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Are we all allowed to attach posters to the street lights, or is that only the local political parties that can litter with impunity??

By Impassive - 26 August 2008 24

Did you see the dozens of Liberal Party posters attaches to the street lights this morning? Isn’t that littering??

I was involved in a fund raising fete a few years ago and put out a couple of signs to advertise it and we got a call to tell us to pick them up because it was illegal to put them out there – and it was suggested that we put them out ater 4pm on Friday as they wouldn’t be checked over the weekend.

So, have those rules changed or are there special rules for pollies??

UPDATED The ABC reports that the signage is not legal.

And, like magic, within 24 hours of the massive signage campaign being rolled out, it has disappeared as if it was never there.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times has more.


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24 Responses to
Are we all allowed to attach posters to the street lights, or is that only the local political parties that can litter with impunity??
Thumper 9:46 am 26 Aug 08

Fair call.

tom-tom 9:43 am 26 Aug 08

No, I was just commenting that it was a pretty dumb decision on cost/result grounds

Thumper 9:41 am 26 Aug 08

couldn’t get over how big a waste of resources it was

So people are now no longer allowed to spent their own money on what they want?

pelican 9:38 am 26 Aug 08

They’re only illegal if you don’t agree with them. 🙂

Mr Evil 9:36 am 26 Aug 08

They’re no worse than all those Union funded anti-Work Choices signs that are still attached to light and powerpoles around Canberra, even though the last Federal election was in November.

tom-tom 9:29 am 26 Aug 08

I saw them all yesterday; couldn’t get over how big a waste of resources it was; the amount of money spent on that could have doorknocked a couple of suburbs….. And thumper it doesn’t matter if the signs where just around the poles, as long as they use the poles in anyway, even if its just to stop the wind blowing them away, then they’re up illegaly.

Thumper 9:00 am 26 Aug 08

Correct. I recall there were heaps of them down Ginninderra Drive, now there are none.

At least it shows good organisation 😉

johnboy 8:59 am 26 Aug 08


Thumper 7:57 am 26 Aug 08

Actually, they aren’t so much attached, as sitting around.

Gungahlin Al 7:46 am 26 Aug 08

And in the Times today. 8 weeks prior it says. So how can people want control of the territory’s purse strings if they can’t count?

And before it happens again, anyone planning on a Troy Williams style assault of the stickers on every damn street sign in town – you will be named and shamed on Riot Act and anywhere else possible.

Impassive 1:09 am 26 Aug 08

Oh well.. the ABC seems to have that well covered..

So what does it say about the capacity of these people who are putting themselves forward as our representatives when they can’t even follow a very clear code of practice???

Maybe we should consider the independant alternatives – those electorates who have independants who hold the balance of power actually have a much better chance of being looked after..

It seems the smart choice when you think of it..

Jonathon Reynolds 12:52 am 26 Aug 08

And here is the complete code document which clearly articulates what is NOT permitted:

Jonathon Reynolds 12:43 am 26 Aug 08

TAMS Code of Practice for Placement of Movable Signs

Jonathon Reynolds 12:41 am 26 Aug 08

ABC Online running the following story:

Pandy 12:17 am 26 Aug 08

Yes, the need to get permission.

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