Anyone want to run a festival? Anyone?

johnboy 12 June 2005 10

ABC Online has a story in which the government wants us all to put in our applications for festival funding. We have only a month left…

Lets see now, we’ll build our own festival, with lots of beer, and blackjack, and hookers…

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10 Responses to Anyone want to run a festival? Anyone?
bulldog bulldog 2:25 pm 14 Jun 05

How about a round of a national sport? Oh hang on, we had the V8’s and people bitched. We had the AFL, lost it and got it back, even though no-one goes. We had an NBL team (who cares?) and lost that. All we have now is a dinky flower festival for retirees and the Summernats (for how much longer remains to be seen because- you guessed it- people bitch).

In order to hold a festival the good folks of Canberra can’t bitch about traffic, noise, tourists etc when it happens. Furthermore, we have to attend.

On that basis, let’s be honest, it’s far too much effort. Let’s all have our own festivals in the safety and warmth of our own homes. We can call it the “Leave me alone and let me whine about the good old days festival”.

‘Nuff said.

johnboy johnboy 12:08 am 14 Jun 05

Oh c’mon K, just because you’re cool enough to be in the podcast don’t go disparaging the immensity of the privilege!


Kerces Kerces 10:55 pm 13 Jun 05

I think City News may or may not have had something about this too…the original press release from the government said somethign about the successful applications being for festivals that somehow promoted tourism so lots of people would come spend money in Canberra…I think (i’ve been reading lots of press releases lately). So Samuel, I’m not quite sure if an IB festival would make the cut (though it would be enjoyable)

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 5:05 pm 12 Jun 05

I guess we could move EPIC to 52 Hoskins St, then we wouldn’t have to OB, but we could still have a valid festival.

You are correct about they festival money being able to be better used CUH.


terubo terubo 4:52 pm 12 Jun 05

You’ve got it, Samuel – those early recordings! I nominate the FERAL-Fest: Festival of Early Recordings of Amateur Legends. My contribution: a 1963 recording of me playing the full role of Hamlet, at age 13. I need govt funding to dust off the ancient collection of 33rpm records (they pre-date vinyl), commit them to a beautifully packaged set of CDs, and market them on the ACTGOV FERAL-Fest website.

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 4:47 pm 12 Jun 05

I don’t like OB’s Samuel. I’d rather they just broadcast from the studio as usual …. maybe the ‘festival’ money could be put to better use — like reducing rates, or helping Deb Foskey get out of her house, or something…..

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:04 pm 12 Jun 05

How about an Insatiable Banalities festival…have a lucky door prize where the winners beome special guests on that day’s Insatiable Banalities (you would have to record one each day during the festival).

I could have a Samuelness festival where people get subjected to recordings of me from when I was younger…it’s enough to make some people scream. I would also invite Our Fearless Leader along to be at one of those things where people throw sponges at him…definetly have to charge Brendan Smyth double, otherwise he would hog the sponges.

CUH, how about a 2CC festival…we could contact them and get them to have a week of outside broadcasts.

What’s the bet that we end up with some “Rounded rectangular objects in purple patches festival”


Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 3:44 pm 12 Jun 05

And lesbians…… won’t somebody think of the lesbians??????

Spectra Spectra 3:13 pm 12 Jun 05

In fact, forget the blackjack

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 12:41 pm 12 Jun 05

They can stuff their festivals up their clacker !

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