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ACTION fare increase – from 1 July 2010

By ML-585 9 June 2010 47

ACTION have today released details of their fare increases to take effect from 1 July 2010. (

Last year’s increase took many by surprise (, despite it being announced in the ACT Budget. This year there was no mention in the Budget and, so far, no media release from the ACT Government. So will the fare increase still come as a complete surprise on 1 July? More than likely.

The new fares are as follows:

Full fare (Adult )

  • Single trip  $4.00
  • Daily $7.60
  • Off-peak Daily $4.60
  • Faresaver 10 $25.20
  • Weekly $28.20
  • Monthly $92.50

Concession / Student

  • Single trip $2.00
  • Daily $3.80
  • Off-peak Daily $1.70
  • Faresaver 10 $12.60
  • Weekly $14.10
  • Monthly $46.25

Primary/Secondary School Student

  • Faresaver 10 $9.50
  • School Term $62.20

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
ACTION fare increase – from 1 July 2010
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ML-585 12:35 pm 24 Jun 10

smallfry said :

There’s no news on the ACTION website about MyWay, except those ominous words “watch this space”.

There is some information here:

What more do you want to know? You could also have a look at this forum (, but there’s not much more information.

smallfry 6:15 pm 21 Jun 10

There’s no news on the ACTION website about MyWay, except those ominous words “watch this space”. Has anyone heard anything?

ML-585 5:40 pm 20 Jun 10

Ryoma said :

As mentioned above, maybe one answer is to buy as many empty/blank monthly tickets as I can just before the price rise (although I’m sure they have thought about this, and that there will be a cut-off date in place, in which case the remaining tickets become worthless.

As also mentioned above, the tickets do not know what you paid to buy them: if buy a ticket (or 10) today, they will still work in 3 months time. (The tickets will not be any different between 30 June and 1 July, just their retail price.)

James-T-Kirk said :

When I was a youngster, the tickets were paper….. They don’t have anything printed on them saying that they are not valid…..

Should I start using the last book?

If you do have any paper fare-go tickets left over you have to taken them to an Interchange and get them replaced with a magnetic stripe ticket. Or else put them up for sale on e-bay and see what a collector will pay for them.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:20 pm 19 Jun 10

Zoning could work if it wasn’t geographical. Want to catch an express between town centres? Two bucks. Want to catch a non-express link from a town centre to a suburb? Three bucks. Want to catch an express from a town centre or other major centre (like Barton or Russell) to a suburb? Four bucks.

You could even number buses 2xx, 3xx and 4xx so you know how much it costs to catch them. With the new card system they’d just deduct the extra needed if you transfer – eg take a 300 (now the 200) from Woden to Civic ($2) then transfer to, say, the 64 to Monash (now the 364) (extra $1 – total $3). Just going from Woden to Monash? Still $3. The zones become temporal, because you’re paying for time, not distance. Intertown express is a zone, getting to the suburbs slowly is a zone, and getting to the suburbs quickly is a zone.

Maybe this would stop numpties from flagging down the 2xx buses every single f*cking morning near the Curtin turn-off and asking for the eleven thousandth f*cking time if they go straight to Civic because they don’t want to take a crowded 3xx, or having the express you absolutely have to take to get to your suburb drive past without picking you up because it’s full of people who just want to go to a town centre. They’d have a choice between just taking an intertown 200 and paying $2, or taking up scarce space on a suburban express 400 and paying $4 for the same trip.

Ryoma 5:26 pm 19 Jun 10

Fair enough, forget the zones. Geetee, thanks for the tip about zones, I think our usual version is more like “in the blue corner”…and so on 😉

geetee 7:51 pm 18 Jun 10

Ryoma said :

Good to see this pop up, as I’m in the doghouse today after having a fight with my wife over this very topic.

Take ACTION. Divorce her!

Ryoma said :

Maybe Canberra needs zones?

Sounds like you and the missus have already established zones. How is it working for u?

dvaey 7:43 pm 18 Jun 10

Ryoma said :

Maybe Canberra needs zones? (Cue rotten vegetables being thrown at me for raising something which exists in other cities)…

Youve obviously only lived in other cities, and not lived in Canberra very long. Canberra never used to have zones, then one day ACTION decided to bring in zoning. It lasted for all of about a day and a half before they acknowledged it just didnt work and soon changed back to the current flat-fare system.

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