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Arboretum is go

By johnboy - 30 October 2006 51

The Stanhope Government’s greatest defenders keep telling us that the busway and arboretum are dead.

It is peculiar then that we keep reading stories about the continuing work and continuing money being spent on those things as schools, libraries, and government shopfronts close down (to say nothing of the roads which look worse and worse despite claims from the same sources that they’re not).

Today the Canberra Times has a story on preparations for a mass planting of trees in the next few weeks on the aboretum site which is going to take over a megalitre of water a year to sustain.

If you needed proof that the “water crisis” in this town is totally bogus I think this should just about cover it.

UPDATED: Richard Mulcahy has pointed out that the Government has granted itself a new bore licence to service the water needs of the arboretum despite denying this option to the rest of the community.

FURTHER UPDATE: An angry Chief Minister has slapped out a media release pointing out that the arboretum will “only” use as much water as 10 of us whingers. Also the trees had already been ordered so it would be a shame for them to go to waste, no?

Considering how bad he is at getting most things done, he’s a bloody genius when he sets his mind to something.

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
Arboretum is go
Thumper 10:28 am 30 Oct 06

Agree on some of your points there Mr Ferret.

However, I’d rather see the native regeneration works with eucs, understorey and native grasses.

Growling Ferret 10:18 am 30 Oct 06

If the arboretum was being established using water from Lake BG, no worries. If recycled water from treatment works at Holt was being used, no worries.

But using tap water for the establishment of an arboretum in a time of drought, where all citizens are being asked to sacrifice their gardens in the name of water conservation is a sad joke.

On a different note, (and without checking their website etc) is there any plan on this facility to be a multi-purpose venue – ie a large amphitheater for outdoor events such as concerts etc? Judging the popularity of Jazz in the Gardens over summer, there is a definate market for this in Canberra…

And in these times of diminished green belts, and especially with the proposed development of the Molonglo area by 2010, the establishment of the arboretum may actually have some long term value – and be the legacy, if designed and administered well, that this Gubmint is remembered for in 100 years…

Thumper 10:17 am 30 Oct 06

Just slap in a heap of eucs and leave them. Much better for biodiversity in providing habitat for native species and they don’t need to watered.

Simple really, put back what was there 200 years ago. Sparcely wooded grasslands.

S4anta 10:01 am 30 Oct 06

Differences Between Arboreta and Botanic Gardens

An arboretum is “a place where trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes.”

A botanic garden is a place “for the exhibition and scientific study of collected, growing plants, usually in association with greenhouses, herbariums, laboratories, etc.”

A common element in both definitions is the idea of scholarship. This is the most essential activity of arboreta and botanic gardens, and explains why they are usually affiliated with universities. Gardens and tree-covered landscapes whose sole purpose is pleasure or diversion do not qualify as arboreta

bonfire 9:43 am 30 Oct 06

dont we already have an excellent botanic gardens ?

VYBerlinaV8 9:35 am 30 Oct 06

Holy crap – Queanbeyan never looked so good.

S4anta 9:23 am 30 Oct 06


Some people are into trees, others are into little kiddies. Which one would prefer our Government to be pandering too?

As for why an Arboretum may be cool? Well, the word arboretum is trumped up term for a community garden or forest. An example of such a thing is The Morton Arboretum. The benefits of a planned communtiy forest include, increased space for all sorts of use, improved fire control measures and a diversity of flora, and spaces that generally isnt found in a planned community planting.

Compare such a concept with Stromlo Forest et al, bear in mind that during the consultation with the ACT public, a majority wanted Stromlo et al re-built…

As a government faced with increased debt, a pile of lawyers explaining to you the concept of public liability, which way would go? Build another fire trap around Canberra, or suck it in and build a slightly more expensive, but better planned and more asthetically pleasing space, that more people will come to enjoy (natives and tourists alike) as well as make the place look just a little bit better.

And all this before explaining the environmental benefits, which are better left to some green leaning individual, because I really couldn’t give a f**k. I just want a relatively cheap seed bank in this City.

maloomike 9:13 am 30 Oct 06

It’s a sad day to be a Canberran, i sure that the rest of the country is glad they don’t live in Canberra. If Stanhopless gets re-elected i propose a mass exit to Queensland!

Thumper 9:07 am 30 Oct 06

I have nothing to say…

nyssa76 8:21 pm 29 Oct 06

I’ve never looked forward to voting until now….

What a waste of water.

seepi 8:16 pm 29 Oct 06

And meanwhile they are letting 40 year old established street trees die off…it makes no sense to me.

cranky 7:19 pm 29 Oct 06

I’m amazed that there are swirling crowds of Arboretum lovers out there sweating on the grand opening of this thing, with the ACT Gov already calculating the financial windfall awaiting them.

OK, I’m no greeny. Why is this thing so much better than the Botanical Gardens?

KaneO 6:41 pm 29 Oct 06

Those wankers are going to further degrade my favourite river with this madness.
“Hey Johnny Foreigner! Come to Canberra! Look at trees you can see in your own country!”

nyssa76 1:17 pm 29 Oct 06

Damn shame we vote every 4yrs now…they’d be out next year and the water waster would be non-existant.

Pandy 1:13 pm 29 Oct 06

If they use potable water on the young ‘ens, I guess it will be another message to the voters of why the Stanhope Government needs to be replaced.

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