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ACTION fare increase – from 1 July 2010

By ML-585 - 9 June 2010 47

ACTION have today released details of their fare increases to take effect from 1 July 2010. (

Last year’s increase took many by surprise (, despite it being announced in the ACT Budget. This year there was no mention in the Budget and, so far, no media release from the ACT Government. So will the fare increase still come as a complete surprise on 1 July? More than likely.

The new fares are as follows:

Full fare (Adult )

  • Single trip  $4.00
  • Daily $7.60
  • Off-peak Daily $4.60
  • Faresaver 10 $25.20
  • Weekly $28.20
  • Monthly $92.50

Concession / Student

  • Single trip $2.00
  • Daily $3.80
  • Off-peak Daily $1.70
  • Faresaver 10 $12.60
  • Weekly $14.10
  • Monthly $46.25

Primary/Secondary School Student

  • Faresaver 10 $9.50
  • School Term $62.20

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47 Responses to
ACTION fare increase – from 1 July 2010
paservank 8:47 am 10 Jun 10

I think the problem is not so much the small price increase, but rather the large absolute price!

Why would anyone want to catch the bus when for the same price they can drive whenever and wherever they want instead of waiting for an hour in the cold?!?!

Haven’t ACTION heard the old saying, “good, cheap, fast – pick any two”? Hell, they don’t even have ONE of those!!!

Blingerific 6:33 am 10 Jun 10

I never travel on the bus, but got the shuttle from the airport and then a bus to where I wanted to go,

So you never travel on the bus? Except for the times you travel on the bus? That’s very quantum of you I must say! Do you also own a cat that is both dead and alive?

cleo 1:05 am 10 Jun 10

I never travel on the bus, but got the shuttle from the airport and then a bus to where I wanted to go, I must admit the drivers were very pleasant, and I was offered help with my suitcase by the driver and then a young man, so I’m very surprised.

gooterz 10:25 pm 09 Jun 10

Wont they be changing again soon with the new ticket system.. Plus the cost of having a new ad campain to display the new ticket.

I’m still suprised you can’t purchase tickets from vending machines on the platforms!
In most major cities you catch a train and the ticket machine is right there!

pete74au 10:01 pm 09 Jun 10

Its amazing at the sustainable transport summit (joke) they claimed that by making Action bus fares ZERO they would increase patronage by 2% so the $60M a year we waste on buses will be used less than they are now.

Love this forward thinging in reverse.

bd84 9:11 pm 09 Jun 10

One way to make you feel better about driving to work

sepi 9:01 pm 09 Jun 10

Usually I try out the bus once in a blue moon when my car is in for a service, or I get the guilts about the environment. Every time it costs way more than I remember the last time, and that is just one more reason for me to resolve not to bother with it.

4.00 each way is 8.00 a day – compared to 10.00 a day parking, and getting to leave when I want to, not stand around freezing at the busstop, and stay seated all the way to work = ACTION is just not in the competition at the moment.

Blingerific 7:56 pm 09 Jun 10

Wow, my weekly trips to work will set me back a whole ‘nother 70cents huh? Well, that’s one less um, er, hmmm, yes well, not an impact…

Mr_Shab 7:11 pm 09 Jun 10

+1 WMC.

Srsly folks. Build a bridge. It’s still loads cheaper than driving (cue “but I have kids/I have to catch 87 buses/ACTION sucks/I’ll niver catch the loser cruiser/etc).

georgesgenitals 6:38 pm 09 Jun 10

I have to say, Woody, I really enjoy your angry, made up conversations.


Woody Mann-Caruso 5:51 pm 09 Jun 10

“I think I’ll try out the buses after using a car for ages!”
“That’ll be $4.”
“I thought it was $3.80?”
“No, it went up 20 cents.”

“How much for a single?”

Jesus you people stretch a long bow sometimes.

sepi 5:39 pm 09 Jun 10

That 4.00 single ticket is going to put people off who try out the buses after using a car for ages.
Meanwhile existing customers all use multi tix.
ACTION shoot themselves in the foot yet again.

trix 5:22 pm 09 Jun 10

So now it’s 50c -more- for a single trip than in LONDON, one of the most expensive cities in the world. If don’t pay cash and have a topped-up Oyster card, you pay the equivalent of $2.10 for a single trip, and a maximum cap of $6.80 for a day’s travel (on buses, tube is more). This is not including 7-day or monthly concessions. Way to encourage people on buses here in Canberra, eh?

I also don’t understand why the 10 ride ticket is so under-priced compared to a single ride. In most places, a 10 ride ticket gets you a couple of free journeys – it’s not nearly half-price. The big discounts are with the monthly passes.

Woody Mann-Caruso 4:37 pm 09 Jun 10

Yeah, that extra 70c on a Faresaver 10 will really break the bank.

LJLangford 4:25 pm 09 Jun 10

I can’t believe this. The government is raising prices on parking in the city to make parking more available and to provide more of an incentive for people to use public transport and then Action goes and raises it fares!!! The bus schedules are far from perfect and yet they want to force more people to use them and at a higher price. Am I missing something here?

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