s amazing to see how ‘voluntary’ people become when you apply a blowtorch to their genitalia.

Thumper Thumper 8:36 am 17 Jan 08

So, if you convince this guy to ‘voluntarily’ give the money back, then all is sweet 😉

Proud Local Proud Local 10:15 pm 16 Jan 08

These are deemed to be “civil” matters. They have to take the offender to court themselves if they want justice as they voluntarily handed over their cash. It wasn’t taken off them or stolen. Fine line I realise but thats the law.

david_h david_h 6:34 pm 16 Jan 08

What kind of laws do we have. This idiot can get away with this with no problem from the authorities? Outragoues! Does anybody know why the police cant get involved. His clearly ‘stealing’ peoples money. Isnt that a crime? I eagerly await someones reply 🙂

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:42 pm 14 Jan 08

Don’t worry Thumper, at my ‘ripe old age’, I’m a grumpy old man too!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:42 pm 14 Jan 08

I blame hip-hop culture. Offenze, yo.

Thumper Thumper 8:16 am 14 Jan 08


‘Offence’, not ‘offense’ DMD 😉

Actually, it seems to me that the incorrect spelling of certain words is getting worse. I read the word ‘defence’ in the CT on the weekend as ‘defense’.

I must be a grumpy old man…

Proud Local Proud Local 10:52 pm 13 Jan 08

Yeah its weird though! These lunatics always seem to drive quite normally when I’m in the blue n white mobile. Then I drive home from a long shift and every second driver is doing something moronic.


Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:03 pm 13 Jan 08

Punching salesmen is never a serious violent offense, it’s a civil duty.

ant ant 9:54 pm 12 Jan 08

It’s a worry that policing is become a “by the numbers” excercise. It’s a shame. although from what I’ve observed in Canberra, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Lunatics behaving like psycopaths on the roads, and they get away with it…. unless they go a few KMs too fast, of course!

Proud Local Proud Local 7:42 pm 12 Jan 08

Hey don’t I know it! I am actually “proud” of my lousy arrest statistics. Call me old fashioned but I don’t think pure arrests give an accurate figure in policing. I could go out and find someone to arrest most shifts for relatively minor offensives, drunk in public being the most obvious one and look great in management but in reality I would not be “cleaning up the streets”, just looking for trouble.

It can be frustrating working in a culture where someone that has high arrest statistics is deemed to be doing a better job then someone that does not. I’m more inclined to make sure rowdy drunks, people peeing in public or people involved in minor fights jump in a taxi and go home for the evening rather then spending the night in the City Watch House.

Although for serious violent offenses I give no quarter…

Mælinar Mælinar 1:56 pm 11 Jan 08

Derek’s don’t run !

Thumper Thumper 1:43 pm 11 Jan 08

Yeah, they stole my ideas..

or was that my brain…

S4anta S4anta 12:57 pm 11 Jan 08

shouldnt that read no-idea generation Mael?

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