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ACT women are the least fertile

By smokey2 - 18 October 2006 23

Article in the Tassie papers that declares ACT women are the least fertile in Australia.

(Stats No doubt helped by crazy chester)

While Tassie country girls are the most reproductive.

Hobart Mercury Link

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
ACT women are the least fertile
Ralph 6:44 am 19 Oct 06

Too many opinionated bints in this town. Blokes don’t like that.

However, the primary beneficiaries of feminism have been high status males. As female status has risen, the pool of men who come up to standard has shrunk increasing competition for high status males. At the same time new female freedoms have created new opportunities for illicit dalliances with the few males with sufficient status to interest them.

In economic terms, for high status males, the effective supply of substitute products has gone down while the effective supply of women in their immediate zones of activity has gone up.

So in simple terms, more educated sheilas price themselves out of the man market.

Pandy 11:15 pm 18 Oct 06

Yeah Sonic and Barr are doing their best to screw us over.

miz 9:30 pm 18 Oct 06

The stats are based on mothers giving birth HERE – but how many people come here with their kids in tow and aren’t on the stats? Personally, I have three children, none of which were born here therefore not reflected in these stats. I like many other Canberrans move away then return with children, as ‘Canberra’s a great place to raise your kids’ – or was . . .

ant 9:03 pm 18 Oct 06

It’s one of those strange things. More highly educated women breed less. Weird, innit?

Pandy 7:15 pm 18 Oct 06

It is all those two heads in Tassie.

What I want to knoww which state/territory puts out the most. That is way more important research.

Mr Evil 5:18 pm 18 Oct 06

No, I wasn’t aware of the “fagg” comment until after I’d posted that.

Anyway, I’ve got to go now, put my cardigan on and water my azaleas and african violets. 🙂

Mr_Shab 5:16 pm 18 Oct 06

Was that a cross reference to Chris calling you a “fagg”, Mr Evil.

barking toad 4:46 pm 18 Oct 06

probably slanted stats caused by 3rd generations of tassie boganettes having their first pregnancy at age 16 as they plot their lifestyle of welfare in the housing dept ghettos

or maybe there is an abundance of imeldas in canberra with three litre orgasmic contraceptive flushings

Mr Evil 4:45 pm 18 Oct 06

Another reason could be because Canberra men keep sticking it in the wrong hole?

snahon 4:33 pm 18 Oct 06

Pity I’m too lazy to go back packing through the Tassie country side 🙁

VYBerlinaV8 4:33 pm 18 Oct 06

I’d say Mr Evil has hit the nail on the head.

Head….hmmm…I’ll leave that one alone.

Mr Evil 4:23 pm 18 Oct 06

Maybe it’s because we don’t have so many bogans here having babies at 16?

Absent Diane 4:21 pm 18 Oct 06

I wonder if it has got to do with the number of wankers there are in this city… perhaps tassies fertility has got to do with the fact that they are less concerned about family members getting each other preggers…

FC 4:21 pm 18 Oct 06

I’m a bit worried about those Tasmanians reproducing too much….

VYBerlinaV8 4:14 pm 18 Oct 06


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