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ACT Paintball legislation – update

kieran AP 24 April 2008 5

For those who are interested in paintball in the ACT, here is an update. If you aren’t interested I’m sure you have better things to do with your time….

An amendment to the ACT Firearms legislation was introduced to ACT Parliament on 10 April 08. Paintball legislation is included in the amendment. The proposed paintball changes are:
1. personal ownership of markers will be permitted in the ACT with significant conditions, and
2. legislated ownership in other jurisdictions to be recognised in the ACT.

At this stage there is no provision for the reduction in the participation age of paintball.

The legislation will now be subject to the machinery of government and will hopefully be passed in the next few months…if successful, the changes in legislation will bring us largely in line with the rest of Australia, however,

we will still have the most restrictive paintball legislation in Oz, especially in terms of participation age. You can play paintball in WA at 12 but you need to be 18 in the ACT. Go figure…

(asbestos suit on) cheers… Kieran AP

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5 Responses to ACT Paintball legislation – update
benno1 benno1 6:44 pm 14 May 08

Sounds like you used to enjoy your bush ball Maelinar..You should give Sup-Air tournament style a go with the laterst elecronic markers (If you havnt already…).

Good work Kieran on pushing to get this legislation passed, its about time we were allowed the same rights as if we lived in QBN or Jerra concerning our chosen sport.

The age laws are a good thing though, sends more business out to Predator as its in NSW and allowed to let 16yr olds play 😉

Mælinar Mælinar 12:52 pm 24 Apr 08

I no longer have my Sterling, with rifled barrel and wellington plug modifications.

If one pump gun was ever to be crown the king of pumps it is with out a shadow of a doubt the Sterling. It’s domination of the pump scene carried on well into the semi era with teams not willing to drop them. If you’re looking for a pump gun to play with the Sterling should be your first choice.

The true benefits of a Sterling is it’ll push paint 20-30m further than a semi, and can put a paintball through a lockwood padlock ring at 40m before you have to start aiming off. With the wellington plug, its as fast as a semi (the plug simply prevents more than 1 ball falling into the chamber every time you cock the marker).

For when I wanted to play with a challenge, I’d use my Spyder with a silencer. A crap marker, but when you don’t know where the balls are coming from, you have another advantage.

Thumper Thumper 12:19 pm 24 Apr 08

Why? Have they banned carrying cards in public?

caf caf 12:12 pm 24 Apr 08

If only the ACT’s recreational poker players were as good at lobbying as the paintballers.

kevn kevn 9:55 am 24 Apr 08

This seems good. I remember when I went and was talking to the owners that the rules were pretty ridiculous regarding ownership.

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