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Advertise on this site!

By johnboy 22 November 2005 13

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed a slight modification to the google ads, which now proclaim “Advertise on this site” and link to a dedicated page for that purpose. At the moment with no competition it’s an absolute bargain to reach the eyeballs of a thousand Canberrans a day.

Now as I see it three sorts of people would want to pay for advertisements here (bearing in mind we have no editorial control over them).

1) People who just want to reach a smart and youngish bunch of Canberrans with an advertising campaign. Sure if you’ve got an event coming up you can run it as a story, but put it in as an ad and it stays at the top of the page as long as you’re paying.

2) People who just like what we do. I’m sure there’s some of you out there. The more money we have the better website we can run. If it really takes off we’ll be looking at paying for stories.

3) People who really hate us. For just a few dollars you can slag us off to your heart’s content without fear of the editorial delete button. You know you want to…

(Also, on the bottom of the far right bar there’s a button for joining up to google adsense. If you’ve got a site, and you’re thinking about getting ads in, then do it via that button and we’ll get $100 which we’ll split with you.)

UPDATED: Cost: Google ads work by auction, but if you don’t win you don’t pay. So follow the link, talk to google, and see how you go.

What’s Your opinion?

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Advertise on this site!
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johnboy 12:14 am 24 Nov 05

once you’ve got popups under control ad blocking is just freeloading IMHO.

Anyway defence block google ads, but the meter only ticks over when someone actually sees it.

Thanks T-Bone, much appreciated.

bonfire 12:08 pm 23 Nov 05

i like teh google ad thats just appeared:

I’m Better Than You
Unless You Make $3 Million Per Year, You Are a Total Loser

oh yeah, im gonna buy whatever hes flogging.

Absent Diane 10:39 am 23 Nov 05

I get it now!!!

bonfire 10:23 am 23 Nov 05

so how much for an ad that proposed banning recumbent cyclists ?

T_Bone 9:27 am 23 Nov 05

Good work johnboy. I will be sure to plug it to anyone I think might be interested in the space.

Blossy 9:09 am 23 Nov 05

I see them at home (Windows XP and whatever IE that it comes with), but not at work (IE v6).

jr 9:02 am 23 Nov 05

Which is the decent browser…. IE or Firefox? – dont see the ads in either.

johnboy 7:36 am 23 Nov 05

gee, dya think?

get a decent broiwser that blocks popups and stop freeloading.

jr 12:56 am 23 Nov 05

I can’t see the ads… maybe its because I have an ad blocker running?

johnboy 11:51 pm 22 Nov 05

it’s not that set in stone sam, we have no site specific advertising but we get paid (a couple of cents a day) for views.

anyway you can set maximums and see how you go. but it’s all in google’s hands so follow the links.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:47 pm 22 Nov 05

I believe that Google charge on a pay-per-view basis for ads that request listing on a particular site, and a pay-per-click basis for ads that automatically dragged out by Google.

johnboy 11:44 pm 22 Nov 05

talk to google, but in the absence of any other bidders right now we’re talking ten cents a click through bid i’d guess, with 4 or 5 clicks

chump change.

if bidding gets competitive we might have to arrange our own community ads section.

Absent Diane 11:42 pm 22 Nov 05


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