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Are you prepared to pay?

By housebound 20 August 2009 26

In its own little test of the validity of willingenss-to-pay theory, our illustrious leader has decided to introduce a voluntary gold coin donation for entry into the ACT Parks and Conservation estate. The idea is that it will reign in TaMS’ mult-mullion dollar overspend.

The only problem is that Australians, and people in general, are usually unwilling to pay. Witness the low rates of payment for voluntary school fees at public schools as an example. I expect no better on this scheme, and that’s assuming no one raids the locked boxes for parking money.

Our leader is also not too hopeful about the prospects of this scheme succeeding, but he seems to think it is worth a go. Full marks for trying, at least.

There’s no ACT Government press release yet, but here’s the ABC story.


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Are you prepared to pay?
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Rawhide Kid No 2 10:48 am 22 Aug 09

Pandy said :

I think Stanhope should be talking to the Canberra Bushwalkers and National Parks Association about this.

What??? Consult???

Pandy 7:01 pm 21 Aug 09

Stanhope is confused. There is already a permit system for camping overnight in the park and the use of particular camp sites.

Many walkers beat make their own tracks and do not use any particular fire trail. They might park at a designated spot and then venture out from there. But there is no trail managed by the rangers as such, just a rut in the grass at best.

I also hear he has modelled the concept on the great walks in NZ and says he will place donation boxes at the beginiing and the end of the trail. But Stanhope, the parks in NZ are free and you pay a permit to camp and use the huts overnight.

Frankly the cost to collect the money each night will far outstrip what is raked in.

Plus what guarantee is there that the money collected will be used to fix/clear/create walking tracks?

I think Stanhope should be talking to the Canberra Bushwalkers and National Parks Association about this.

Whatsup 6:42 pm 21 Aug 09

Could be a good concept but…

How long will it be before the knuckleheads break in to the boxes ?
Will the overhead of emptying out the boxes on a regular basis be covered by the income ?

monomania 5:18 pm 21 Aug 09

The community subsidises many activities that the majority of people do not participate in. Varoius sports, cultural events and arts are some examples. Bushwalking and enjoying nature reserves are no different. I support a sensible compulsory co-payment that all who want to participate can afford and can be easily collected. This is not one of these instances.

Overheard said :

You’d be surprised how much you can raise from a gold coin donation policy. Talk to a few places that do it. It’s a different beast to voluntary school fees. Altogether.

Have a word to the mob that collect 20c from the markets at Jammo on Sundays. Rotary? I know on the few times I went through, I threw in much more than 20c.

But god love us, we’re all different, and there is a selection of the community that read ‘voluntary donation’ to mean ‘free’. And sometimes, they don’t have the wherewithal to make that donation. If they really want to attend/be involved/etc. I’d much rather welcome those people in rather than turn them away for the sake of a buck.

Interesting perspective.

When I was a kid, we used to be ‘asked’ to take books of raffle tickets to sell as fund raising for the school. I was usually the only kid who requested NOT to take tickets. Why? Well, my family wasn’t very well off, and my mother felt guilty about asking friends and neighbours to buy tickets (we lived in a poorer part of town when I was young), and therefore bought them herself, just to get rid of them. I knew we weren’t well off, and so I felt guilty taking the tickets knowing my family would have to buy them.

Despite growing up to be financially comfortable, I still feel a bit strange when I see kids with raffle tickets, and remember the old feelings. As far as ‘voluntary contributions’ go, my first reaction is still ‘hell no’, and I have to think for a minute to say ‘yes’.

LG 4:30 pm 21 Aug 09

Quick question (and related to the topic) – where’s the best picnic spot in Namadgi?

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