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Beyond the expected

ACT Govt issues warning about a dodgy tradesman

By jennybel75 - 9 January 2008 55

Just found this report on Yahoo news about Simon Corbell making a public statement to people to avoid using this fencing business (Premier Fencing) run by a Mr Wayne Kelly. A fairly unusual step for the govt to take, although I do seem to recall a similar warning about another tradie a couple of years ago.

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
ACT Govt issues warning about a dodgy tradesman
VYBerlinaV8 5:46 pm 09 Jan 08

Head: “Cops will bust me because it’s easier than chasing people who mug old ladies, break into homes, steal cars and/or kill people.”

Deadmandrinking 5:37 pm 09 Jan 08

Heart: “Collar him when he drops and give him a few more, just for the satisfaction.”

Mr Evil 5:22 pm 09 Jan 08

Head: “Drop him – one punch should do it.”

Heart: “No, don’t hurt him; I’m sure he’s a lovely person just trying to earn a living.”

Deadmandrinking 5:13 pm 09 Jan 08

I am, it still seems logical.

Mr Evil 5:07 pm 09 Jan 08

DMD, think with your head, not your heart. 🙂

Deadmandrinking 4:59 pm 09 Jan 08

So i should of punched him in the face then? I knew it! I so wanted to!

Mr Evil 4:48 pm 09 Jan 08

DMD, most of those street number painters aren’t legit. They just pop down to the local hardware store, buy a can of paint, make up some templates, and annoy the crap out of the neighbourhood.

Six weeks later, you can hardly read the numbers.

Deadmandrinking 4:29 pm 09 Jan 08

Does anyone get pissed off with the door to door street-number painters? I encountered a rather aggressive one, who, when I told him that I wasn’t going to hire his services as it was a rented house and I’m not interested in giving dodgy f-k’s twenty bucks before they perform a service, started to argue with me. That’s kind of okay, once, but when I’m standing at my doorway, being cut-off over and over by ‘I done it last time’, well, you’re gonna get a door slammed in your face – which he did.

Someone should teach these possibly dodgy door-to-door tradesmen some salesmanship.

Mr Evil 4:12 pm 09 Jan 08

He should have a rough sawn fence pailing wedge in his lower bowel, until such time as he coughs up the cash!

Deano 4:04 pm 09 Jan 08

From the Fair Trading media release:

“In six of the Court cases the OFT was successful. In the remaining case no defence has been received.

The cases total an amount in excess of $17,000. “Mr Kelly had been asked numerous times by my Office to return moneys owed to consumers and to make good any incomplete or sub-standard work he had begun. He failed to do so.

So you can rip off consumers in the ACT, be taken to court and the worst that will happen is the Office of Fair Trading will ask you to please return the money. When that fails the only step left is for the Minister to issue a media release calling you an unreliable tradesman.

Toothless tiger anyone?

Typsy McStaggers 3:46 pm 09 Jan 08

We pesky pirates are at again, although we call it sword-fighting instead

Skidbladnir 3:07 pm 09 Jan 08

This one is actually a followup and pursuit on the 2005 case, he was required then to pay back deposits and compensate people whose premises he did damaging works to or cease trading, but didn’t bother to comply with the ruling.
So, they’re setting the public warning media release on him as its their last resort\final option.

Pandy 2:57 pm 09 Jan 08

Another Kelly bandit. No doubt we will be singing his praises before long for having been placed under the jack-boot of Corbell

S4anta 2:42 pm 09 Jan 08

Fencing and roof repairs tend to be a minefield for folks. Be aware that these industries do not need any formalised licensing or quals, so they tend to be fly by nighters. However there are a number of reputible people out there doing this thing, so please do not paint them all with the same brush (mission brown).
For fences, Galland fencing, no messing around, a good price, and they seem to respect your plants near the fence you are reparing.

Jonathon Reynolds 2:29 pm 09 Jan 08
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