ACT Revenue ‘hacked’ my bank account?

BundahBoy 27 June 2010 25

Perhaps im being over sensetive here, but when I went to pay for an overseas trip with my girlfriend on Friday I couldnt help notice that my bank account was completely empty. Funny, I got paid Thursday so I should have had enough to cover the 1700 for the trip. To my shock a withdrawal from my account for $2,287.34 had been taken ‘by cheque’ from the good people at ACT Revenue. I never even got a bill.

Now im broke, its Sunday and I cant do much about it until open doors Monday. I’ve exhausted every avenue to send accusatory bureaucratic emails so I thought I would post this to sound out if this has happen to anyone else and what you think the f*@k is going on?

I’m no lawyer, but Im pretty sure its against some law if the ACT Govt withdraws money on your behalf without authourisation, right? More worrying is how the hell they got my bank details or how did CPS let them slip off with a couple of my Gs?

As a rate payer every experience I have had with ACT Revenue has been like going to the dentist: painful and expensive. Certain individuals I have spoken to about land taxes and the like have bordered on threatening. Must be an exciting work place to produce such stress but is this their weird way of letting me know who is boss?

Anyways I’ve got to go and face an angry partner to let her know we may lose our deposit as the trip is due to be paid Monday. Fat chance of that and thanks ACT Revenue for putting me firmly in the poo.

Thoughts please.

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25 Responses to ACT Revenue ‘hacked’ my bank account?
p1 p1 9:34 am 30 Jun 10

This was several years ago now. I seem to recall that there was no information simply available, and in order to investigate further we would have had to pay a substantial fee…

So we very carefully didn’t spend the money for six months or so, in case they wanted it back, then kept it.

OzChick OzChick 12:06 am 30 Jun 10

^ Interesting. You could have asked them for a copy of the deposit slip to see who deposited it. The depositor may have signed it.

p1 p1 7:22 pm 29 Jun 10

I had two random cheques deposited into my cps account totalling over a grand once. Had no idea where from. Asked CPS to look into it, and they said it seemed like a perfectly correct transaction. Whoever it was obviously didn’t need it much, cause they never asked for it back.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 5:59 pm 29 Jun 10

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs…

BundahBoy BundahBoy 12:35 pm 29 Jun 10

I say no to drugs but they dont listen…

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:49 am 29 Jun 10

I just re-read the OP and it all makes sense now. CPS. There can surely not be a more incompetent bunch of feral douche-bags in the banking and finance sector.

I have had two dealings with these jokers over the years – both with respect to car loans and both times they repeatedly completely screwed up payments.

Glad to see that this got sorted out for you.

sirocco sirocco 9:38 am 29 Jun 10

“most of it I spent on hookers and cocaine your honour, the rest.. I just wasted”. 🙂

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 8:31 am 29 Jun 10

Sounds like an excuse; you spent it all in a drug haze, didn’t you?!?

BundahBoy BundahBoy 11:42 pm 28 Jun 10

Snap! vg, are you a lawyer?

All resolved, the bank was high on crack and paid someone strangers debt from the wrong persons account (mine). Money returned. thanks all for your input.

OzChick OzChick 9:11 pm 28 Jun 10

^ I reckon. I do not think ACT Revenue would take your money out for no reason.

54-11 54-11 8:25 pm 28 Jun 10

C’mon BundahBoy, don’t keep us in suspense.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 7:54 am 28 Jun 10

Keep us updated, this is a doozy!

vg vg 8:46 pm 27 Jun 10

You said this:

“Anyway if I had been in such debt I would have to be served with a summons and deemed to pay the outstanding amount by a court of law. “

But you also said:

“I’m no lawyer”

One statement is correct, the other incorrect

BundahBoy BundahBoy 8:39 pm 27 Jun 10

Thanks all, good possible suggestions and I should be able to work this out tomorrow.

Woody Mann-Caruso–Court order requiring the bank to issue a bank cheque drawn on your account to cover an outstanding debt?–

Im up to date on land tax and stamp duty. Anyway if I had been in such debt I would have to be served with a summons and deemed to pay the outstanding amount by a court of law.

Eby–That doesn’t seem right to me…. Unless you previously authorised them to direct debit any due payments from your account, rather than receiving a bill in the mail?–

Sounds like thats whats going on but I havent set up Direct Debit. Besides, its a ‘cheque’ withdrawal so im stumped.

Cheers again,


Mr Evil Mr Evil 7:26 pm 27 Jun 10

Of course they’ve hacked your account. It’s the only obvious answer!

More likely scenario is that someone at your bank has effed up.

toriness toriness 6:13 pm 27 Jun 10

contact your bank and tell them there is an unauthorised transaction on your account?

vg vg 3:28 pm 27 Jun 10

Don’t pay your bills and don’t read your arrangements properly. Welcome to 1st Grade

itsallme itsallme 2:46 pm 27 Jun 10

Did you happen to get a first home owner’s grant recently?

If so see:

Skip straight to Part 4 section 49A. Interesting reading I think, ACT Revenue can require a bank to hand over your money out of your account without even first proving the debt.

bd84 bd84 12:49 pm 27 Jun 10

If it was a cheque, someone must have written one to them from your account, does the girlfriend have access? The only other way a payment could be made is if you’ve set up a direct debit with them. The revenue office’s system had been known to have technical issues, a direct debit could have been done in error..

Otherwise check with your bank the “ACT revenue” description may be a con by someone else to rip you off.

PBO PBO 12:42 pm 27 Jun 10

Sounds like you have been garnished, and if you have moved in the last few years and not notified them, then you will find that they have probably contacted you and hence you have not replied. They then have the power to garnish your account if they have fulfilled their commitments.

I feel that this is the most likely scenario.

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