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Are Scooters the Answer?

By che 13 September 2005 14

The CT has the story on the increase of scooter sales in reaction to the rise in fuel prices. While I’ve always seen a few regular scooter riders on the road, I cannot say that I’ve seen a signiifcant increase lately.

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Are Scooters the Answer?
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bulldog 1:23 pm 14 Sep 05

Would rather walk than jump on some toy piece of garbage that sounds like a fart in a bottle. Not for me, but more power to those who choose to look like twats. I’ll give you a wave from the comfort and safety of my Falcon.

Thumper 11:04 am 14 Sep 05

Scooters are scary with their tiny little wheels. Also, they are smaller than bikes and therefore less visible on the road. Add to that they are generally pretty slow off the mark which is a worry when you’ve got some booner in a V8 right behind you.

Then again, each to his own.

I wouldn’t ride one, but then again, see my comments above.


jamius maximus 10:33 am 14 Sep 05

I don’t ride a bike or a scooter, but I have often wondered; what is the advantage of the scooter is over the bike? Are they easier to ride? Do they use less fuel? I don’t think they would be safer, as there is still as much threat from other motorists knocking you over on either type of vehicle.

seepi 6:20 pm 13 Sep 05

I know two people who have bought scooters int eh last couple of weeks. And you always see a crop of them at Ainslie shops.

Kerces 5:06 pm 13 Sep 05

I didn’t read this story over breakfast on account of looking at it and thinking another petrol story, how boring. So I didn’t know what it said. However I did note a (very) small ad on p3 for scooter sales that pushed the line buy a scooter and save on petrol.

Thumper 4:27 pm 13 Sep 05


Scooters are for pussies. Buy a real bike, not a motorised tea trolley.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:26 pm 13 Sep 05

If your kitchen is a carwash then I don’t think that you would want to people to park there for extended periods of time…the queue would grow…

ssanta 4:15 pm 13 Sep 05

Depends on the size of your kitchen Sam… what if your kitchen was also a carwash?

Special G 4:10 pm 13 Sep 05

We just bought the missus a Vespa 125, got enough grunt to get around the city but not heavy enough to try the highways. Perfect for what she wants it for.
35km per litre of petrol is really attractive as well. Also $200 for rego.
I have seen a lot more of them around lately.
when you can get a 50cc scooter for about $2000 that does 50km/L I can see why they are attractive.
Me on the other hand have gone for the 1000cc bike instead.


Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:28 pm 13 Sep 05

ssanta wrote: “I must admit they do look quite funky when a mate rides one through your front door and parks it in the kitchen…”

Same can’t be said for cars parked in kitchens though…

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:26 pm 13 Sep 05

I’ve actually seen more bicycles on the road than usual lately. Can’t say much about scooters as changes in the frequency of “occasional sightings” can be difficult to measure.

ssanta 2:46 pm 13 Sep 05

Perhaps Canberra can trial the invention of a monkey scooter? Our test pilot can be that mad irsh bloke a while back, if his rioting effort hasn’t removed from the end of the gene pool already…

Ralph 2:19 pm 13 Sep 05

I think the CT is just copying a similar story that was all over the Sydney press last week.

I hear monkey bikes are quite cheap as well…

ssanta 2:14 pm 13 Sep 05

I must admit they do look quite funky when a mate rides one through your front door and parks it in the kitchen…

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