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Deano 1 February 2007 19

The Australian Electoral Commission’s annual list of political donations was released this morning. The prominent donations for the ACT’s politicians were:


  • M/- T Poulis – $6,500.00
  • The Village Building Co Limited – $4,920.00
  • J S O’Connor, Harris & Co – $2,980.00
  • Westpac – $2,750.00
  • Business Industry Confederation – $2,670.00
  • National Australia Bank – $2,500.00
  • Australian Private Hospitals – $2,420.00
  • Consolidated Builders -$2,420.00
  • DSICA – $2,420.00
  • John Hindmarsh Pty Ltd – $2,420.00
  • M/- N Lourandos – $2,420.00
  • Macquarie Bank – $2,420.00
  • Pharmacy Guild of Australia – $2,420.00
  • M/- G Commisso – $1,750.00

Other Receipts

  • CDM Pty Ltd – $152,014.88
  • Frogtech – $51,079.44

Total receipts: $233,061.00


  • Canberra Labour Club Group Ltd – $385,923.30
  • Macquarie Bank – $1499.00

Other Receipts

  • National Australia Bank – $24,005.47
  • SDA – $10,263.00
  • TWU – $7,598.04
  • LHMU – $7,108.84
  • CFMEU – $5,497.55
  • AMWU – $3,171.27
  • HSUA – $2,086.81
  • NUW – $1,744.71

Total receipts: $700,594.81

ACT Greens
No donations or receipts over $1,500.00.

Total Receipts: $52,460.00

Australia Democrats
No donations or receipts over $1,500.00.

Total Receipts $2,078.98

Socialist Alliance
No donations or receipts or $1,500.

Total Receipts: $963.26

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19 Responses to ACT Political Donations
bonfire bonfire 11:34 am 06 Feb 07

“The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits (largess.)”


Two of clubs Two of clubs 4:36 pm 02 Feb 07

interesting that macquarie bank and NAB feel they have to hedge their bets by donating to both major parties

Heh, yeah and the NAB have made it pretty clear who they like best… (on the mad assumption that what AEC lists as the National Bank of Australia and the National Australia Bank are one and the same).

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:30 pm 02 Feb 07

I have a few flights cancelled out from beneath me by QANTAS, but I’ve never had an upgrade!

ozmreeee ozmreeee 2:12 pm 02 Feb 07

In the interests of balanced reporting, here’s Richard Mulcahy’s Response in today’s Crikey:

‘ACT Shadow Treasurer Richard Mulcahy writes: Re. “Back Scratching Dept.” (yesterday, item 9). Your item about my welcoming plans to preserve employment following the QANTAS takeover implies something sinister in my support for that position. You might care to also note that I have made encouraging comments about Virgin Blue – and no, they don’t donate to my campaigns. Neither in fact does QANTAS. I simply made a declaration assigning a value to a flight upgrade and used retail values lest it might be suggested that I overlooked a benefit. Numerous politicians declare flight upgrades – I took the step of attaching a value. I have never received any financial support from QANTAS.’

simto simto 1:44 pm 02 Feb 07

Gosh, I’ve never heard of jimbocool or assailant before today, yet they’re both mysteriously making exactly the same point. I wonder what that could mean…

assailant assailant 1:10 pm 02 Feb 07

I think the point that needs to be made here is that clearly the Labor party relies on Union fees and money from the pokies… at the very least, the Libs seem to actually have donations made from actual people and businesses in the ACT…
Nice to know that Stanhope is basically bankrolled by his own constituents problems… be nice if he put some money into it!

Sammy Sammy 1:09 pm 02 Feb 07

Interesting that an IT consultancy has so much money to throw at the local libs

That is rent for their premises, which is owned by the Liberal Party.

jimbocool jimbocool 11:11 am 02 Feb 07

Actually the money from the IT firm is rent from the Libs’ commercial property – that’s why it’s under ‘receipts’ rather than ‘donations’ – nothing sinister there, unlike the truly scandalous “donations” from the Labor Club pokies.

emd emd 11:11 am 02 Feb 07

Banks have always hedged their bets. Just look at the federal version of party donations for proof. Only difference is that they usually give much less to minor parties than Govt & Opposition.

johnboy johnboy 10:43 am 02 Feb 07

Interesting that an IT consultancy has so much money to throw at the local libs.

A good word put in for a contract with the Federales?

Libs would be screwed if that one hadn’t come in.

Jazz Jazz 10:39 am 02 Feb 07

interesting that macquarie bank and NAB feel they have to hedge their bets by donating to both major parties

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:55 am 02 Feb 07

Yes, but Crikey obviously don’t have a problem with my union fees being given to Labor or the fact that income from gambling is helping to prop them up either!

ozmreeee ozmreeee 9:45 am 02 Feb 07

Interesting article in yesterday’s Crikey about Richard Mulcahy’s praise for QANTAS on the the ACT Libs website website

… “Qantas is a major employer in Canberra. It is an Australian icon and provides a vital service and contribution to the economy of the ACT. Qantas deserves praise for its continued presence in the ACT and for the quality service that it provides,” Mr Mulcahy said….

and the donation from QANTAS ($2,550) Mulcahy declared in his 2004/05 annual return to AEC (submitted in October 2005) on his 2004/05.

Damned unprofessional of Crikey to infer that the two are in any way linked. Bloody trial by coincidence if you ask me 🙂

simto simto 9:17 am 02 Feb 07

Having looked at the whole list, Fred Nile’s even more in desparate need of dosh – his total donations were only $7.

Why, you’d almsot think that the importance of Christian Fundamentalists in politics has been wildly overstated…

Maelinar Maelinar 8:54 am 02 Feb 07

Can Thumpers mountain climb be a fundraiser for the Socialists ?

I think they might need some help…

jemmy jemmy 8:54 am 02 Feb 07

Makes sense, thanks.

Sammy Sammy 7:53 am 02 Feb 07

I would say they had a fundraising dinner, and that was the price per table.

jemmy jemmy 11:31 pm 01 Feb 07

What’s this $2,420 that keeps popping up for the Libs? Some sort of creative accounting to keep it below a limit?

miz miz 10:48 pm 01 Feb 07

Don’t Labor like rounding??!

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