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Angry Voice turned on anti-dragway activists

By johnboy - 8 March 2006 21

The dragway refusniks have done themselves no favours by seriously ticking off Mr. Stanhope to the point the angry voice has been let out of the box in a fiesty media release.

The Canberra community was entitled to ask just how genuine the complaints of certain anti-dragway groups really were, after revelations that one group planned to invite the ACT Government to a non-existent meeting, solely for the purposes of issuing an angry press release if the invitation was refused

And our brave leader is no stranger to the angry media release.

UPDATED: Our Brave Leader has kinder words for the North Canberra Community Council after what would appear to have been some hurried bridge building.

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said he was pleased to learn that an email to members of the North Canberra Community Council suggesting that he be invited to a meeting on the proposed dragway and then attacked in a press release if he refused, had been the work of a single member and did not reflect the tactics or intentions of the council as a whole or its executive committee.

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21 Responses to
Angry Voice turned on anti-dragway activists
Mr_Shab 11:20 am 09 Mar 06

Yes we are. I misinterpreted the scope of your earlier statement. There I go, shooting my mouth off again…

johnboy 11:15 am 09 Mar 06

I think we’re agreeing Mr_Shab. I’m just saying that there was motor racing before there were petrol engines and there’ll be motor racing afterwards.

As near as can be told, pretty much the day after the axle was invented young men were seeing who could go faster.

Mr_Shab 10:14 am 09 Mar 06

Johnboy – The petrol’s not running out. Just the cheap petrol. Also – bio-diesel, ethanol and hydrogen can’t replace petrol in any practical sense, I’m afraid. We’re in very serious trouble, and a lot of things are going to have to change, no two ways about it.

But regardless of this, it won’t kill the drags. I’d forgotten they used methanol.

johnboy 9:46 am 09 Mar 06

Anyway plenty of drag racers run on methanol and I’m sure more would if the petrol price went too high.

And even once the petroleum runs out there’s be bio-diesel and ethanol, hydrogen engines, and electric engines are capable of massive power if you can get current to them.

So i think the act of racing vehicles is going to be safe from peak oil.

What was the known petroleum reserve when the chariots were wheeling around the Circus Maximus?

Mr_Shab 9:37 am 09 Mar 06

Lex – Peak oil stopping the drags? No.

Peak oil will not stop the rev-heads. I’m pretty sure they’ll forgo food/water/shelter before petrol.

Arguing peak oil to the planning bodies won’t get you very far either.

Slinky the Shocker 9:24 am 09 Mar 06

Thumper: That’s why the comrade wants to build a dragway on public money *he he he*. Barking toad: I thing the dragsters should have bike racks on the front to make it more equal.

barking toad 9:08 am 09 Mar 06

They could run it through the new tunnel and see if the dragsters can beat the warp speed buses.

Lex 11:34 pm 08 Mar 06

Given the issue of peak oil/increasing fuel prices I would have to wonder about the value of building a dragway for a “sport” with a very short future…

Thumper 9:32 pm 08 Mar 06


I thought we were communist here in the ACT?

Slinky the Shocker 9:02 pm 08 Mar 06

Why not pass a hat around in the whinging pro-dragway community? If 100 000 Canberrans wanted a dragway, then they’d only have to chip in 80 bucks for it. Or do they maybe not want it that much ? Well, the other option is the communist one: Let the other half of the community pay for your fun!

Mr Evil 8:53 pm 08 Mar 06

Well, if all the doom and gloom about the ACT Budget situation is true, then I would imagine that Stanhope and Co will be ditching any ideas for a dragway fairly swiftly.

Slinky the Shocker 8:04 pm 08 Mar 06

Dry your eyes, matey…

Vic Bitterman 7:42 pm 08 Mar 06

What a bunch of sad, pathetic miserable existances those anti-dragway clowns must live. This latest stunt of theirs takes the cake.

Slinky the Shocker 3:57 pm 08 Mar 06

Well I’d say he caused the trouble himself, considering that he could have shut most of them (or should I say us) up if he had released the expert report a month or two ago.

Thumper 3:50 pm 08 Mar 06

I still believe the government is dragging it’s feet on this issue, however, good to see Mr Stanhope on the front foot and giving it back to that tiny minority of anti dragway latte sipping Manuka frequenting socio/ cultural nazis.

(Does that one get to go into the poolroom JB?)

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