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Anti Rock Bridges

By RiotPost - 11 November 2009 40

I recall (but can’t find) that we ran a story about anti rock bridges being proposed for Canberra some time in the past, and now it looks like they are starting to act on the idea along Adelaide Ave at the bottom of Curtin. I’ve seen more being constructed over the GDE at the Aranda turn off. Have people noticed further locations?

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          40 Responses to
          Anti Rock Bridges
          Spideydog 1:00 pm 11 Nov 09

          1. The bridge locations are far more dangerous and 2. far more attractive location to throw, for the cretins that do throw them.

          When I used to live on the NSW northern beaches, they had a massive problem with bridge rock throwing. They installed these and the result …. no more bridge rock throwing which in my view, possibly ended up saving lives or at least countless serious injury.

          People need to wake up, these sorts of problems are not isolated to “western Sydney” Canberra has a lot of the problems Sydney has, you just might not see it as much. People worried about aesthetics rather than safety (lives/injury) really need to re-evaluate their priorities. I am sure if one of their relatives were a victim of a bridge rock throw incident, the “prettiness” of safety grills would not be an issue.

          Yep, rock throwing from the side of road will not be solved by these new measures, but at least it stops the bridge throwing. I would much rather have that than nothing !!

          Pot Holes 12:52 pm 11 Nov 09

          Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!!!!!

          Funky1 12:31 pm 11 Nov 09

          It has happened in Canberra and it will happen again.

          stonedwookie, it’s a lot easier to drop a large rock, brick or piece of concrete off a bridge, down onto a travelling car then it is to do so from the side of the road. I don’t think they are looking at stone-throwing per say.

          If it saves one life, it’s money well spent.

          caf 12:22 pm 11 Nov 09

          The fact that an aggrieved motorist can stop and give you a well-deserved hiding is probably a decent deterrent to doing it from the side of the road as opposed to an overpass.

          Having to throw the rock as opposed to just drop it also severely limits the size of the missile and thus the potential damage.

          It does make the place look like a prison camp, but it still seems like a good idea to me.

          Skidbladnir 12:22 pm 11 Nov 09

          This is a security thatre solution to give a perception of security, and appear to fix a specific problem, but not actually a solution to the general problem.
          (IE: A solution which has little real influence on the problemwhilst being publicly visible and designed to demonstrate to the lesser-informed that a countermeasure has been considered.)

          The specific problem has probably been phrased as “A potential exists for rocks to be thrown down into passing traffic from bridges and overpasses, putting property\human safety\lives at risk“.

          Potential (but amazingly shortsighted) proposal:
          Put higher fences along the bridges to prevent people from throwing rocks down at cars.

          Problems with proposal
          1) You can throw rocks up and over these things.
          2) People can still throw rocks\ballbearings\anything from the side of the road at traffic.

          So, to those daft people out there who think this is fixing a problems, how much are you willing to pay to have every road in you might drive on turned into a caged boulevarde, and would you then complain about the horrible views?

          dvaey 11:58 am 11 Nov 09

          How many teachers/nurses jobs were sacrificed to fit this into the budget?

          la mente torbida 11:54 am 11 Nov 09

          I go over this overpass every day. Got chatting with the bus driver and he said that rock throwing was quite a problem for them. Pity.

          stonedwookie 11:34 am 11 Nov 09

          yeh rock throwing happens.
          but what stops people from throwing them from the side of the road?
          its not like you can errect these around every road in canberra.
          looks stupid and is a waste of money

          Spideydog 11:19 am 11 Nov 09

          People need to know that rock throwing particularly at buses was a major problem here too and not just in “western Sydney”

          It amazes me that people are more concerned about “eye sores” than public safety ……..

          chewy14 10:35 am 11 Nov 09

          i remember spitting off that bridge as a kid. We were such badasses.

          Coach 10:05 am 11 Nov 09

          I can’t help but think that they will change the feel of our community and our city for ever.

          My memory fails me……but how many people have been injured or killed in Canberra from stones thrown off an overpass/bridge?

          We can attempt to protect ourselves from every possible thing that could happen to us in our life, short of the sky falling in on us, but what does it do to the whole quality of our life, the adventure that life is meant to be and the joy of living.

          Those huge beams and the mesh that will go on them, have an iron curtain feel to them.

          Yes we will always have some wayward people doing some terrible things (just look at Fort Hood in the US this week)but our reaction and the fear mentality that is encouraged by those in authority is often much worse for society as a whole than the impact of the original incident.

          Just one way of looking at it…..I know there are lots of alternative views.

          Holden Caulfield 9:36 am 11 Nov 09

          A bit of a shame really.

          I guess it has been identified that there is a need for this. Although, I can’t recall of any stories of rock throwing or other related incidents in recent times to support this.

          Snarky 9:00 am 11 Nov 09

          Carruthers St overpass over Adelaide Ave in Curtin.

          harvyk1 8:58 am 11 Nov 09

          I personally didn’t think that it was a major problem for us, but then again all it takes is one d**khead who thinks they can blame society for their brain deadness for a tragedy to happen.

          puggle 7:12 am 11 Nov 09

          There’s one completed outside the Chisholm shops – Isabella Avenue I think it is.

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