Ainslie Neglect Mother Bailed by the Supreme Court

Headbonius 15 August 2008 46

The Canberra Times today reports that Supreme Court Justice Refshauge after having listened to the cogent arguments by defence and prosecution for keeping the wayward mother in custody or releasing her has decided in his mercy to grant her bail.

Now this is the funny part… She has been released on the condition that one of her supporters has given her employment as a house cleaner!

I recall seeing some photos published in the paper of the state of her government provided home in Ainslie… Jeebus!

There were quite a few RA contributors who jumped on the “Support the Mother” campaign, now is your chance to offer some real support. Find out who has employed her and get her in to weave the same cleaning magic on your home as she did on her own. With her current drug test results being positive to Methamphetamine use I suggest you lock up your valuables and feel good about actually putting your money where your mouth is.

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46 Responses to Ainslie Neglect Mother Bailed by the Supreme Court
Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 9:15 pm 18 Aug 08

Journo’s might make a living out of publishing unfounded rumors to fuel speculation and grab attention, but that still doesn’t change Proud Local’s professional responsibility. Rumors such as this are likely to have come about during the course of his, or someone else in the AFP’s duties. They have a responsibility not to release information about a person without substantial evidence and then only within official media releases.

Before you start wailing about the individuals rights of police officers and freedom of speech, you should remember that information like this is kept private until an official media release is given for a reason. Police Officers deal with people’s lives. They usually only become involved at the lower point of those lives. Just like Doctors and their patients, police officers have a responsibility for the rights of an individual when dealing with the state or an organization. I’ve worked as a disability worker before and I have a responsibility not to identify clients and their conditions publicly. It may not be the most ‘serious’ job in the world, but I am still going to honor that responsibility.

Proud Local is effectively compromising this young man’s rights by spreading stories about this person that may be considered substantial due to his professional position, regardless if they are. This is a gross abuse of power, in my opinion. Not to mention, by making this information public (this is a public forum), he is potentially hindering investigations by other officers. I think Proud Local should seriously consider his comments and how they impact on him professionally. I wonder what the AFP would think if they saw this thread.

Granny Granny 2:02 am 17 Aug 08

Vic Bitterman said :

LOL at sepi. Canberra’s bleeding heart….. lol!

Sepi is awesome!

: )

Pandy Pandy 12:00 am 16 Aug 08

This woman is an oxygen thief. Please deny her oxygen.

Mælinar - *spoiler alert* I've seen S04E13 Mælinar - *spoiler alert* I've seen S04E13 9:52 pm 15 Aug 08

I dont consider the location where a rumour may have been heard to be that important really. This site is based upon the fundamental concept of bringing news to Canberrans – often what starts as a rumour ends up being a little more than an unsubstantiated opinion.

Pretty much the same thing that happens every day at any given journalists desk – they have to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I’m sure Proud Local will make his own assumptions as to when to post, rather than take guidance from any other poster.

Thumper Thumper 9:37 pm 15 Aug 08


I’ll check the rumours with a source close to the action, so to speak…

Whatsup Whatsup 9:22 pm 15 Aug 08

DMD: OK, you can have one of my nicer Christmas Cards then.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 9:12 pm 15 Aug 08

Whatsup said :

DMD: I think you’ve answered the first question of my “stupid” challenge. I know there are people out there who know more about this than I, so that was why I posed the questions…I might be tired and old but there isn’t much I can do about that.

Oh, and I haven’t taken offence so you are still on my Christmas card list 😉

I was actually referring to Headbonius’ challenge…

And Proud Local, I think the rumors should stay in the copper’s tea room until any evidence has surfaced.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:08 pm 15 Aug 08

LOL at sepi. Canberra’s bleeding heart….. lol!

Pontius Pilate Pontius Pilate 8:43 pm 15 Aug 08

yeah right!!

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 8:27 pm 15 Aug 08

sepi said :

But who will take on 4 kids.

Their fathers?

sepi sepi 6:03 pm 15 Aug 08

I am in favour of taking the kids away actually. Especially if she has had a lot of chances before, and hasn’t made any serious efforts to improve.

It is very sad to split up the kids though. And sad to keep taking them and giving them back. At some point there should be a permanent solution.

I was trying to point out that whinging about paying her child benefits was kind of missing the point – we are going to end up paying for these kids one way or another. There isn’t going to be some great saving by locking her up.

Headbonius Headbonius 6:02 pm 15 Aug 08

Whatsup wrote “OK, so here is a challenge.

There are people saying what shouldn’t be done for this woman. What can / should be done ? I put it out there for the RA brains trust to consider and respond in two ways.

1) What is needed ?
2) Who should pay for it ?”

OK as we are in an Olympic year and it is being held in China I wil answer your question in Chinese.

1) A bullet behind the right ear
2) The family

Proud Local Proud Local 5:28 pm 15 Aug 08

I heard a rumour that the person responsible for Clea Rose was boasting to his mates about stealing 3 cars last week. If true rehab, counseling and sympathy have done F-all to change his behaviour

Just a rumour……..

moosenator moosenator 5:21 pm 15 Aug 08

One can only hope that they will offer something resembling “rehab” in the new jail. I’ve had clients convey to me that the resources at Belconnen Remand Centre are sub par. This, I should point out is not a reflection on the Drug & Alcohol staff, but rather sparse funding from the ACT govt.

peterh peterh 5:15 pm 15 Aug 08

wait a minute, if she is sent into the new gaol, won’t the taxpayer be paying for her anyway?

maybe they should be offering rehab in the gaol.

(with the new sniffer dogs, perhaps it will be enforced rehab….)

vandam vandam 4:50 pm 15 Aug 08


Yes your correct it is going to cost more at the moment to look after these kids, but what about the long term costs. Do we leave them with their drugged f*** mother, in which case they will most likely follow suit or do we give them a chance to work for a living????

I spose you can always flip a coin, but as far as I’m concerned I’d rather the kids get taken off her and provided with a decent growing up period rather than a mother who’s wondering when her next hit is.

moosenator moosenator 4:16 pm 15 Aug 08

Hmmm….Justice Refshauge; Not a good start. Me thinks all his appeals on the grounds of manifest leniency look a little silly (granted there weren’t many). I wonder if he’ll be presiding over Adam Stewart’s (rapist) appeal.

Whatsup Whatsup 4:03 pm 15 Aug 08

DMD: I think you’ve answered the first question of my “stupid” challenge. I know there are people out there who know more about this than I, so that was why I posed the questions…I might be tired and old but there isn’t much I can do about that.

Oh, and I haven’t taken offence so you are still on my Christmas card list 😉

Loose Brown Loose Brown 2:22 pm 15 Aug 08

I disagree with the premise that she would not be a good cleaner.

Whacked up the gills she could go for hours and hours…

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:35 pm 15 Aug 08

My house is fine, thanks…well, for a house that’s about to be knocked down anyway. There is no way in the world I’m going to stop that floor from looking like it’s about to collapse.

Your challenge is also completely stupid, not offense to you personally. It’s a tactic often employed by the right here and it’s kind of tired and old. ‘You middle-class kids should get out and see the REAL WORLD that I see at Garema place on the way to the office. I was even burgled once! Blah blah blah’ . You live in Canberra HB, most people here are exposed to the same addicts and people with problems as you. Some just develop different opinions on how society should help these people.

Based on her previous record, I think there’s a chance this job will fall through. If it works out, however, then great – she might learn a thing or two. I don’t think prison is the answer either. She needs care, not just locking away.

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