ACT losing nurses

Kerces 21 August 2005 4

Early on Saturday morning I heard this story on the radio. The Opposition has accused the ACT Government of not doing enough to keep nurses in our hospitals.

New RiotACT poster Simon Corbell says it’s not a cause for concern, but Brendan Smyth says there should be an “urgent” investigation into the matter.

And the reason why this story caught my attention was this golden quote from Mr Corbell:

Health Minister Simon Corbell says he is powerless to stop nurses ageing and retiring from the workforce.

As are the rest of us, Simon…

UPDATE The Government has now told the ABC that they are working to boost nursing numbers and that Canberra nurses are among the best paid in the country.

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4 Responses to ACT losing nurses
steveu steveu 1:28 pm 07 Oct 12

Federalise the health system, take the funding from the states and territories, and hopefully the Feds will do a better job than the states and territories have. I thought that was one of the things Kevin 07 was looking into when he was elected?

Not_happy Not_happy 4:07 am 07 Oct 12

So many of us ex tch nurses, are today in other jobs, and we sit and wait quietly for the day, when justice prevails. We sit quietly, because we know what happens to us, when we try to speak out. She has it all wrapped up. Every move is in check, and every pawn is placed carefully, so nobody can move anywhere.

Bodhichitta Bodhichitta 1:59 pm 22 Aug 05

My partner is a nurse in the ACT and the conditions she has to work under are abysmal…she is even in what would likely be considered one of the “cushier” jobs.
She and most of her collegues often talk of leaving and yet none of it is taken seriously and conditions do not improve.
They will very soon lose yet another nurse and will likely sit there scratching thier collective noggins wondering why another good worker has given up in disgust.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:21 pm 21 Aug 05

Brendan seems to be telling us that the nurses retiring are level 1 nurses who are young, recent graduates, and so they aren’t going to retire due to old age just yet.

I take it from “among the best paid in the country” that the government has no intention of raising salaries. Funny how it shifts from “Simon” to “The Government” once money gets mentioned.

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