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Antonia Kidman the ‘face of Floriade’

By GnT - 26 August 2009 36

That famous sister has been named as the ‘face of Floriade’. She will be in Canberra to officially open Floriade on September 11. According to the CT, she is a good choice because she loves gardening and is a yoga devotee, fitting in with this year’s theme of ‘Mind, Body and Soul’.

However wouldn’t it have been nice to select a local Canberran to be the face of our most famous festival? Antonia lives in Sydney and has never even been to Floriade before.

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Antonia Kidman the ‘face of Floriade’
I-filed 5:19 pm 26 Aug 09

I sure hope she does better for Canberra promoting Floriade than Nicole did for Australian tourism with “Australia”!

Pommy bastard 4:17 pm 26 Aug 09

a) Never heard of her.

b) If she’s as scary looking as her sister it’ll keep them away in droves.

c) Who’s idea was the pointless exercise in adding a “D list*” celeb to the festival?

*Ok, I’m being generous caling her “D list” more like “Vlit”

jackal 3:44 pm 26 Aug 09

Why couldn’t we get Nicole? At least she has a house on the South Coast.

aidan 3:33 pm 26 Aug 09

Igglepiggle said :

Why does floriade need a face? Don’t the flowers speak for themselves?

So the Canberra Times will print fluff pieces like that.

Arguing about it on blogs is a bonus.

Granny 3:21 pm 26 Aug 09

I am a big fan of Nicole Kidman and have nothing against Antonia. She certainly has a pleasant face, but I am a little disappointed they didn’t choose somebody local.

It’s just a little plastic and fake having to import a ‘face’ from somewhere. ‘Soul’ surely involves a coming forth from the city. Somebody like Elkie or Chanel Cole. Somebody we kind of ‘own’ as a part of our identity.

Nambucco Deliria 2:55 pm 26 Aug 09

At least Antonia’s face is capable of expression. Had it been Nicole, they would have had to bill her ‘The Immovable Face of Floriade’

James-T-Kirk 2:39 pm 26 Aug 09

YAY – Will there be signs…. Should we credit the flower festival to the original land owners? Oh – We probably will.

Just need to figure out who they were….

Go The Saxons!

phototext 2:32 pm 26 Aug 09

“Why does floriade need a face?”

Yeah. People who like flowers will go, people who don’t like flowers won’t.

I attend many times to take photos of them pretty flowers and it is always packed by 11am.

Sounds like a waste of money if they are paying her.

emd 2:27 pm 26 Aug 09

Unsure what I think here. On one hand, why not have a local pretty face with healthy lifestyle cred as the face of Floriade… but on the other hand, if we want this to be an Australian festival then we need to think outside our Territory borders. Although Michael Milton would surely have been an ideal ambassador for the festival, no matter what city he happens to call home.

Clown Killer 2:20 pm 26 Aug 09

I think that it’s all a bit strange really – going out on a spring morning to stare at the reproductive organs of another species … it’s wierd.

barking toad 2:02 pm 26 Aug 09

Antonia who?

Is this the biggest gig in her unknown career?

Igglepiggle 1:45 pm 26 Aug 09

Why does floriade need a face? Don’t the flowers speak for themselves?

housebound 1:43 pm 26 Aug 09

pikiran yang keruh said :

Why is everything we do here smack of ‘small dog syndrome’?

What exactly is that?

caf 1:36 pm 26 Aug 09

Just sounds like good marketing to me.

pikiran yang keruh 1:17 pm 26 Aug 09

Why is everything we do here smack of ‘small dog syndrome’?

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