29 August 2010

ACT road planning

| grumpyrhonda
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Hi all

I’m wondering who do we contact to have a gripe about specific areas that are locally known to be ‘black spots’? I’d like to think that we, the general public can contact someone to have an assessment and possible upgrade.

The intersection of Hibberson Street and Hinder Street in Gungahlin is quite a nasty place. It really does need to have traffic lights. There have been numerous accidents there and I will travel out of my way to avoid having to use it.

Another terrible place is the section of road on Gundaroo Road in Gungahlin.

The specific section of road I am thinking about begins at the lights of the intersection of Gundaroo Road and Gungahlin Drive and continues up to Ginn Street. As you travel north on this road, directly after the traffic lights, it ‘forms one lane’ and also has a stupid dog leg in it. People rush to get through the traffic lights, only to have to brake suddenly to form one lane and cope with the dog leg. On top of that, there is the round about at Ginn Street where people often turn off to get to the service stations or Waves Car Wash.

Surely I’m not the only one who knows how dangerous these places are? Too many mentions are made about speeding, mobile phones while driving and drink driving. It’s time to mention the poor planning. Do you remember when the intersection of Gundaroo Road and Gungahlin Drive was a round about? They had barely completed the round about when they realised that it wasn’t going to cope with the amount of traffic. Poor planning. Just like the GDE. It should have been duel carriageway from the beginning but short sightedness and poor planning struck once again.

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Gungahlin Al9:36 am 30 Aug 10

The Hibberson Hinder intersection is a well-known issue that the Gungahlin Community Council has been pursuing a solution for over the last 2 years. Tony Gill had some changes made to the signage and linemarking, but we have made it clear that this has had little impact.

I’ve asked for a mini-roundabout there, as the intersection has ample space for this, and Tony has agreed to investigate this – however this was some months ago, and I will chase him up for progress.

This is only a temporary solution, pending finalisation of the Gungahlin town centre traffic study by ACTPLA, which seems to have been in limbo land for many months every since the wonderful project officer Jason Forrest moved on. We hope that this study will lead to a shared zone through Hibberson (think Childers St at ANU) to throttle it down to destination traffic, and instead pushes through traffic around the town centre.

Eyeofthetiger10:17 pm 29 Aug 10

One thing that irritates me and would like to get fixed is those new (relatively new) bridges on Fairbairn Ave, through Campbell. The ones with the sides made of the frosted glass panels on an angle?
Drive through there about 9am or 4pm and you get bloody blinded by the sun reflecting straight into your eyes with a strobe effect to it. Dangerous and bloody annoying if you ask me!

Don’t be silly, the Government doesn’t believe in planning anything. That would be too smart for them.

moderatevoice7:22 pm 29 Aug 10

The problem is that Canberrans are a selfish lot and wouldn’t know how to drive on so called good roads. Better road manners, etiquette and a bit more consideration for other drivers wouldn’t go astray.

It amazes me when I read posts on this site and listen to talk back radio how it is always someone elses fault for poor infrastructure, lack of facilities or the driving habits of other drivers. I am also amazed at the ignorance of all road users (drivers, cyclists and pedestrians) of the Australian Road Rules. If more people raed and understood ALL the road rules then perhaps driving wouldn’t be the hassle that some people think it is. There may even be fewer accidents!!!

I totally agree with you, Grumpyrhonda. I also avoid the Hibberson/Hinder Street intersection if I can. Thanks for logging your complaint.

Funny you should mention this. I know someone whose car got totalled at that intersection recently. The car on the other side of the road failed to give way and hit a car travelling down Hibberson, pushing it into the cars on the other side of the intersection. Total write off.

Gundaroo Drive is in desperate need of duplication which would resolve the problems you described in the second point. In the last year in particular, it has become really busy and I make a point to avoid this road in peak periods.

54-11 said :

(c) they never have to live there.

Yup. Pity people buy them.

There are very few places in Canberra that are dangerous if you just drive sensibly. We need some patience pills or even a few foreberance suppositories instead of more fiddling with intersections.

farq, the crap roads were built by the developers because (a) they were allowed to, (b) it was cheaper and (c) they never have to live there.

Felix the Cat3:46 pm 29 Aug 10

I agree that the Gundaroo Dr bit with the dogleg is a complete sh!tfight, not helped by arrogant and incompetent drivers. It should be two lanes all the way to Horse Park Dr. It’s also a sh!tfight trying to turn right out of the Woolies servo and go back up to the GTC. Better off to turn left and then right on the Gundaroo Dr roundabout and right again at the top and got to the GTC that way. It’s only going to get worse when the new school/TAFE/library opens

How come there are now traffic lights at that intersection just before the Fire Station and cop shop (turn right to Macca/Pizza/Video shops), wouldn’t a roundabout suffice? If anything, they should put traffic lights in at the top roundabout on Gundaroo Dr.

Poor planning….

When I have to make the dreaded trip out to the in-laws out in Gungahlin, I always wonder why the developers built the area with crap roads.

Most Gungahlin streets are barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other and include blind corners every 20metres. They are all cheap, nasty and dangerous.

I guess it’s all just part of living in the newer ‘aspirational’ suburbs of Canberra.

grumpyrhonda12:23 pm 29 Aug 10

Thanks for the information dvaey. I’ve been to the site and logged my complaints.

Theres a govco website setup for exactly this.. check out this RiotACT story for details.

AussieRodney10:34 am 29 Aug 10

While I totally agree with your opinion that the ACT Government seems to always do things by halves, remember that they also don’t have the population base to support the volume of funding that they would need to do things properly the first time.

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