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Apology from SGS

By Samuel Gordon-Stewart - 18 November 2005 23

To whom it may concern,
As some of you may be aware, I recently made comments which stated that the ACTION bike racks caused the buses to exceed their legal length and that the trial would not go ahead. Whilst I still believe that the information was correct at the time, I acknowledge that this may have created some negative publicity for ACTION and the ACT Government.

I apoligise to ACTION management and the ACT government, in particular Mr. Simon Corbell MLA, for my actions and any negative publicity which may have resulted. I also apoligise to Mr. Simon Corbell MLA for not believing his statements that the trial would go ahead, I certainly was not insinuating any form of untruthfulness on his behalf.

As I have previously stated right here on The RiotACT, “I still reserve the right to take issue with the extra time it will take for the bikes to get on and off the racks securely, and to have concerns about the bikes which are not properly secured”, and whilst I apoligise for any inconvenience and negative publicity my previous statements may have produced, I can not and will not provide any guarantee that it won’t happen on this or other issues in the future as I, as a voter, reserve the right to an opinion and the public airing of it.

Thankyou for allowing me take up your time with my notice, I appreciate your time and hope you have a nice day.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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23 Responses to
Apology from SGS
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:21 pm 19 Nov 05

But who said you have to use the “w”s? This site is perfectly accessible without them.

johnboy 3:42 pm 19 Nov 05

Its an ACT site for ACT issues heatseeker.

wander off elsewhere with your juvenille fixations or grow up a bit and make a valid contribution.

your choice. I really don’t care

(responding to a comment I’ve deleted)

johnboy 10:58 am 19 Nov 05

Heatseeker, seeing as how the ALP heavies who post here were demanding the promised apology maybe you need to pull your own head back into your turtleneck on this one.

Mind how you reply sweety, you’ve used up all your chances here.

heatseeker 10:05 am 19 Nov 05

Ooooooooh, I bet ACTON were shaking in their boots when Sam spoke from on high … as it ever dawned on you they never gave a shit, like everyone else, about anything you had to say? Who the fuck do you think you? Alan Jones in a turtleneck?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:06 am 19 Nov 05

Actually, I used SGS myself, and considering they are my initials…
Just count yourself lucky that my parents didn’t hyphenate their names because then I could have been SJGSVB (The J is my existing middle initial anyway).

Nik_the_Pig 5:27 am 19 Nov 05

Can we not refer to Samuel Gordon-Stewart as SGS.

SGS is the great Canberra band Special Gueststar. I suspect they are no more the last reference I could find for them playing was in 2003 (I don’t get out much anymore) and Dallas is now playing with The Golden Age but still the initials should be preserved and not diluted.

b2 11:00 pm 18 Nov 05

I really don’t think that Sam’s comment would have caused much negative publicity for ACTION. As he seems to think himself, any publicity is good publicity.

heatseeker 10:56 pm 18 Nov 05

Fuckin’ idiot Sam!

Kandy A 4:54 pm 18 Nov 05

everytime I used to try to take my board, or sometimes board and bike, down to surf Portsea Id end up running behind the bus banging on the side as the bastich bus driver took off before I could get em out of the boot
I realise that that isnt totally relevant, so Id like to retract this statement, and also, apologise in advance for my forthcoming behaviour this weekend

heatseeker 4:46 pm 18 Nov 05

And while you’re at it, strangle yourself with your turtle neck, and get you pushbike bar crawling mates to post he pics here for our enjoyment!

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:17 pm 18 Nov 05

Cameron, the comments here and here in which I guaranteed public and private apologies if the racks were ever used by the public.

Cameron 4:10 pm 18 Nov 05

I’m curious Sam, what caused your retraction/clarification?

Slinky the Shocker 4:02 pm 18 Nov 05

Friday arvo…time to start a ‘smoking on the monorail’ thread!!!

Indi 3:46 pm 18 Nov 05

Don’t worry SGS there are a lot of ppl in this fair Principality who would stand by you in the belief that you are right and the govt has just blown a mindvalve.

These useless bicycle bullbars will prove to be as useful as when the govt legislates for all motorbike riding smokers to have ashtrays installed on their petrol tanks and camels will be issued with concession cards to ride the monorail.

LurkerGal 3:39 pm 18 Nov 05

Phew. Lucky! I’m sure Simon Corbell was going to lose a lot of sleep over your comments. Thank God for your retraction!

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