Airport traffic woes over?

saraj 20 September 2007 19

Interesting news here.

[ED – The ACT government has made an agreement with the Capital Airport Group to share the costs of an upgrade to the road near the airport. The Canberra Times says it’s an “unusual road joint venture”, but to me it makes complete sense since the airport group has everything to gain.]

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19 Responses to Airport traffic woes over?
barney barney 7:20 pm 21 Sep 07

I like the Light Rail ideas. I also wouldn’t mind seeing it funded federally. But how much chance of that is there ?????????????????????

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:04 pm 21 Sep 07

Fair point fnaah – it’s about tipping points and foresight (or lack thereof) isn’t it?

Add in pig-headed stubborness by certain Ministers who didn’t want to do anything that would support Snow in any way.

I think that the 2 stoopid little roundabouts at Brand Depot have exacerbated things too – that’s where the Majura Road congestion starts. What fool approved roundabouts on such an unbalanced flow?

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 1:06 pm 21 Sep 07

Kramer: Russell is already chockers, with parking spilling into surrounding Campbell. Making people walk to Brindabella Park would require safe crossings and pathways for the entire route.

fnaah fnaah 8:42 am 21 Sep 07

Gunghalin Al: 5000 people work at BBP, yet 30000 cars per day use pialligo avenue.

So up to a third of that traffic is BBP staff. Given that the road should have been duplicated at 20000 cars per day, i’d say the government should have been looking at it *before* people started working out there.

As someone who works out there, i’m glad that the airport is ponying up the dough to help fix the problem, and i certainly agree that BPP traffic has exacerbated the problem, but i disagree with the argument that BPP is the *cause*.

Kramer Kramer 11:15 pm 20 Sep 07

How about they take away all the parking at Snowytown, and get all the workers to park and shuttle (or walk – I’m sure some of the employees could use it) from Russel or the city?

ant ant 10:38 pm 20 Sep 07

It’s a mess, and as someone else said, it won’t fix the problems… the bottlenecks will just move, but their effects will be spread.
Hopefully the CT still has real journos, who might shine a brighter light into this very interesting partnership between an aggressive private entity, and a government of elected representatives.

I can guarantee one thing: no curfew will ever be imposed. Believe it.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:48 pm 20 Sep 07

I think one way to speed up the trip to Qbno from Canberra past the airport would be to prohibit heavy vehicles from travelling along there during peak periods – the number of times I have seen traffic crawling along stock behind a semi-trailer – ahh; so frustrating!

As a regular user of Majura Rd (up to 6 times daily) I find the biggest nuisance slow drivers are the interstate visitors to Brand Depot, not truck drivers.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:52 pm 20 Sep 07

Fnaah: the airport DID cause this through development of Brindabella Park, in disgregard of all local planning regs, purely because their federal land status meant they could. And Stephen Byron may have been coming across all magnanimous on 666 yesterday about their funding contribution, but the fact is any other development not of federal land would have had to contribute to such infrastructure costs caused by their development, so it is only fair that the airport should cough up – should have a bloody long time ago!

And roundabouts do not work well in situations of heavy unbalanced flows. That is why Brand Depot entry should have been lights not roundabouts, and why the Kings Ave one causes so many problems at peak times.

fnaah fnaah 11:50 am 20 Sep 07

Sepi, the airport hasn’t created this traffic disaster. Most of the delays getting to/from the airport are caused by northbound/southbound traffic between the Monaro and Majura Ave blocking any east/west flow on the roundabouts. Roundabouts work fine when there is a “normal” amount of traffic passing through, but to move larger volumes you need lights, or better yet, grade differentials so traffic can pass in both directions unimpeded.

Caf is right. What bugs me is that a perfectly workable solution was proposed over twelve months ago, and nothing has been done as yet.

sepi sepi 11:01 am 20 Sep 07

It’s good that the airport is kicking in some money to fix the traffic disaster they have created.

I hope this doesn’t give them extra bargaining power against introduction of an airport curfew.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:28 am 20 Sep 07

Funny story from this riotact page
Re: Airport traffic, see link: HERE.

Comment by Skidbladnir — 19 September, 2007 @ 9:40 am

If anyone wants to make it a story of the day thats fine, I just hate the inbox spam and have no idea how to disable it.

Comment by Skidbladnir — 19 September, 2007 @ 9:41 am

caf caf 9:42 am 20 Sep 07

That’s good, but it’s only fixing part of the problem. One day this awful spread out 5-way intersection will have to be tackled. For example, north-south Majura Rd-Monaro Hwy traffic shouldn’t be sharing with east-west Piallago Av-Fairbairn Av traffic; and there’s also no good reason why traffic coming from the city to Monaro Hwy should have two chances to turn right.

Pandy Pandy 9:20 am 20 Sep 07

Hargraeves is right, light rail to the airport is a Federal responsibility. And it would be very expensive given the outdated costings they have. (comments jr?) Remember the cost blow-outs on GDE was due in part to increasing fuel costs from the early century. The Feds will not even commit to the road upgrades required.

Foskey is wrong about public transport and other airports. The trains to Brisbane and Sydney airports struggle. Adelaide has installed fly-overs and other inprovements to support car and taxi travel. Also these airports as yet do not support 5,000- 10,000 office workers.

But I applaud Foskey for having a different and sensible view from the ACT Light Rail Coalition, which probably supports most green group thoughts.

boomacat boomacat 9:10 am 20 Sep 07

I think one way to speed up the trip to Qbno from Canberra past the airport would be to prohibit heavy vehicles from travelling along there during peak periods – the number of times I have seen traffic crawling along stock behind a semi-trailer – ahh; so frustrating!

Other cities around the globe operate under this system, the Lord Mayor of Sydney has also advocated this approach.

And I agree with Foskey on climate change – why are we spending millions of extra dollars on roads and no extra money on public transport? This could help ease congestion and carbon emissions.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 8:58 am 20 Sep 07

every time she breathes she adds to climate change.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:50 am 20 Sep 07

“Foskey had a predictable whinge saying that it will add to climate change….”


Thumper Thumper 8:48 am 20 Sep 07

Foskey had a predictable whinge saying that it will add to climate change….

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 8:47 am 20 Sep 07

It might help a bit, but in reality will likely push the bottlenecks along to other choke points. During construction the place will be a nightmare (even more than it already is).

Tiffo Tiffo 8:44 am 20 Sep 07

He said people should prepare for 30-minute roadworks delays on the trip to the airport.

Is that 20 minutes on top of the current 20 minute delays?

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