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Arboretum is go

By johnboy 30 October 2006 51

The Stanhope Government’s greatest defenders keep telling us that the busway and arboretum are dead.

It is peculiar then that we keep reading stories about the continuing work and continuing money being spent on those things as schools, libraries, and government shopfronts close down (to say nothing of the roads which look worse and worse despite claims from the same sources that they’re not).

Today the Canberra Times has a story on preparations for a mass planting of trees in the next few weeks on the aboretum site which is going to take over a megalitre of water a year to sustain.

If you needed proof that the “water crisis” in this town is totally bogus I think this should just about cover it.

UPDATED: Richard Mulcahy has pointed out that the Government has granted itself a new bore licence to service the water needs of the arboretum despite denying this option to the rest of the community.

FURTHER UPDATE: An angry Chief Minister has slapped out a media release pointing out that the arboretum will “only” use as much water as 10 of us whingers. Also the trees had already been ordered so it would be a shame for them to go to waste, no?

Considering how bad he is at getting most things done, he’s a bloody genius when he sets his mind to something.

What’s Your opinion?

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Arboretum is go
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Mr Evil 11:27 am 01 Nov 06

And another thing: Sonic said the Arboretum was on hold due to the Budget blowout, but the trees had obviously already been ordered for work to commence as soon as possible. And now we can’t cancel the order – great excuse!

This in my mind brings up a big question – exactly how long before the Budget did Sonic and Co finally come to the conclusion that the ACT was financially in dire straits? A week? 4 hours? 30 mins?

Mr Evil 11:20 am 01 Nov 06

Sonic says in his media release –

“….the Macleod Inquiry after the subsequent 2003 fires stated unequivocally that no pine plantations should be permitted west of the Murrumbidgee. The pine trees already on the site must be removed.”

Isn’t the Arboretum site EAST of the Murrumbidgee?

snahon 8:54 am 01 Nov 06

Agree Thumper. After all, as the capital, the surrounding areas should be representative of Australian flora not overseas exotics… not including the fact that natives are naturally more suited to the climate.

Thumper 8:12 am 01 Nov 06

Yes Seepi, true.

But regeneration does an arboretum not make.

Regeneration would be native grasses, understorey and a smattering of eucs. Nothing more except maybe fencing off the area until tubestock has grown to sufficient maturity so as not to be eaten by sheep or whatever.

Ie, no exotics.

Not the sort of thing that Stanhope wants as a legacy is it?

seepi 10:26 pm 31 Oct 06

I think the high falutin name has put people off more than anything. If they had described it as regenerating the burnt out land, or erosion prevention it would get a better reception.

ant 10:21 pm 31 Oct 06

I’d rather a tree preserve than a fvcking dragway. I don’t quite understand why the big push for it, but it’s a defensible thing and in the future, people will enjoy it greatly. They will use bore water… they could also use grey water. My trees get both and seem to like it.

Thumper 4:26 pm 31 Oct 06

That will not happen I’m afraid Ssanta. What we’ll end up with will be like in suburbia, huge gum trees with a tap root the size of a very lerge beach ball.

Now, if they drilled holes 5 metres deep, filled them in with topsoil, and then planted and irrigated, they would have a large and healthy root system.

However, this will not be the case as it would cost a fortune.

Of course, exotics on a hot, windswept, unprotected hill, will wither and die without irrigation.

Eucs on the other hand will or at least may,survive without.

S4anta 4:17 pm 31 Oct 06

or… one could argue that the drought conditions will cause any trees to send a nice big tap root down to find some water, thus enabling the tree to gurrantee a long life by having a nice big, healthly root ball…

Thumper 4:14 pm 31 Oct 06

I’m not actually against the establishment of an arboretum. Without doubt, it would look fabulous in years to come.

However, given the state of the budget and the drought conditions that now grip us, I feel it could be put off for a while longer.

S4anta 1:43 pm 31 Oct 06

I reckon you’ll find that Wollemi Pines are rather hardy bastards. It just that the last hortoculturist who wrote something about them is currently under the sands of Lake Mungo.

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