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ACTION bunks off

By johnboy 20 September 2006 39

Bad luck for those relying on public transport, the ACTION drivers have had enough of their management and thrown a wildcat strike.

Samuel Gordon Stewart is explaining the strike in interminable detail.

So bus users, how has the strike impact you?

What’s Your opinion?

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ACTION bunks off
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VYBerlinaV8 8:32 am 22 Sep 06

Hey Bubzie – where I went to school kids wouldn’t have shown up for a month riding that one!

snahon 11:54 am 21 Sep 06

Geez Bubzie,

You could have gotten excellent mileage outta that one.

simto 11:49 am 21 Sep 06

That’s what I thought – so the airport shouldn’t be affected by the Action strike…

andy 11:33 am 21 Sep 06

simto, there is a single bus service out here.. run by the airport, it runs twice an hour..
and costs like 6$ a trip, or 3.50 per trip if you work at brindabella.

LIC 8:07 pm 20 Sep 06

I hope the government has the balls to have the full force of the law applied to the TWU and drivers. But no doubt some namby pamby settlement will be reached which protects the drivers interests with minimal if any gain for the commuter/taxpayer. (I speak from bitter experience here having had in a previous life dealings with the TWU and having been fucked over when things get too hot for the politicians and they inevitably go to water over taking a tough stand). I’m not bitter in hoping the TWU and drivers get the full workchoices consequences thrown at them. (not at all???)

I heard Zissler on the radio this afternoon, and his words weren’t exactly conciliatory, so I expect there’s still more to come.

vancouver 7:23 pm 20 Sep 06

I sympathise with the reasons for the strike, but if the drivers want public support for their fight, they shouldn’t inconvenience the very people who rely on them to get to either work or school. They could at least have given more notice.

schmerica_ 5:53 pm 20 Sep 06

The buses were on strike ? I really must live in my own little world – one where people drive cars.

ant 4:59 pm 20 Sep 06

The traffic around the airport area was worse this morning. Where Fairbairn meets Pialligo Ave, it was gridlocked both ways (those lights at Majura Road and the 2nd lot near the Duntroon playing fields caused that).

simto 4:41 pm 20 Sep 06

Well, that’s weird, since the busses don’t run to brindabella (or they didn’t, anyway – has that changed?)

andy 4:31 pm 20 Sep 06

i drove myself in my car to work at brindabella at 11am, where the car park actually seemed unusually empty.

bubzie 4:26 pm 20 Sep 06

I had to walk 7km to school..i win. I had to leave home at like 7:20, and got to school at about 8:45..

And yeah, i found out about the strike about 5mins after my mother took the car to work, damm.

And yeah, the bus not coming isnt a reasonable excuse for my school

bighead 3:57 pm 20 Sep 06

It was frustrating for most at school (I drive :D)

Its caused a bit of chaos today with people not able to get to school (thus resulting in absences which cannot be explained….bus not coming isnt a reason according to BSSS)

So im sure most students at schools today have had a hard time….thank god i got my liscence.

Indi 3:56 pm 20 Sep 06

bonfire – you’re going to love what I have to say…I am reliably informed that Mary Porter and Jacqui Burke (on occasion) use the bus either to go to work or when on ‘electorate duty’.

I look forward to the ceremonial dancing naked around a maypole!

simto 2:19 pm 20 Sep 06

I vaguely remember back in the 90’s there was a “strike” that involved not collecting fares (while continuing to offer the same services).

And whilst I’d doubt any MLA uses the bus (well, Foskey might for the cred, occasionally), they’ve probably got a PA or a family member who does. They don’t live in a completely isolated bubble, you know…

edlang 1:56 pm 20 Sep 06

I saw this notice in Woden at lunchtime. I’ve no idea when it was posted. Buses were operating normally by lunch, however…

bonfire 1:53 pm 20 Sep 06

i hope each driver does get fined 20k.

there was absolutely no notice.

remids me of the last days of the cain/kirner gummint.

action drivers shoudl be ashamed of themselves.

perhaps not collecting fares may affect the gummint more than inconveniencing people like me who chooses to use public transport on ideological grounds.

if any current member of the assembly has used an action bus to get to ‘work’ then id dance naked around a maypole.

OzChick 1:48 pm 20 Sep 06

I would rather that they continued working but didn’t take any fares.

Thumper 1:16 pm 20 Sep 06

One would suspect so K…

Kerces 1:10 pm 20 Sep 06

Luckily I read the paper this morning and managed not to skip over the rather small story saying there would be a strike and managed to arrange a lift.

It was unusual timing today; apparently starting at 6am and ending 8.30. One wonders if their middle fo the day strikes haven’t been causing enough inconvenience so they decided to step it up a notch.

Thumper 12:20 pm 20 Sep 06

I had to walk for 15 minutes!

It’s a disgrace!

oh hang on. I park at the Rex and walk 15 minutes every day.

Sorry ’bout that…

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