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Ardeche – resteraunt review

By Special G - 21 April 2008 32

With Baby G tucked up soundly at her nan’s and the G2 family addition just around the corner the missus and I kicked up our heels with a night out on the town. I dug through the entertainment guide and found Ardeche located on the corner of City Walk and Ainslie Avenue opposite the entrance to the Canberra Centre.

On the atmosphere front Ardeche is doing really well. Good decor and set up appears mainly for couples dining which was evident with the patrons. We were greated by friendly/polite staff who were great throughout the evening.

Ardeche has a menu complimented with a large blackboard of specials giving you plenty of options. Following some very tasty honey, garlic roasemary bread for mains I ordered the lamb cutlet with seeded mustard and veges off the blackboard whilst Mrs G had the stuffed chicken breast off the regular menu. When the food arrived I was greated by a small portion on a large plate (I should have guessed when the menu said cutlet – singular) and while the sauce was very tasty the cutlet was overcooked and a bit dry. Mrs G made the same comment about the chicken being dry. The side salad on the other hand was large and extremely tasty.

For desert I had the Croquembouche (couple of profiteroles and spun toffee) which was great. Mrs G had the Creme Broulee which although very tasty was small.

Summing up Ardeche I think they serve a tasty dish although overpriced for the portion size with great atmosphere.

Following dinner we skipped on over to Dendy and checked out Lars and the real girl. An incredibly funny take on delusional mental illness – go check it out.

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32 Responses to
Ardeche – resteraunt review
poppy 8:33 pm 22 Apr 08

I’ve been to Ardeche’s twice recently and thought it was great. I thought the prices were reasonable considering how difficult/expensive it is to get French food in Canberra. I didn’t find the portions small; if all you ordered for dinner was a main, no bread, no dessert, no nothing, you wouldn’t be full, but they weren’t stingy. The morroccan chicken was exceptional. Desserts were excellent. Hubby had the snails for entree they were very nice.

astrojax 4:41 pm 22 Apr 08

are there many other decent french eateries in canberra now christoph’s has packed up and left and wonderful old daniel (rip) has packed even further off?

i’ve been to ardeche a few times, including for valentines day a couple years back – a setting for luv-errrrz indeed, with a set menu that was delicious if very slightly skimpy in portion size. otherwise, their cassoulet is fabulous. and their desserts are well recommended here, too. thanks g.

and i don’t know about anyone else, but with such a fantastic food culture, why don’t we have any decent italian places here? what am i missing?

Danman 3:03 pm 22 Apr 08

Mrs G had the Creme Broulee

Genuine South Coast Dessert ?

ant 2:56 pm 22 Apr 08

More eatery/drinkery reviews! Can’t get enough. It’s a nice (or not nice) vicarious meal in these parlous times of budget cutbacks and poverty.

Jazz 1:43 pm 22 Apr 08


We’ve seen what happens when businesses try to promote themselves underhandedly & you may recall some discussion on self promotion before.

As far as promotion goes we have a greater level of tollerance for bands/community groups etc doing some self promotion by posting a story. An obvious editorial piece we’ll view more dimly and offer those businesses an opportunity to take up one of our advertising packages.

Restaurant reviews like this one we take one at a time. As i happen to know Special G has no affiliation with Ardeche it wasnt a difficult choice before i let it run.

Mael – yes we did have a food & wine category but as we thought they are very much part of a lifestyle we rolled it into that category.

Holden Caulfield 1:34 pm 22 Apr 08

JD114 said :

i stand by assertion that postings like this can be manipulated in so many ways that to have them on here risks destroying this site. we’ll see

Oh well, at least we know discussing the republic is off limits on RiotACT as the Monarchist moaning thread appears to have been removed. Boo hiss, I bet Satan herself, Ms K Jones, put them up to it.

bonfire 1:01 pm 22 Apr 08

i partially concur. see the rigged reviews of my review of a vietnamese restaraunt.

JD114 12:55 pm 22 Apr 08

i stand by assertion that postings like this can be manipulated in so many ways that to have them on here risks destroying this site. we’ll see

Pandy 4:39 pm 21 Apr 08

My first date restaurant.Sigh

Mælinar 3:04 pm 21 Apr 08

Didn’t RA Ver 2.0 have a category called ‘food’ ?

Might foster a few more stories…

ant 2:23 pm 21 Apr 08

I love restaurant reviews! It’s the only way you’ll be saved from making an expensive mistake, plus you get the good oil on where’s good. And this sure wasn’t an ad for Ardeche. Sounds like a place I wouldn’t enjoy, although I remember we used to have lunches there in another life, a looong time ago, and it was OK.

mutley...again 1:43 pm 21 Apr 08

JD114 – Considering you came to the site as a result of a flight sim video, I’d hardly say you can claim any real superiority on what should and should not be posted here.

Duke 1:15 pm 21 Apr 08

JD – Describing a meal as dry, over-cooked, expensive and small portioned is hardly an endorsement for that particular restaurant.

Special G – Have never eaten at Ardeche but loved the movie. It should also be noted that although Lars has a sleazy premise, it is actually quite tender and innocent.

JD114 12:54 pm 21 Apr 08

Interesting move towards making this a site where any tom dick and harry can have their business promoted.

If this is the way RiotAct is headed I see a dim future for it.

Topics such as restaurant ideas anyone? are already loaded without going down this path.

Holden Caulfield 12:30 pm 21 Apr 08

I compliment you on your review and thank you for the tip of complementing the dining experience with a movie.

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