Amber still at large

johnboy 9 January 2007 67

Thanks to Bonfire for the tip, the Herald Sun reports that Amber Jane Westin remains on bail despite failing three drug tests and an earlier bail breach.

“A young mother who allegedly caused a fatal crash during a police pursuit received a stern warning from a judge today to stick to her bail conditions after two breaches already”

I hope Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill is as indulgent to the rest of us should we appear before him.

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67 Responses to Amber still at large
vg vg 10:45 am 11 Jan 07


I have asked you to stop making me agree with you. LOL

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:00 am 11 Jan 07

Danman, nah Clerks is a great movie…

Danman Danman 8:53 am 11 Jan 07

Of all the stereotypical pot smokers – we get one straight from the set of clerks.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:48 am 11 Jan 07

I’m just glad his almost hippie thoughts aren’t being used a gospel in a classroom.

You’re a student with no real life experience.

(don’t smirk now vg) Whereas vg actually has life experience in the field of law enforcement and actually knows what he is talking about.

vg vg 7:19 am 11 Jan 07

“I’m not a teacher, someone else made that up. I’m a happy worker at some supermarket no-one would be interested in and a lazy-ass student”

I think that says it all

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:27 am 11 Jan 07

And I will not mention drugs any more, Johnboy. Sorry about that, I kinda went to the comment thingie immediately after I read DJ’s comment.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:25 am 11 Jan 07

I’m not a teacher, someone else made that up. I’m a happy worker at some supermarket no-one would be interested in and a lazy-ass student. And yes, when I do smoke pot, I am committing an offence. However, the offence I’m committing does not affect anyone else but myself. I’m not on the dole, I don’t take other people’s money to buy drugs and I don’t do much when I’m stoned apart from gobble down munchies and laugh at stuff from the 80’s.

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:20 pm 10 Jan 07

DJ please don’t tell me he’s a teacher…

Fairchild Fairchild 9:13 pm 10 Jan 07

No sympathy for Amber what-so-ever. She did the crime she should do time! She didn’t learn when she killed another person and she has no respect for the law because she keeps breaching her bail conditions. Lock her up and at least that way she will become drug and alcohol free. Maybe without these influences she might just realise what she has done and grow up.

johnboy johnboy 8:04 pm 10 Jan 07

OK, any more comment on drug law one way or another is getting killed off on this thread.

It’s not relevant, her bail conditions included not drinking alcohol which is legal to do.

No correspondence will be entered into.

DJ DJ 7:30 pm 10 Jan 07

“I pay for my drug with money I earn and use them in either my home or my friends – hardly hurting anyone else in the community”

Huh? Did you read it before hitting the “say it!” button? It’s against the law to grow, possess or use it. Or is it different because it’s natural? I bet you use the argument that it’s less harmful than smoking too? Putting aside the addiction for a moment, pure heroin isn’t actually bad for you either – care for a taste or a little tickle? Chase the dragon for a bit of fun eh?

Ask the youngest student you teach to point out to you the obvious harm it does.

Any smoking pot can lead to psych problems – go to the psych ward during a full moon.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:30 pm 10 Jan 07

I think the lack of having my hand on my dick has led me to avoid developing such black and white views of the world, kiwi.
And smoking weed constantly does lead to psychological addiction. Just like smokes, it can be hard to get off.
nd fo the record, I’m not a huge pot head. An occasional puff after a long night of drinking, yes, but I pay for my drug with money I earn and use them in either my home or my friends – hardly hurting anyone else in the community.

nyssa76 nyssa76 5:38 pm 10 Jan 07

Heroin and ice, yes. Marijuana, no.

Besides, no one forces you to toke down.

FFS, it’s your choice what you do and your actions will have consquences.

I choose to smoke. I may end up with lung cancer or live to 80 like my smoking pop with no medical conditions attached. I know the risks, it’s my fault, so deal with it.

No wonder kids believe in all the “rights” by no responsibilities.

Jey Jey 5:05 pm 10 Jan 07

I don’t think DMD was looking for sympathy, just simply arguing that weed can be difficult to come off.

kiwi61 kiwi61 4:04 pm 10 Jan 07

Maybe you should get your hand on your dick a bit more DMD. That might get rid of some of your stress. And then, grow a friggin brain.
One day, if you haven’t stuffed your DNA up completely from all your dope smoking, you may have children, and those children could possibly have their life ended very quickly by some non thinking jerk like Amber or her ilk, and then you might be able to understand why some of us feel so deeply about the inadequate system we have in place at the moment. The judicial system in Canberra is a joke and i feel for all the cops who have a bloody tough time of it, trying to ensure the public that they’re doing their job, but then the courts just make a mockery of it. Go figure.

Tool Tool 3:59 pm 10 Jan 07

Poor diddums you having trouble getting off your illegal drug… Boo Hoo who gives a crap. If you are stupid enough to engage in repetitive use of an illegal substance you deserve everything you get, just don’t use it as a bs excuse when you get caught breaking the law.

You don’t think that waste of air should be in jail? counselling is an option? If I were a person who had just killed someone, I would be doing everything in my power to show the court I was sorry and trying to change, what is this derro doing, nothing but wasting my tax paid dollars that she gets courtesy of Centrelink either in a puff of smoke or a shot up her arm contrary to a bail condition SHE SIGNED AND AGREED NOT TO DO.

Maybe a good stint in jail will show her how bad life can really get……….without her kid!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:25 pm 10 Jan 07

Andy – maybe if you do the occasional toke every weekend. But if you’re smoking up every day, well, it’s a bit of a difficult habit to break. Especially when you’re stressed.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:33 pm 10 Jan 07

Is this a case of double negative ?

Manny Manny 1:30 pm 10 Jan 07

sorry, Im glad I found this site, because I can say what I think and hopefully others may agree, but this girl should be put in jail, she killed someone for goodness sake, bail? whats the point in arresting her in the first place, she is as the saying goes – getting away with murder!
That poor child of hers also should be taken away from her there is another case for DOCS to ignore!

Jey Jey 12:09 pm 10 Jan 07

andy, I’m sorry but from my personal experience it is.
Now, while your experience may be different you cannot contests what I experienced.
I’m not defending the actions of ppl breaking bail conditions.

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