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Are we having trouble with the new toilet signs?

By johnboy - 26 August 2008 22

Smaggle Style is having a royal rant about the state of the toilet signage in new bars:

    They were a weird mass of glittery swirls and I couldn’t not find any indication of sex on either of them. I must have stood there for two whole minutes until finally one of the impossibly cute waiters tapped the correct door and said ‘This one love, can you see the F?’ I smiled politely and walked through the door but in my head I was screaming ‘No I can’t the see the F! I’ll give you an F! Your trendy mullet sucks and your door signs are redundant!’. I actually went back to have a second go and I stared at the mofo like it was a magic eye picture and I still couldn’t get it.

Anyone else having this trouble? Want to name other culprits? (With no pretensions to be the ABC feel free to name names)

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Are we having trouble with the new toilet signs?
Danman 10:19 am 27 Aug 08

I once in a sober state entered the wrong toilets at Lighthouse (Dont laugh I was there for my best mates sisters 21st)

I panicked and just went straight for a stall and sat down.

I then had to count how many times the door opened and closed before I could skulk back out.

I then proceeded to tell all my friends what happened and had a gaffaw.

fnaah 10:10 am 27 Aug 08

The “biological” symbols (actually, they’re astronomical, based on the symbols for Mars and Venus) used to confuse me until I mentally associated the male one as sort of representing an erection and the female one sort of representing “x marks the spot”.

Go on, laugh.

LG 9:28 am 27 Aug 08

Knightsbridge’s signs can be a bit difficult to identify – they use some form of shadow figures on ‘funky 70’s background colours’. To know which door to use, you need to identify the subtle differences where the shadow figures ‘bulge out’.

NoAddedMSG 9:25 am 27 Aug 08

Yup, had the moment of confusion in King O’Malleys.

Skidbladnir 9:10 am 27 Aug 08

Irish pubs making claims of Gaelic authenticity are infinitely worse at this.

The word for man is “Fir”, so they put a big “F” on the door, and and put tiny pictures of men somewhere near the handle.
The word for woman is “Mná”, so they put a big “M” on the door, and put a tiny pictures of women somewhere near the handle.

Hilarity ensues.

Granny 8:42 am 27 Aug 08

Like hovercraft?

Pandy 8:40 am 27 Aug 08

Off topic: Why do women hover? Is it like do they miss? Maybe we should hand them out “Pee-mates” or “She pees” (google it) and then we could just have uni-sex toilets and get rid of those silly social norms and signs.

Granny 12:37 am 27 Aug 08

I sometimes have trouble even with normal signs.

I once got changed in the men’s room on board a chartered Sydney Harbour cruise ship. The bemused crew member who discovered me asked, ‘What did you think those were?’ pointing to the little porcelain doo-hickeys. ‘I really had no idea,’ I replied naively and somewhat embarrassedly.

Well, blimmin’ ‘eck, the signage couldn’t have been that good!!

Overheard 11:16 pm 26 Aug 08

“Ridiculously ambivalent toilet signs”.

I could be wrong, but I think the word the original poster on the Hava Rant site was after was “ambiguous”. I don’t know that the signs themselves can possess or express any emotions of their own. Happy to be corrected…

johnboy 11:06 pm 26 Aug 08

I’ll admit to having the same problem as her in PJs.

I solved it by stepping back and waiting a sec to see who was going where.

I’m hoping one day it’ll lead me to one of those fabled back room parties.

Holden Caulfield 10:34 pm 26 Aug 08

I was wondering where Todd Carney got to.

Vic Bitterman 10:21 pm 26 Aug 08

Aeek said :

Does the Ambassador still have the “Mullet” vs “Short back and Sides” as the options?

Such options would fail miserably, when one examines typical female clientele at Tilleys.

Aeek 9:19 pm 26 Aug 08

Does the Ambassador still have the “Mullet” vs “Short back and Sides” as the options?

RiotReader 9:02 pm 26 Aug 08

Its not a sailboat, its a schooner….stupid head.

No wait it was the other way around

pierce 8:57 pm 26 Aug 08

Oh yeah, I see it – it’s a sail boat.

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