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And then there were two. Why we can’t have nice things

By johnboy - 23 April 2013 40

street art

“On the Staircase” by Keld Moseholm has been a favourite piece of public art on Petrie Plaza for some time.

It’s such a pity it was not built to withstand the mindless fury of the Canberra public.

Where once four little men created an exercise in perspective we’re now down to two.

It seems like a real pity.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
And then there were two. Why we can’t have nice things
Brianna 9:32 pm 23 Apr 13

FXST01 said :

Could replace the missing ones with a Raptor.

That would certainly be an interesting look! Would have been better if the Raptor was at the back.

M0les 9:26 pm 23 Apr 13

But… but… but… You’ve got no idea how good these look as replacement hood ornaments on my Kenworth and my Mercedes?!

Pork Hunt 6:56 pm 23 Apr 13

Deref said :

Wire them up with 10kV. Problem solved.

Are you serious!!! Have you seen the cost of electricity lately?

damien haas 6:23 pm 23 Apr 13

appalling mindless cretins

Deref 5:58 pm 23 Apr 13

Wire them up with 10kV. Problem solved.

c_c™ 5:51 pm 23 Apr 13

Wonder what they’re made of and is it conductive. Surely wouldn’t be hard to wire it up with some current, nothing deadly just enough to make extended contact unpleasant even to a drunk began impressing their mates by stealing.

Kalfour 5:47 pm 23 Apr 13

I still have the police media release in my inbox. It has photos of the vandals.
I can upload them if people are interested and tell me how.

Kalfour 5:38 pm 23 Apr 13

Most public artworks are commissioned as public artworks, and are designed to withstand weather and bogans.
Unfortunately, this particular piece was bought already made, and put in a public place despite not being designed for it.
If this had been a commissioned work, the artist would have been responsible for repair costs, due to not designing it to withstand public abuse.
They’ve replaced the little men at least once, with additional steel reinforcements. They also added a CCTV camera, which caught the two vandals who destroyed it AGAIN on camera.
Last I heard, they were planning to move it to a safer location.

FXST01 5:04 pm 23 Apr 13

Could replace the missing ones with a Raptor.

Cantabile 4:10 pm 23 Apr 13

This makes me sad 🙁 I really like those fellas! I loved the beanies someone knitted for them last winter too, hooray for art like this and boo to cretins who have to ruin it.

Rollersk8r 4:03 pm 23 Apr 13

It’s been down to 2 for the best part of a year. Obviously there is no way to make it vandal-proof so they’re leaving it like that…

Stevian 3:41 pm 23 Apr 13

It’s down-sizing, when one goes on long service leave or retires, they don’t replace them.

Jere13 3:20 pm 23 Apr 13

It is my favourite also after behind the eagles in New Acton.

Such a shame that mindless vadals just ruin things like this and I daresay indicitive of the downfall of what was once a popular public space.

magiccar9 3:15 pm 23 Apr 13

Always wondered what they’re meant to represent?
Well done bogan trash of Canberra for ruining it for everyone else!

Henry82 2:53 pm 23 Apr 13

🙁 another one

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