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Ainslie Neglect Mother Bailed by the Supreme Court

By Headbonius - 15 August 2008 46

The Canberra Times today reports that Supreme Court Justice Refshauge after having listened to the cogent arguments by defence and prosecution for keeping the wayward mother in custody or releasing her has decided in his mercy to grant her bail.

Now this is the funny part… She has been released on the condition that one of her supporters has given her employment as a house cleaner!

I recall seeing some photos published in the paper of the state of her government provided home in Ainslie… Jeebus!

There were quite a few RA contributors who jumped on the “Support the Mother” campaign, now is your chance to offer some real support. Find out who has employed her and get her in to weave the same cleaning magic on your home as she did on her own. With her current drug test results being positive to Methamphetamine use I suggest you lock up your valuables and feel good about actually putting your money where your mouth is.

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
Ainslie Neglect Mother Bailed by the Supreme Court
Whatsup 11:57 am 15 Aug 08

OK, so here is a challenge.

There are people saying what shouldn’t be done for this woman. What can / should be done ? I put it out there for the RA brains trust to consider and respond in two ways.

1) What is needed ?
2) Who should pay for it ?

Thumper 11:53 am 15 Aug 08

Carney got fried badly in the end..


Fiona 11:51 am 15 Aug 08

@scootergal How many chances did Carney get? there must be some magic number here 🙂

scootergal 11:46 am 15 Aug 08

Without breaching confidentiality, I have to say I know alot aobut this case and situation. She has had support. Chances. Many many times.

Not good enough as far as I am concerned. HOw many times do we say “We’ll let you off this time, just don’t do it again”?

rosebud 11:45 am 15 Aug 08

Let me say it slowly for you: People helping people is a GOOD thing.

hk0reduck 11:33 am 15 Aug 08

Can anyone find her house on Google StreetView?

sepi 10:41 am 15 Aug 08

HB – you do realise that employing others to care for her kids is going to cost way more than paying her child benefits?

Thumper 10:20 am 15 Aug 08

Hung, drawn and quartered?

Nah, maybe a bit severe…

Whatsup 10:15 am 15 Aug 08

So what exactly would you suggest should happen to this woman ?

I think a detox program and some industrial strength mental help would be a good start, and yes I would be happy for my taxes to go towards this.

Headbonius 10:08 am 15 Aug 08

Yes Whatsup, your taxes should be used to help people. Equally people should not shit on you, me and every other tax payer by being provided a home at tax payer expense, child benefits at tax payer expense and then doing what this woman did. She needs help alright but no more at the tax payer expense.

Whatsup 10:03 am 15 Aug 08

I am one who think this woman needs some help. I also think she has proven that being out in the community isn’t working for her as she still has access to the drugs that are contributing to her problems.

I am already contributing to her getting help as I pay taxes to the government and expect my cash to be used to provide adequate resources and support people is such a situation as this one. When will the government put some more cash into addressing the Drug and Mental Health problems of our society ?

Headbonius 10:03 am 15 Aug 08

Sepi – Ahhh, I was wondering how long it would take……please. I must disagree with you. Gender makes not one iota of difference to me nor I suspect anyone else. On what do you base this observation?

People support all sorts of crazy things – just human nature I suppose. Either that or an excellent example of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

PLease let us know if you are staisfied with your house cleaning.

sepi 9:56 am 15 Aug 08

She can’t be all bad if she has all these supporters.

Everybody can clean up – many just choose not to. If she was a single father living in a mess people would probably feel sorry for her.

PBO 9:21 am 15 Aug 08

Is she being hired to clean up or clean out?

barking toad 9:16 am 15 Aug 08

Has Richard been tainted by Terrence? Or the bint?

Employment as a house cleaner – hahahahahahahahaha!

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