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Airport Parking Price Hike

By fnaah - 5 October 2006 25

The Canberra International Airport will be increasing parking fees at Brindabella Business Park and Fairbairn on November 1.

The new fees were emailed to tenants and staff today. A cheery newsletter-like .pdf document informs us that the daily rate of $5 remains unchanged, but fees for weekly, monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly and annual parking permits are all going up.

Perhaps the new revenue is to be put towards solving the worsening traffic dilemma. With 3000 more staff due to move into Brindabella by the end of 2006, I’m sure we can expect the parking lots to be full before 8.30, and the cars bumper-to-bumper all the way back to Russell until 9.30. Huzzah.

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25 Responses to
Airport Parking Price Hike
Jazz 2:49 pm 06 Oct 06

macdonalds may not make a good burger, but what they do do is make it consistently and quickly.

as for starbucks maybe its the worlds best coffee, just ground badly, scalded with water that is too hot and filtered too quickly and hence the crappy stuff that comes out the other end. Great ingredients does not always make a great product.

bonfire 2:30 pm 06 Oct 06

that is because they are idiots

Joker 2:10 pm 06 Oct 06

I find it funny that people in the city line up like cattle to get a Starbucks ‘worlds best coffee’ when there are cafes in the area that make a better coffee in half the time.

VYBerlinaV8 11:45 am 06 Oct 06

Most well known brands are some type of marketing con. Does McDonalds really make a good burger? Does Krispy Kreme really do the best donuts ever? Does Starbucks make coffee worth going out of your way for? Doesn’t matter, they all have heaps of patronage – that’s the idea of marketing.

I make a point of ignoring marketing. But then, I buy very little. When I do buy I buy what I want.

bonfire 10:29 am 06 Oct 06

well idiots that have to drink starbucks and eat jesters pois to feel fulfilled deserve to be ripped off further by mr snow.

why not try a local pastry chefs wares ?

plenty of cafes in town that serve coffee in actual cups, not paper cups, and they will bring it to your table.

starbucks sucks arse.

i cannot believe people think going to starbucks is somehow ‘cool’.

its a marketing con.

the whole brand depot concept is designed to appeal to idiots who feel they can ‘trust’ brands.

LG 9:51 am 06 Oct 06

simbo – went with a group last weekend. only one person bought something (out of the need to actually buy something for all the effort) – he could have got the same thing in the normal shop for the same price.

From what I saw – lots of people were wondering around to have a look but I saw very little buying.

Pet peeve… Jesters pies at Brand Depot is nothing like Jesters elsewhere (I Jesters pies).

All four of us were very disappointed with the whole thing. Strange that they had parking ‘helpers’ guiding traffic when there were countless parking spots avaialable.

Overall – utter rubbish. If Fyshwick gets something similar (but much better quality) then Brand Depot will die very quickly.

nyssa76 12:11 am 06 Oct 06

The only thing I liked about Brand Depot – went on Tuesday – was the Starbuck’s coffee I had.

It’s a waste of time. I’d rather go to Sydney and look there.

simbo 11:30 pm 05 Oct 06

Well, guess what, you give the Airport to a private company to manage, and they manage it incredibly badly. Nope, the money ain’t going to an arboretum, because it ain’t going to anyone local except Terry Snow. Probably to get him out of the humungous financial disaster that Brand Depot’s looking to be (has anybody yet been there and actually liked it?)

Big Al 8:48 pm 05 Oct 06

sucked in

ant 8:33 pm 05 Oct 06

That is utterly ridiculous. $5, to park in an empty paddock. No shops, no services, and an almighty traffic jam to get in and out. Civic and the airport are two places I refuse to work, becuase of those 2 problems. I’m glad mr Snow is making lots of money, meanwhile our roads that we’ve paid for are congested and sometimes even gridlocked so that he can make his money.

Swaggie 6:46 pm 05 Oct 06

No doubt they’ll put a multi storey car park in soon, it’ll pay for itself in about 3 months I expect!

Cityboy 5:18 pm 05 Oct 06

Classic example of monopolistic price gouging.

LG 4:05 pm 05 Oct 06

it’d be nice if the airport contributed to solving the traffic mess they have created

Mr Evil 4:03 pm 05 Oct 06

Or a forty foot tall statue of Snowy?

VYBerlinaV8 3:46 pm 05 Oct 06

“Perhaps the new revenue is to be put towards solving the worsening traffic dilemma.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I bet we get a bloody arboretum.

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