ACTEW management failures to see exodus of tradies?

johnboy 13 July 2009 10

The Canberra Times is having a fret over the dangers to Canberra’s ute driving classes should pesky planning controls delay the Cotter Dam expansion.

Chamber of Commerce boss Chris Peters says that with major construction work winding up in the Territory pesky community consultation and environmental concerns must be thrown to the wind in order to keep these precious assets from leaving for greener pastures:

    ”The risk for us is we will lose our tradespeople, particularly on the civil engineering side, who are very mobile. They’ll move wherever the work is.”

    Actew Corporation managing director Mark Sullivan has previously said the territory’s planning and approvals process had caused delays.

Given that ACTEW does most of its business here you’d like to think they’d get their heads around the planning and approvals process wouldn’t you?

While we’re on that process on Saturday ACTEW announced that they’ve lodged a Development Application to do the dam expansion.

Andrew Barr is also heralding the new step along the path.

The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) has announced that they have indeed taken delivery of the DA.

If you’re really interested there are dozens of documents online forming the application and if you want to comment you need to get your act together by 31 July.

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10 Responses to ACTEW management failures to see exodus of tradies?
54-11 54-11 8:47 pm 13 Jul 09

Chris Peters has once again demonstrated that there is an intellectual vacuum between his ears.

He says that we need to do the Cotter dam extension to retain tradesman, otherwise they’ll move away. What happens when when the dam is completed? They’ll move away?

Peters, you’re a dick – think logically about what you’re saying.

Another example of industry groups (the ever-hysterical Catherine Carter of the PCA is another example) expecting the government to solve their problems and keep the super-profits for their members flowing.

chewy14 chewy14 1:39 pm 13 Jul 09

Ha ha fair enough Deeza.

deezagood deezagood 1:30 pm 13 Jul 09

I never let research get in the way of a good rant Chewy 🙂 Cranky Monday ….

chewy14 chewy14 1:15 pm 13 Jul 09

they have formed an alliance as i mentioned above, go to the website.
Have you ever thought that having the same planning process for a major infrastructure project as for a small development is not a good idea?
Nice rant but i would do some research first.

deezagood deezagood 12:15 pm 13 Jul 09

Why does ACTEW keep doing this – trying to subvert the proper planning process and environmental site analysis??? The planning processes are there for a good reason and there should be NO exemptions for ANY project (however worthwhile). Poor planning/time management on ACTEW’s part does not constitute an urgent ‘fast track’ requirement for ACTPLA! And why on earth have the contracts already been awarded if the DA has not yet been approved FFS????? This is so typical.

androo androo 11:31 am 13 Jul 09

Storm in a teacup, or is that in a resevoir? Either way it’s a bit of hollow posturing and bluff to influence a faster approval process.

If these skilled workers are so mobile, then they’ll move back here when the dam construction begins. Pretty simple really. And given the companies involved in the construction, it’s not like they’re short of skilled staff on the books.

chewy14 chewy14 11:16 am 13 Jul 09

Quostatus, was it ACTEW or ACTEWAGL?
They are two different things you know.

quostatus quostatus 10:58 am 13 Jul 09

Perhaps management spent too much time organising the ACTEW function on Friday night – which featured Darryl Braithwaite, James Reyne and Ross Wilson – to worry about planning laws. Gotta love the use of taxpayer funds!!!

chewy14 chewy14 10:39 am 13 Jul 09

the contracts have already been awarded with an alliance formed:

However because it is an alliance, it means that it is very much in ACTEW’s interests to be able to find the skilled workers they need to build the dam and get it built as soon as possible.
The quicker and cheaper they build it, the more money they can make (take) off us.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 10:31 am 13 Jul 09

Surely we are not currently over-run with smart people who know how to build dams? I reckon a project like that will be tendered for by big constructuion comapnies – then it’s their problem in securing the workforce to complete the job.

A relative is sourcing staff in VIC for construction of their desal plant and for every skilled job is getting 10 applications – so I reckon we should be ok on the workers front Mr ACTEW….

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