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Advice on living peacefully with heavy smoking neighbours?

By Queen_of_the_Bun 10 December 2013 24

I’m a non-smoker living in a low-level apartment complex. I’m on the ground floor and have a fellow non-smoking flatmate. Occasionally we have friends around who smoke outside, which makes it hard to complain about other smokers in the complex.

However, new people moved in upstairs about three months ago – two couples, with a toddler each. All four adults smoke heavily (eg from at least 7pm when I get home from work until midnight, and then again from 6am). That wouldn’t be so bad if they smoked together in the same location. However, the women smoke on their front balcony with the toddlers, while the men smoke out the back. I can’t have any windows and doors open as the smoke funnels straight downstairs.

I have no desire to make the complex non-smoking. I have nothing against social smoking and don’t want to have a society where smokers are confined to their bedrooms under a rug with a cigarette machine and a gun a la Denis Leary’s No Cure For Cancer routine.

Just need some advice on what would be a reasonable proposal to put to the neighbours. EG agreeing that they only smoke on one balcony? And I restrict my bad music choices to one side of the apartment?

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Advice on living peacefully with heavy smoking neighbours?
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zllauh 7:23 pm 21 Oct 15

pretty rough situation for you . Been through that , but luckily our neighbors shifted relieving us from the nicotine smoke .
one solution can be to turn into a smoker :p Just kidding.
goodluck mate

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 10:00 pm 10 Dec 13

Watson said :

Alderney said :

Watson said :

Alderney said :

There is no such thing as peaceful living with smokers (heavy or otherwise).

This is because smokers are self-centred arse wipes who not only expect you to pick up the tab for their future health care but couldn’t give a toss whether their smoking is impacting on your or anybody else’s enjoyment of your home.

Have a nice word to let them know the impact. Then take it up with the community association. Go to the CA armed with precedents.

If that doesn’t work, buy a smoke machine (one that stinks) and fill their flat with it. Maybe leave metho bottles around so it stinks out theirs. Host farting parties where all you guests stand outside farting. Ban your guests from smoking when they visit you.

The possibilities could be endless.

Just remember, if you’re smelling it you’re smoking it. It’s doing you damage.

Because judgemental a***holes like you are so much better to live with.

The whole basis of your retort is, in itself, judgemental. Pot, kettle, black (to paraphrase) comes to mind.

The dangers of passive smoking are fact. Your ignorance to this is astounding. Are you a climate change denier too?

Please pass on my warmest regards to Mr Abbott when you two next speak.

Because I don’t believe that people will drop dead from a waft of smoke on the balcony any sooner than if they only breath purified air smelling of roses I must be a climate denier AND an Abbott supporter. Quoting logic like that does not make me more likely to believe something because you say it is fact.

The effects of passive smoking are highly exaggerated but by the time that was formally proven by scientific research, politicians and health experts had gone too far in whipping up the hate for smokers to admit that they’d been wrong.

The studies are there. Spouses of chain smokers who smoke indoors inhale the equivalent of the smoke of 6 cigarettes a year for example. They got similar results in a study on planes where smoking was allowed. The increased risk of cardiovascular disease is negligible and they have never been able to prove a link between passive smoking and increased lung cancer risk in the first place.

Politicians and scientists do no like admitting they are wrong, especially if they were the drivers behind policies that then turn out to have no beneficial effect on anyone. I don’t expect someone like you to either. Because you get your believes from the mainstream media that twists facts any way they want to, you must surely have voted for Tony Abbott.

If you don’t like the smell of smoke coming in through your windows, explain this to your neighbours in a civil manner. But there is no reason to get hysterical about it (which the OP didn’t).

You have a source for any of that?

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 9:58 pm 10 Dec 13

gungsuperstar said :

I’ve never, every lived in a city where people are so interested in what other people are doing in their homes, and feel as though it’s their right to scold them for it.

Here’s some advice – mind your own business!

I know your type. “I don’t have a problem with smoking, but… I have a huge problem with these people smoking.”

If it wasn’t their smoking you’d be whinging about foot steps on the roof, or about loud music, or about their guests coming and going at times that don’t suit you.

This insistence on dictating people’s peaceful enjoyment of their own premises is undoubtedly Canberras worst quality.

Self entitled moron, huh?

As had been already mentioned, if you can smell it, then you are breathing it.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 9:55 pm 10 Dec 13

voytek3 said :

The ridiculously petty first world hilarious things that insular Canberra people complain about here always makes me laugh. “oh my god……..cigarettes……and around children too…..this must mean the end of the world?”

Same could be said for retards complaining about peeps driving the speed limit in the right hand lane, right?

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