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ACT Paintball law changes – 15 Jan 09

kieran AP 8 January 2009 5

For those who aren’t interested, no one is forcing you to read this 🙂

For those who are, here is a quick update on the change in ACT Firearms legislation (incorporating paintball) coming into effect on Jan 15.

    1. 16+ can play with ‘Responsible Adult’ consent. The AFP are still confirming the details of the consent form. Once it is finalised I will post it on my website for downloading.

    2. Marker ownership will be legal. You need to:
    a. Have your ACT or equivalent Cat A license.
    b. have participated in a minimum of 4 tournaments (includes retrospective tourneys).
    c. Complete a Permit to Acquire (PTA) and wait your 28 days. PTA from AFP Firearms Registrar in Belconnen.

    3. Interstate (or other jurisdiction) Cat A equivalent marker ownership will be recognised. Note: this does not include non CAT A permits such as NSW.

All the detail for the new legislation is at and the old legislation is there in the links…

****Getting your Cat A license.*** I have arranged with Bevan from Fyshwick Firearms to run paintball specific Category A license courses on the first Tuesday of the next 2 months (Feb and Mar) and then will run others depending on demand. Courses will cost $82.50 each and will be held from 5.45pm to 10pm at Mitchell. He is a big supporter of all things firearms related in the ACT and is running this course at cost so lets try and support him. You need to book through ME and we need at least 10 to run a course and there is a max of 20 for each session.

You can email me or ring me to book. I will be updating my site as I know more.


Kieran AP


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5 Responses to ACT Paintball law changes – 15 Jan 09
kieran AP kieran AP 8:37 pm 08 Jan 09

Paintball is being treated in the ACT as a Category A firearm category. Notwithstanding the (lack of) logic of this approach, that is the law as it is being introduced.

So in order to own a marker, you must meet the same conditions as a standard Cat A.

This includes:
1. Cat A course. I have put forward the position to the AFP that paintball marker safety is entirely different to the ‘standard’ Cat A consideration that would apply to a rifle or shotgun. This advice was ignored. As a compromise, as discussed, I have arranged with an ACT accredited Firearms licensing officer (Bevan) to run a specific paintball oriented Cat A course that will address paintball in addition to the standard Cat A requirements. This course will include the requirement for wearing goggles, barrel plugs and socks, marker transportation and HPA and CO2.
Note: No matter whether or not you do a ‘standard’ Cat A course or the modified paintball one, you will receive a Cat A license that means you can then get a PTA for ANY Cat A firearm.
2. Qualifying requirement. For ALL Cat A firearms, there is a qualification requirement. For some firearms it is 4 range shoots a year. Paintball has a 4 tournament period before applying for a PTA. Adventure Paintball will be running a 5 event Tournament Series Feb/Mar 09.
3. Storage and transportation. As markers are consdiered the same as other Cat A firearms they will need to be stored/transported in the same manner.
4. You need to complete a PTA for all Cat A firearms, including markers.
5. Somewhere in that process there is also a Police Check.

If you really want to play tournaments with your own marker and you live in the ACT then these are the rules. No ACT Cat A, no marker!


Kieran AP

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 5:34 pm 08 Jan 09

Hey all,
as it stands at the moment paintball players can not own or store their own markers, all markers need to be owned and registered to a field.

Also the current legislation does not allow interstate visitors who are licensed in their own state to travel within the ACT with their Marker.

So what should change is that personal ownership is available and interstate players with markers will be allowed meaning the ‘sport’ as a whole should be able to grow within the ACT.

And as it is for people using markers outside registered fields, the requirement to get licensed, play a minimum of four tournaments and also purchase the equipment, I don’t think that anyone who is willing to go through all this effort would be dumb enough to break the law.

p1 p1 3:17 pm 08 Jan 09

Would be kind of crazy if you could have a cupboard full of rifles and shotguns, but not keep a paintball “marker” at home.

On the other hand, since most owners probably won’t have guns at home, and there would be a legitimate fear they would be used outside of a paintball competition, I can understand if that was a rule. Can anyone clarify it?

wot said fred wot said fred 11:53 am 08 Jan 09

hopefully this was a vicitory for common sense and the coppers/regulation makers decided that if one can keep rifles at home in approved storage, a paintball marker could also be kept that way

PsydFX PsydFX 11:11 am 08 Jan 09

I just had a look at the link and I may have missed something, but it kind of appears that Paintball markers can be kept on the property of the licensed owner.

I thought the new legislation called for all privately owned markers to be kept at an approved range?

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