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Another Plan for Civic, Oh Yes, Another

By johnboy - 5 August 2005 25

The Canberra Times brings the grim news that yet another plan for civic is to be released. It promises us “an alluring social and economic hub of parklands, grand boulevards and new residential, government and commercial buildings”. It’s going to do it, oddly enough, by destroying the only park in Civic to build a Legislative Assembly more in keeping with our Leader’s perceptions of themselves.

Under this plan we’re also going to get a Civic Development Corporation to be created as a Statutory Board answerable to a Minister. This will create lots of nice jobs with which to reward hard working comrades and so is sure to meet with approval (passim ActewAGL).

The neat thing about this plethora of plans is that members of the public who, reasonably enough, don’t have the time to read or keep track of all these suckers as they go past end up having to just nod and smile at the “experts”.

For those struggling to keep up I find the Godwin’s Law of Canberra planning debates is any mention of Burley Griffin, which usually indicated the plan is stiffing the public and they can’t sell it on its own merits. We find it used here:

The plan reasserts City Hill’s central focus as a place of activity, as envisaged by Canberra’s original architect, Walter Burley Griffin.

I’m sure if they looked they could find something in the bible too (at least then they’d have to source the reference and we could check their usage).

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Another Plan for Civic, Oh Yes, Another
JoeyJoeJoe 2:38 pm 05 Aug 05

The plan certainly looks photogenic and progressive. I’m always a big fan of development for this fine city that will bring some more life into the place.

There are, however, two issues that I can see with Mr Snow’s vision:

1. A key element is removing traffic from Vernon Circle. Where will it go? I thought one of the competing plans called for traffic to be tunneled under City Hill, but I see no mention of a thoroughfare here.

2. All of the nice piccies show Canberrans casually strolling along the grand boulevards on sunny days, wearing comfortable, casual clothes. Unfortunately we aren’t blessed with perpetual Spring and Autumn, so I can see those boulevards becoming blistering hot on the 35C+ days, and desolate windy wastelands during the extended and bitter winter.

Also, where’s the monorail? It’s gotta have a monorail!

Maelinar 2:27 pm 05 Aug 05

Areaman, actually I’ll grace your trifle with two answers.

I would have thought you of all people would be supportive of my stance that it is a hideous waste of money and resources restructuring the scholatory system in Canberra to a condensed and homogenous shadow of it’s former self.

By spending money and supporting resources that are existing, they will actually save money over having to build an entirely new school from scratch.

That means more money left over for your welfare payments.

And that merely begins me upon my tirade upon how stupid the common people are in allowing the ACT Government to masturbate themselves silly by spending YOUR WELFARE MONEY on themselves.

Revamp civic ? *ahem* – why ?

Is it just not pretty enough (sorry Kasey Chambers, but you suck anyway) ? Last time I checked in Civic there were stores doing a roaring trade 7 days a week. They have redeveloped the Plaza into an overhead super zone, squeezing even more shops into that retail paradise.

Independent store owners have nearly been squeezed out of civic completely by extreme rentals and inability to compete, to the point that the chain shops have spawned mini centres in Belco, Tuggers, Woden etc…

Redevelopment my ass.

If you want to redevelop Civic, open the floodgates to those chain stores who want to squeeze every last welfare dollar you get out of you, but give them a plan that they must adhere to.

Corbell couldn’t organise a fight out of a wet paper bag so you might want to look at replacing him there, but it’s certainly an option.

All that at ZERO cost to the government. Now that’s savings…

What would cost the government money is upgrading the public transport system so you can get your welfare dollar into the shop so the shop can pay their exorbitant rent, and a few perfunctionary gardens and plantings here and there, toss in a bit of frontage and dressing and you’re done. Not for very much at all…

When you say ‘Oh by the way we’re going to build a brand new government building as well’ in the small print, you’re being two faced.

I for one, don’t approve.

I don’t think you should either, remember it’s your welfare they’re spending leftie.

Maelinar 1:42 pm 05 Aug 05

Areaman: Yep.

I have a point though don’t I ?

Absent Diane 1:41 pm 05 Aug 05

I will be submitting my plans next week…. it will be called christropolis – its going to be uber-dense, filthy and overcrowded. The plan also involves a GIANT heater and hose system to keep temps above 40C with 90% humidity…. I say screw my nose up at these other lame suggestions!!

areaman 1:22 pm 05 Aug 05

Maelinar, again this isn’t the government it’s Terry Snow. You really don’t bother actually think do you, you just trot out your far right views no matter what the subject.

Maelinar 12:30 pm 05 Aug 05

Thanks Smackbang

I see what look like rail heads, but they seem to be filled with water, am I missing something here ?

Is there anything that I could say now that would really convey my distaste for such extravagance from a government that can’t even maintain public schools in the suburbs ?

This government is out of focus, out of touch, and hopefully, out of a job next election.

That goes for you too Foskey.

Smackbang 12:15 pm 05 Aug 05

Maelinar, here it is

johnboy 12:15 pm 05 Aug 05

well they’re making noises about “tourist facilities” in civic.

As a once and future tourist I suspect there’s a devil in that detail. Tourist’s need five things

1) Things to eat
2) Things to drink
3) Things to do
4) Things to look at
5) Somewhere to sleep

1,2 and 5 are already well facilitated in civic, so they’re going to build new “attractions”?

Sounds like an expensive gamble but a huge waterslide park would be fantastic.

Maelinar 12:10 pm 05 Aug 05

Perhaps it’ll be the ‘mono’ type road…


johnboy 12:07 pm 05 Aug 05

No Sub-Aquatic lifestyle no.

But the “Road linking national insitutions” is a curious thing.

There I was thinking those things were already linked by roads?

Maelinar 11:58 am 05 Aug 05

I haven’t seen the plan yet – does it involve subaquatic lifestyle homes in LBG ?

Chris S 11:52 am 05 Aug 05

What bothers me about all this is that, because of the incompetence of Corbell and ACTPLA, the developers now have the inside running on a major makeover of Civic. Developers are out to make as big a profit as possible, not because they are good corporate citizens, or they have the interests of ACT residents in mind.

It’s tragic that no-one trusts ACTPLA sufficiently to include them in these deliberations (thay are being deliberately excluded) and Corbell sits on the sidelines wringing his hands.

Buy some shares in bulldozer companies, guys!

johnboy 11:44 am 05 Aug 05

Very true, it looks like the big man is trying to sideline Corbell on this one.

Just a further detail, right.

We have all seen Yes Minister you know?

Smackbang 11:35 am 05 Aug 05

Actually thumper, Corbell isn’t behind this one. He gave it a lukewarm reception at best when it was first brought out. It was a rival plan to his (and ACTPLA’s) “City Hill – a concept for the future” plan.
This isn’t a new plan, it is just further detail on the Living City plan.
But don’t let that stop you.

Thumper 11:06 am 05 Aug 05

One gets the feeling that Corbell must being going to a pyschic and channelling the spirit of old Walter as he seems to know exactly what his plan for the city was.

Pity no-one else does.

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