ANU to honour Lee Kuan Yew

johnboy 22 March 2007 41

The Canberra Times is up in arms (on behalf of concerned academics of course) over ANU’s decision to give Singapore’s former PM Lee Kuan Yew an honorary doctorate.

While I wouldn’t describe Lee Kuan Yew’s regime as ideal, I’ve also noticed that the vast majority of Singaporeans I’ve met regard him with a great deal of affection and not as a monster.

Is there any former leader they would approve of other than Nelson Mandela? (or maybe Stalin?)

UPDATED: The ABC has managed to get Michael McKinley to stand up and be counted in opposition to the award.

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41 Responses to ANU to honour Lee Kuan Yew
kimba kimba 11:59 am 28 Mar 07

Sure, if invited I would have attended.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 4:29 pm 27 Mar 07

11.00 tomorrow (Weds), Great Hall, University House for the grand occasion.

Gonna be there, kimba?

terubo terubo 3:17 pm 26 Mar 07

Can’t say I noticed Hazzers laying claim to being a refined intellectual…

kimba kimba 2:54 pm 26 Mar 07

“Tosser”…LOL, who lost their composure now 🙂 Not the refined intellect after all!

caf caf 2:46 pm 26 Mar 07

Yeah Hasdrubhal, typical public servant, so concerned with “facts” rather than hearsay and conjecture! Really you should just indulge in argumentum ad hominem, that’s how you show you’re right.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 1:33 pm 26 Mar 07

Well big deal kimba; I have lived amongst them in their own country, still go back there to work occasionally and have loads of friends there.
And guess what, most of them vote PAP.
That doesn’t change anything I’ve said on this subject.
And a public servant I am not; but I do know you can’t get away with making assertions that you can’t back up with hard evidence.

johnboy johnboy 11:44 am 26 Mar 07

Perhaps only slightly skewed by the international students being part of the ruling elite.

kimba kimba 11:21 am 26 Mar 07

Well you could start by getting off your fat arse Hasdrubahl and talk to some of them. I have been involved with international students for many years and actually meet and socialise with many Singaporean students. Perhaps the best way to gain such “stats”. Typical public servant….everything is about “stats” LOL

wolfkeeng wolfkeeng 11:39 pm 23 Mar 07

Don’t agree with this doctorate being given. But it is worth noting that ANU has a post-grad degree program in (i think) public admin or governance in conjunction with NUS (and possibly something else in the Asian Studies faculty – or that may be ‘coming soon’). This is probably a strategic move to protect a burgoneing academic relationship.
The best demonstration i ever participated in was the one against (sir) joh (belke-peterson) for being given an hononary doctorate for law by UQ not long after writing a shitty piece of legislation that brought about the long and painful SEQEB dispute. There was some passion shown that night. Ah, the good old days. There was some disquiet ’bout joh getting the knighthood too – but then old qeii has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:25 pm 23 Mar 07

Nothing elitist about knowing how to string two sentences together, kimba.

Agreed, the majority DO vote PAP….which is why the extreme measures taken to flatten the opposition through the court system is so unnecessary and shameful.

And just where may I find the stats to prove your last statement, O Wise One?

kimba kimba 4:30 pm 23 Mar 07

Sorry Hasdrubahl but RiotACT is only my second job. I’ll try and pay much better attention to my grammar in future posts. Of course we can’t all be elitist know-alls like you.

I have also spent time in Singapore and most people I know there remain very fond and supportive of Lee Kuan Yew. Check the voting results and you’ll see that the overwhelming majority of people vote for his party – and no gun is held against their head, unlike other so-called South-East Asian democracies.

Also, the majority of international students from Singapore who study in Australia return to Singapore, again, unlike many students from its nearby neighbours.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 3:52 pm 23 Mar 07

That’s why so many of them want to come here, bonfire.

-And accept our honorary doctorates.

bonfire bonfire 3:49 pm 23 Mar 07

yes the singaporeans would love to trade their quality of life for booming democracies such as vietnam, laos, cambodia etc.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 3:48 pm 23 Mar 07

…and despite the “puilled”, I’ve yet to hit the turps!

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 3:39 pm 23 Mar 07

Methinks Kimba has puilled out the weekend turps a little on the early side, to judge by his/her post (and I’m not just talking about the crap use of grammar).

Having lived there, I am fully aware of the “reasons Lee had to rule with and iron fist” (sic). The material transformation of the place after independence was certainly remarkable. However, this came at the expense of a seriously flawed multiparty democratic system.

So, far from wanting to “prefer Singapore to be a democratic-basket case”, I would actually prefer that it is not!

Oh, and there’s no doubt that Lee was a brilliant lawyer in his youth, and a highly persuasive politician; but that doesn’t condone the way he went about flattening the opposition.

johnboy johnboy 2:57 pm 23 Mar 07

Not that malaysia is a bastion of human rights and democracy either.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:48 pm 23 Mar 07

yeah but you wouldn’t singa’s relationship with it’s major life source malaysia exactly one to write home about.

bonfire bonfire 2:35 pm 23 Mar 07

yep people forget the turmoil in which singapore was created. lky had a very tough job and certain compromises needed to be made. the fact that singapore is a modern, prosperous, democracy with strong ties to other regional democracies is directly related to the sweat put in by lky.

it could very easily have emerged as a crime ridden basket case.

kimba kimba 2:30 pm 23 Mar 07

I went to the Press Club a few years ago where Lee Kuan Yew was the special guest.

His speech was exhilarating and inspirational. Had people such as Hasdrubahl, Morgan Lee (I trust no relation) and NickD been at the talk they may have more of an appreciation of the reasons Lee had to rule with and iron fist. Of course people of this ilk (as Hasdrubahl, Morgan Lee and NickD) would must prefer Singapore to be a democratic-basket case, like most of South-East Asia, rather beging the success story of South-East Asia it is.

His speech was just after that punk-USA kid had vandalised some cars and was caned. Well did the liberal Australia press try to go to town on Lee but Lee ate them up and spat them out much to the delight of the guests (apart from media). Actually, the leftie media were horrified by the support for Lee.

terubo terubo 2:25 pm 23 Mar 07

mmmm, sounds like the ‘wrong people’ have been heeding the various govt. campaigns & financial incentives to get breeding, over there.

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