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ALL – Angst Poetry returns to RiotACT

By johnboy - 28 July 2005 29

For those who’ve been missing “johnboy life theatre” I now offer a small piece of where I’m at.

If you don’t like angst ridden blank verse then best give it a miss.


The best bottles of wine, the funniest DVD’s
The smoothest dacquiris, the coolest shows.
Witty conversation into the smallest hours.

You can share the deepest secrets of your soul
And the darkest desires of your heart.
All your fears, all your hopes.

But, if you were born without that vital spark,
Some tiny missing piece of character,
And personality.

Then all you can do is lie between your teeth,
Run before the wind,
And pray you can fake it long enough.

Because no-one will love you for your honesty.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
ALL – Angst Poetry returns to RiotACT
Maelinar 3:07 pm 28 Jul 05

I think you’ll find the missing piece of character was impounded by the Indonesians at Denapasar Airport.

Well that’s if Queensland Girls are to be included which comes during a later post…

Bulldog, nothing wrong with former beauty students come celebrity prisoners or their sisters, but god help them if they ever look like their mom.

Although I’ve only just traded hillbilly for white trash haven’t I ?

Nik_the_Pig 2:49 pm 28 Jul 05

Nah, that was the early 90’s, Nirvana and all that.

Thumper 2:43 pm 28 Jul 05

Turn it into songs lyrics!

Angst lyrics are all the go these days are they not?

RandomGit 2:38 pm 28 Jul 05

Remove the mystery and you kill the adventure. You have to save honesty till after the wedding. But by then you’re both fucked anyway. 😛

bulldog 1:42 pm 28 Jul 05

I thought it was good, but terubo is onto something about the Smiths… Sort of whiny and self pitying in an elequant turn of phrase. JB, were you listening to Placebo with that bottle of red?

I hate to go against the grain but in my experience trying to hookup with hillbillies can only end in misery. Knowing that you can never marry because you aren’t related tends to weigh upon a relationship.

gingermick 11:44 am 28 Jul 05

Why did I not heed your warning to give it a miss?

Nausea overcometh me.

terubo 11:17 am 28 Jul 05

Why am I immediately (and poignantly) reminded of the faraway days of the Smiths?

LurkerGal 9:45 am 28 Jul 05


bloodnut 9:33 am 28 Jul 05

ahhh, look at all this support, it’s like a big electronic hug’n’sit down with a warm cup’o’tea.

Ralph 8:57 am 28 Jul 05

I agree with David. Swap the red wine for a pair of thongs and a slab of XXXX in the sun. I have a theory that the further north you travel in Australia, you find that sheilas usually put out with less hassle.

blossy 8:50 am 28 Jul 05

I wouldn’t say it was a missing piece of character. But give the lady time to fall for you!

Thumper 8:47 am 28 Jul 05


don’t tell him that, he might believe it!


David Heidelberg 8:31 am 28 Jul 05

An absolutely gorgeous woman once told me that self-effacement was unattractive.

I agree with bloodnut. There are no missing pieces of personality. The only thing that is missing, is the skill to allow that part to emerge.

Failing that, a sea change to Queensland works.

simto 8:28 am 28 Jul 05

Well, we love you for your honesty.

We’re probably not your target market, though.

bloodnut 8:21 am 28 Jul 05

Up late with nothing but a pen, paper and a bottle of wine – such a romanticised image.

By way of assuaging the pain, personality psychology suggests that it is improbable for an individual to be born “without…that missing piece of…personality”.

It’s in there somewhere – isn’t that wonderful news.

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