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An end to battery hens in the ACT

By johnboy - 4 July 2012 59

rspca meme

Andrew Barr was on the ABC this morning but hasn’t seen fit to publish a media release on this.

Regardless the Greens have announced their joy at a deal to end battery cage egg production in Canberra, particularly at the Parkwood Egg Farm.

This morning the Government announced that they would purchase land from Parkwood for eventual resale as industrial land. As part of this deal, Parkwood would convert its cage egg production facility to barn egg production.

“I am delighted that the government has caught up with the strong community sentiment which has long opposed battery cage egg production,” Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson, Caroline Le Couteur, said today.

The RSPCA is also expressing satisfaction:

CEO Michael Linke said the announcement sent a strong signal that the intensive confinement of layer hens is no longer acceptable.

“This decision by the ACT Government and Pace Farms is fantastic news for hens,” said Mr Linke.

“RSPCA ACT has campaigned for this for the last 20 years and it’s great to see our hard work and commitment to animal welfare has finally paid off.”

“The Government has put animal welfare first – and that’s a welcome shift in thinking.

UPDATE 04/07/12 12:25: Minister Barr’s media release has now arrived:

The Government has reached the agreement with Pace Farm, which operates the Parkwood Farm in west Belconnen. Parkwood Farm is the only commercial egg production facility in the ACT.

The Government has agreed to purchase, for $7.5 million, a 24-hectare subdivision of Parkwood Farm that is surplus to that business’s requirements, and rezone and sell the land for industrial use. This will provide further employment opportunities in west Belconnen.

The purchase will be made on the condition that Parkwood Farm be converted from cage egg to barn egg production.

The Government and Pace Farm have been negotiating for over a year about the conversion to alternative egg production methods.

UPDATE 04/07/12 13:39: The RSPCA has facebooked the above memetic effort.

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59 Responses to
An end to battery hens in the ACT
Spykler 7:01 pm 04 Jul 12

Chop71 said :

I love Canberra …. where free chickens are more important than hospital waiting times.

Chickens have feelings as well…you insensitive tosser.

Elizabethany 6:10 pm 04 Jul 12

And yet 80% of egg purchases are of cage eggs. Things will move when consumers do.

Pork Hunt 5:50 pm 04 Jul 12

Chop71 said :

I love Canberra …. where free chickens are more important than hospital waiting times.

The ACT Gov has a female leader who can multitask. The Gov’t can also collect taxes, operate speed cameras and run a bus service, all at the same time…

I live in Macgregor 4:32 pm 04 Jul 12

Am the proud owner of 3 Australorp hens who are currently on a moulting hiatus, so I want to (and do) buy freerange eggs over winter.

I’m glad a solution that encourages the local business to stay in town and saves local jobs has been found.

mos 4:04 pm 04 Jul 12

This is not a ban – or a phase out. It is simply an existing business (who, I think, have not had any hens onsite since the March break in) deciding to upgrade their disgusting, outdated cage facility and getting Gov (our) money to do so. As far as I can see, there’s nothing to stop them or another producer setting up a new cage facility elsewhere in the ACT.

pirate_taco 3:45 pm 04 Jul 12

I applaud the announcement of the end of cage farming in the ACT, but I have a number of reservations.
Minister Barr claims that the $7.5 million land purchase will return the government $30 million once subdivided and resold. I’d like to see the valuation report on the land, to ensure that we haven’t overpaid, and that the ROI claim is substantiated.
I’d also like to see the contract that forces Parkwood to switch to a barn system, and specifically if the contract has a maximum density clause.

MelonHead 3:40 pm 04 Jul 12

Good news for chickens.

But, remember the two roundabouts that Govco aren’t building on Southern Cross Drive. Remember that any increase in traffic is directly related to the creation of a new suburb, or industrial area.

Remember the souls who have lost their lives in vehicle accidents on Southern Cross Drive (yes, Gloria, I know there were many different circumstances!)

Now they are touting the expansion of a new industrial suburb, with its accompanying sale of land, and undoubted increase in traffic, but still the very sub-optimal solution to traffic control at SX and Starke St, and Osburn Drive, crawls on to its inevitable shoddy completion.

Sorry to hijack the thread, and again, good news for the chickens, and the eggs. I wonder who got the news first? mmmm

Jivrashia 3:21 pm 04 Jul 12

Chop71 said :

more important than hospital waiting times.

That’s in the “too hard” basket.
Banning cage egg is from the “too easy” basket.

What is more important in politics is to be seen to be doing something, compared to actually doing something.

Frankly I’m baffled as to who actually benefits from this ban?
Hens? Consumers? NSW cage egg farmers? Or those people who can easily dislocated their shoulders to give themselves a pat on the back?

Now pass me some tissues for my bloody gaping cheek.

Chop71 2:48 pm 04 Jul 12

I love Canberra …. where free chickens are more important than hospital waiting times.

chewy14 2:36 pm 04 Jul 12

NSW caged eggs for everyone.

And at a cost of only $7.5million, what a bargain.

EvanJames 2:30 pm 04 Jul 12

Aaroncbr said :

This is great news!

+1. As usual, ACT is near the front of progressive action, this time in ending a cruel farming practise.

Thumper 2:30 pm 04 Jul 12


PBO 1:38 pm 04 Jul 12

Now Parkwood Eggs can focus more attention on hunting down those darn lefty, socialist do-gooder, jobless, unistudent, greenie anarchists who ruined quite a few breakfasts due to the aftermath of their destructive rampage. They deserve a whipper-snipper to the eggs.

Caractacus Potts 12:59 pm 04 Jul 12

So now all our caged eggs will be trucked in – won’t somebody think of the food miles!!

Aaroncbr 11:54 am 04 Jul 12

This is great news!

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