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And you all thought this would come to nought!

By Big Al 13 October 2006 18

The ACT Chief Minister has been honoured by one of Australia’s peak lawyers’ groups for standing up for the civil rights of gays and terrorism suspects including David Hicks.

The rest is available here

See it was all worth the effort … now maybe the prick can aim for some prizes from the likes of the town planning association – for improvements to service deliver or perhaps a gong from the CPAs for tidy book-keeping…

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
And you all thought this would come to nought!
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Absent Diane 2:15 pm 16 Oct 06

couldn’t give a rats about interest rates, potholes in roads or schools closing. none of those things affect me… and if they ever do I am smart enough to realise that there are far more important things in life than those.

I have considered religion giving my life more meaning… but if giving my life meaning equates to caring about mundane stuff… well the plainbrainers can have it. :p

Mr Evil 2:06 pm 16 Oct 06

AD, you are obviously a misguided young man: have you ever considered how religion could give some meaning to your life? 🙂

bonfire 2:06 pm 16 Oct 06

ad the problem with keatings and stanhopes is that they are popular with romantic naifs as they engage in smoke and mirrors. they tell you all about their grand visions, all the while ignoring little things like umm 18% interest rates, potholes in the roads and schools being closed.

Absent Diane 1:10 pm 16 Oct 06

strangely enough I was a massive keating fan as well…

Mr Evil 12:05 pm 16 Oct 06

AD, that’s why so many people got the shits with Keating: always grandstanding with the ‘big picture’ stuff, and not looking after the needs of Australians in general.

Hopefully, Stanhope’s little chickens will come home to roost at the next election.

Ari 12:04 pm 16 Oct 06

AD, the trouble is Stanhope often seems not to give a shit about the day-to-day stuff either.

Absent Diane 11:47 am 16 Oct 06

A lot of that day to day shit.. I personally don’t care about, a lot of the time it’s not worth worrying about… so stanhopes bigger agenda appeals to me as well.

Big Al 11:42 am 16 Oct 06

Disagreement’d fine FC, and the chief Minister could go off on whatever pet project he wanted – as long as he was on top of all the other stuff that needs doing when you’ve employed to manage the ACT – his government isn’t and that’s the problem.

FC 10:55 am 16 Oct 06

At least stanhope is standing up for ppl’s basic human rights I say.
I don’t get much in to politics but when Stanhope went on Insight talking about gay rights I thought he was alright. Whether this was a political move or not I don’t know – but at least he had the balls to disagree with howard.

Pandy 6:47 pm 15 Oct 06

stanhope and barr: hand-in-hand wankers if you ask me.

One has delusions of statemanship the other teaches the Chesire cat how to smile.

Vic Bitterman 11:48 pm 13 Oct 06

Big salute your way muck. Summed it up perfectly.

muck 5:38 pm 13 Oct 06


barking toad 2:38 pm 13 Oct 06

the mayor will be all puffy chested about this

the first step in his quest to be seen as a statesman of reknown where he can trot the world stage with the likes of gareth gareth in the irrelevance of the UN

I just hope when he claims the prize he doesn’t do it on behalf of the ACT

Thumper 12:37 pm 13 Oct 06

And of course a hearty thanks from all the vollie firies….

Mr Evil 12:34 pm 13 Oct 06

Wow, imagine what he’ll get if he supports the SIEV-X Memorial!

Next thing we know he’ll be getting an award for his financial management of the ACT.

bonfire 12:26 pm 13 Oct 06

fix the potholes john.

Thumper 12:24 pm 13 Oct 06

I just rolled my eyes when I heard this one.

vg 12:22 pm 13 Oct 06

An irrelevant award from an irrelevant group

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